Does The US Have A Foreign Policy?

It’s a curse… interest in international situations….but Hell someone has to have an opinion other than the ‘approved’ ones we get daily from our slumbering media….

I have been a critic of Obama and his foreign policy….in short, from my perspective, it SUCKS!

Other critics will fixate on the Syrian line in the sand thing but that would be short sighted and requires no thought what so ever.  After all his back up from the line is not new…..even Bush1 drew a line in the sand in the Balkans and never acted it took a new president, Clinton, to move to more aggression.  I guess selective memory is a contagious disease.-

Let’s look at few situations…….Obama will bring the troops home this year….not new that was the plan all along….but some of the usual suspects will try to make political hay out of the withdrawal and it will be nothing more than political posturing.  His, Obama’s, team got Egypt wrong….all wrong.  They have done NOTHING creative in dealing with Russia.  And their ME plan sucks!  Not all of it will be their fault, Israel needs to man up and accept that they do not want a peaceful conclusion to the conflict.

I can little that I would consider a successful foreign policy…..wait!  There is China.  They have called  China out on their cyber attacks, help maintain calm in any of their disputes and of course they were handled with kid gloves….would not want to piss them off, eh?  And then there is the Iranian deal………..I think that this deal would have eventually happen regardless who was prez….but I will give them a passing grade for the deal.  That is about it….other than a couple of pretty good speeches but that is NOT a foreign policy.

While the prez and his posse have not been what I would call successful it is not their fault completely……The Congress has tied their hands on numerous occasions and after they attacked the deficit with a meat clever no one’s policies can work without the support of the nation and the Congress

The US top diplomat, John Kerry, has been talking……..

Speaking to reporters, Kerry inveighed against what he sees as a tendency within the United States to retreat from the world even as he defended the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts from Syria to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“There’s a new isolationism,” Kerry said during a nearly one-hour discussion with a small group of reporters.

“We are beginning to behave like a poor nation,” he added, saying some Americans do not perceive the connection between US engagement abroad and the US economy, their own jobs and wider US interests.

In speaking of what he called the “new isolationism,” Kerry cited the limited support in the US Congress to back Obama’s plan to launch an air strike against Syria last year because of its suspected use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Obama, in a decision criticised by some allies in the Gulf and elsewhere, asked Congress to vote on a strike. With limited congressional backing, he ultimately abandoned a strike and pursued a deal to get Syria to give up its chemical weapons.

I realize that foreign policy is a game of juggling relationships to achieve an overall peaceful existence……some where some one has dropped one of the pins….we can blame Congress or the Prez… matters not….a lousy foreign policy helps NO ONE!

And now with the Ukrainian crisis we are back to some thinking big spending on the M-IC is the only answer to this situation……all politics and lame talking points……..that is where our foreign policy is at this time in history.

Clowns, asshats and morons……..but they say we get the foreign policy we deserve……Merry Christmas…a little early.

War Of Words Continues

Everyone involved is thumping their chest like some hallucinating primate…..none of which will solve the situation in the least…..a little update for my readers….

Vladmir Putin today addressed the situation in Ukraine in no uncertain terms, stating that Russia has no intention of annexing Crimea or using force in the region, but that it “will do so as a last resort. Russia reserves the right to use all means to protect citizens in Ukraine,” which Putin called “not our closest neighbor, but our brother.”

  • The Washington Post notes that “Putin spoke as if there were no Russian troops in Ukraine,” but emphasized that the use of such troops would “be in line with international law.” CNN adds that he called the potential use of force “completely legitimate,” because such help has been requested by the “legitimate president”: Yanukovich.
  • Per the BBC, Putin noted that Yanukovich could only be removed from office in one of three ways: death, resignation, or impeachment. While he doesn’t think Yanukovich “has a political future,” Putin explained that Russia helped him as a “humanitarian” gesture; “otherwise he’d just have been killed.”
  • He also reserved some choice words for the West, particularly the US, faulting it for supporting what he sees as an “unconstitutional overthrow and an armed seizure of power.” The US sits “there across the pond as if in a lab running all kinds of experiments on the rats,” he said, per the Post. As for the G8, if Western leaders don’t want to attend, “they don’t have to,” per the Telegraph.

More on the Ukraine front: The first warning shots were fired in Crimea today.

Take heed sports fans…first shots have been fired…in the air but how long will it take before it becomes much much worse?

All this while our leaders are dashing to the nearest camera to have their MORONIC opinion the first across the wires… is all too disgusting for words…….this is what we get when we elect the lowest form of politician……

Is Ukrainian Crisis Reversible?

Inkwell Institute

Eurasian Desk

While the Ukrainian crisis spins out of control, seemingly, political douche bags are coming out of the woodwork to criticize……and when the mental midgets (yes, I am speaking to McCain) offer their lame ass solutions it involves more spending on the military-industrial complex, whence forth known as the MIC, this in the time that Ryan and his meat axe are calling for cuts and such to almost every social program……and there is the meat of the subject……some will make more out of this crisis just to try and get their mind numbing programs through a worthless and asleep Congress…….

Sorry, I digress…….

So far I have seen little that will prod Putin into submission, for lack of a better term…….here are some of the ideas…….

With Russia taking control of Crimea, experts agree on the gravity of the situation: In the New York Times, Charles King calls it “the gravest crisis in Europe since the end of the Cold War.” How should Washington proceed? Pundits weigh in:

  • At CNN, Fareed Zakaria calls for a “clear and forceful” response. President Obama is right to bail on the G8 summit in Sochi, and the US and EU should push for sanctions “targeted specifically at individuals who could be held responsible for these acts of aggression.”
  • At Power Line, Paul Mirengoff echoes the call for sanctions—and strong ones. The goal: “to reset our relations with Russia so that they align with reality,” he writes. Vladimir Putin “is the successor of those we opposed, and ultimately defeated, in the Cold War. Our policy towards his Russia should be set accordingly.”
  • King underlines the importance of avoiding violence. The first step is for the US, EU, and Russia to agree that that’s the priority. “Even in the midst of a standoff, Russia and the West have a clear common interest: forestalling a civil war in the heart of Europe,” he writes.
  • In the Washington Post, David Ignatius recalls the wisdom of not interrupting an enemy who’s making a mistake—which is just what the Russian president is doing, Ignatius writes. “What Putin misunderstands most is that the center of gravity for the former Soviet Union has shifted west,” he notes; Poland and the Czech Republic, for instance, are among former satellites now prospering in the EU. “It is only by moving west, toward Europe, that Russia itself can reverse its demographic and political trap.”

Those were from the Sunday talk shows……..many many opinions and as usual a shortness of solutions……they are all just talking points……the situation needs experts to step up and not worry about the politics of the situation…..once again….may I suggest that an expert in international conflicts be consulted… choice is a genius in the area…..Prof. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita…after all he is a consultant and a proven expert…..why deal with low level bureaucrats?  Those low level officials have given this country many failures in the past…..why go to that losing well again?

Let me help those with a minimum of intelligence (mostly politicians…all politicians)…the name of the expert is……Prof. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita….or email me and I will explain further!

Ukraine UpDate

First I want to say….it is WINTER….LET IT GO!

Congress in recess today because of snowy weather…..does Congress really need an excuse to do NOTHING?

One last note off topic and then I will get to the point of this post….It is Mardi Gras Day….eat, drink and puke….for tomorrow begins Lent and that can be a bitch!

While you were disinterested and watching whatever mind sucking show you watch to ‘educate’ yourself….the world is moving closer to disaster……while the experts twiddle their thumbs and scratch their heads……..

Russian troops won’t leave the Ukraine until the situation is “normalized,” foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said today, arguing that Russia was defending its own citizens by invading. The people who ousted pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych “intend to make use of the fruits of their victory to attack human rights and fundamental freedoms of minorities,” Lavrov said in Geneva, according to the BBC. Russia appears to be tightening its grip on Crimea, with thousands of troops now in the region and large Ukrainian military bases surrounded. Russian troops have also secured a large ferry terminal, raising fears that yet more soldiers are on the way.

In the latest developments:

  • No shots have been fired yet, but Ukraine’s acting prime minster says armed conflict is a definite possibility and the country’s armed forces have been mobilized, reports the Washington Post. If Vladimir Putin wants war, “he has reached that target within a few inches,” he said.
  • All eyes are on President Obama, who has condemned Russia’s “breach of international law,” sent John Kerry to Kiev, and approved economic sanctions designed to, in one official’s words, “make it hurt,” the New York Times reports. “It’s the most important, most difficult foreign policy test of his presidency,” says one career diplomat. “There’s no one in Europe who can approach him in power. He’s going to have to lead.”
  • The other seven members of the G8 have, at Obama’s urging, condemned the invasion and suspended plans to attend the group’s June summit in Sochi, a move shrugged off by a Putin spokesman. “It’s not a minus for Russia,” he said. “It will be a minus for the G8.”
  • But in a potentially positive development, Putin has agreed to Germany’s proposal for a team of European observers to head to Crimea on a fact-finding mission, the LA Times reports. The Kremlin news service said that Putin had agreed in a phone call with Angela Merkel, telling her that Russians faced “the unrelenting threat of violent action from the side of ultranationalist forces.”
  • Meanwhile, Russia is taking a beating in the financial markets. The Moscow stock market plunged 10%, and the ruble hit a record low against the dollar and euro before the Russian central bank stepped in, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal report. The crisis has also driven up global oil prices.

And while you were watching Nancy Grace babble her brains out…..there have been further developments……

A supposed Russian deadline for Ukrainian troops to get out of the Crimea region passed today without incident, though what appear to be the first shots of the crisis were fired at an air base in the region this morning, reports the AP. Pro-Russian troops who have seized the Ukrainian base fired warning shots when they were approached by hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers demanding their jobs back. They said they would shoot the Ukrainians if they got an closer. In other developments:

  • With John Kerry on his way to Kiev, Vladimir Putin has ordered tens of thousands of Russian troops on exercises near the border to return to their bases, easing fears that Russia plans to invade the eastern part of Ukraine after tightening its grip on Crimea, Reuters reports.
  • Russia’s United Nation envoy claims troops were sent across the border to protect civilians at the request of ousted Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovich, reports the BBC. Western diplomats say Russia’s arguments in favor of intervention are groundless, though the LA Times notes that CIA director John Brennan told officials yesterday that a 1997 treaty allows up to 25,000 Russian troops in the Crimea region, meaning Moscow may not consider the troop movement an invasion. Some 16,000 Russian troops are now believed to be in the region.
  • The Obama administration has suspended military ties with Russia and US officials say the next move will be to freeze the assets of top Russian officials. European leaders, however, are resisting calls for tough economic sanctions if the Russians don’t withdraw. “The biggest argument for severe economic sanctions not being imposed is that the European countries don’t have much of an alternative to Russian energy supplies,” an analyst tells the New York Times.

Time for someone to locate an expert in Eurasian issues…..what they have now are hacks apparently….why?  A 2013 report that graded different parts of the global as “flash points” gave the Russia/Ukraine region a LOW possibility of problems…..they also missed the Thai thingy also…that area to them was only a moderate chance of problems……may I suggest that the State Department contact Prof. Bueno de Mesquita a true genius in the international conflict field….I think he could point this rudderless ship in the correct direction…..just a thought.

The US really needs to find new people….these present ones are worthless!