Critics To The Right, Critics To The Left And Stupidity All Around

Since my posts of my state landed with a resounding THUD….I will leave my readers with my closing thought of the day……CRITICS!

Has anyone noticed that we have a wealth and growing number of critics…..a chore even the most mentally challenged can accomplish without too much damage to the brain…..what we have in a dangerous supply is solutions…..sadly only solutions that generate wealth seem to be the only ones that we are capable of in these days….

I am well aware that there is a growing group of people that do not like Pres. Obama……but why do they not like him?  The best answers we get are he is a Democrat or he is a commie or he is gay or he is a Muslim….vague answers at best….and answer that a four year could come up with in a fit of playground angst……the reason there are so many critics is that NO one can come up with a good solution to whatever the problem is…….so we are left with bitching and whining like some spoiled brat.

All this made me think about 2016……if Obama is a gay communist Muslim what will be the descriptive adjectives when Hillary is elected….BTW, she will be elected if the GOP keeps on its losing streak of finding the most moronic candidates…the best they will ever do is the House and/or the Senate….(I think Hillary has already won the election if she chooses to run and I believe she has all that is missing is the official announcement)

Americans need to stop listening to their collective brains of Coulter, Limbaugh, Bubba and the likes….they need to look for the solutions and vote that way not who is “not the other guy”…….but that would involve some thought and most Americans would rather watch Duck Dynasty than get involved with thinking……

We are in for a long decade or more…….if it is unacceptable then maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror and realize that YOU are the problem.

Could Mississippi Be In Play?

I see that NO one is really interested in the goings on in the state of Mississippi–I thought they might find something of interest…..I was gravely mistaken… last test of your boring reflex and I shall move on…….

In my long and somewhat illustrious life (HA HA) there have been only 5 US senators……Stennis, Eastland, Lott, Cochran and now Wicker……I am old and I mean OLD….5, once you get elected you are there until you either drop dead or decide to retire…..that is why so many want the job and so few actually get it…..

Anyway it seems that a Dem, Travis Childers, a super conserv Dem is running against Thad Cochran, a Republican…….

Former Democratic Rep. Travis Childers, who represented the state’s deeply conservative 1st congressional district from May 2008 to January 2011, jumped in the race on Friday.

“Today I am filing to run for the U.S. Senate to make sure that all Mississippians have a Senator in Washington looking out for them,” he said in a statement. “Regular people and small businesses across Mississippi are still hurting in this economy, but Washington is more partisan and dysfunctional than ever. That has got to change.”

The Democrat is vying for the seat of Sen. Thad Cochran (R), which he has held since 1978. Cochran, 76, is duking it out with GOP primary challenger Chris McDaniel, a state senator who has support from tea party organizations like the Club For Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund.

The deep-red state is a long shot for Democrats in any event. The last time Mississippi had a Democratic senator was 1989 — John Stennis. But operatives believe they have a better chance if McDaniel wins the primary. The Republican state senator has made some missteps such as retweeting a neo-Nazi account and blaming gun violence on hip-hop music.

“This is a huge get for Democrats,” said a Democratic strategist involved in the 2014 Senate races. “Mississippi is now in play.”

I say great but I do not think that he can get past the title of Democrat.  Regardless of his stands and his beliefs…..that would put him in the same party as Harry Reid, who is detested in the state…….as an Mississippian I think he is well qualified but he is also delusional……he may present a good show but if Cochran is to be beat for the seat it will be from someone to his, (Cochran’s) extreme right….sorry to pee on the parade.

Gov. Bryant remains noncommital on religious freedom bill now drawing scrutiny | The Clarion-Ledger |

Continuing my post on a boring issue….my state of Mississippi……..BTW, Mississippi has been voted the most religious and the most conservative state in the union…..just FYI….

Gov. Bryant remains noncommital on religious freedom bill now drawing scrutiny | The Clarion-Ledger |

Spies of Mississippi: New Film on the State-Sponsored Campaign to Defeat the Civil Rights Movement | Democracy Now!

Since I care nothing about Hollywood, celebs or their lame ass awards, I will post on stuff from my state….as boring as Mississippi can be it is a damn sight more interesting than celebs and their stupid lives…….

Because of my attention on the Ukraine and the vortex of issues I missed posting this during Black History Month for that I apologize……

Spies of Mississippi: New Film on the State-Sponsored Campaign to Defeat the Civil Rights Movement | Democracy Now!.

Can Stupid Be Fixed?

Today is All Mississippi Day……..I just couldn’t resist.

I recently did a post on some gun nut that shot himself to death while displaying his new gun…..can’t fix stupid…..I have that sign above my desk and it reminds me just how stupid the human race can be.

And that brings us to Mississippi, my state…….there are many things that my fellow Mississippians do that just amazes me on how stupid they can be… 2010 in an election the Congressman from my district was beat by a Tea Party fave…..even though he was a Dem, he was a Blue Dog Dem which made him more conserv than 80% of self described conservs……his Congressional rating was an A….he was a pro-lifer, NRA supporter, senior issues, and middle class issues….all the issues that my district is concerned with………..his only ‘sin’ was he was a registered Dem and for that sin he was beaten by a do nothing like Palazzo.

Former U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor on Friday told the Sun Herald he will run for the District 4 U.S. House seat he lost to Rep. Steven Palazzo in 2010.

Taylor said he was on his way to Jackson to file to run as a Republican.

The primary is June 3.

In the upcoming election Mississippians have a chance to “fix stupid”……Taylor is running against Palazzo but this time as a Repub…….with his sterling record and on the right side of the argument (not something I believe but what the Hell)……he has a good chance of unseating Palazzo…but the question will be….will Mississippi keep a do nothing or replace him a proven track record of voting on the issues that Mississippians hold dear?

Is it possible that Stupid can be fixed?