Doing The Deed For Me

More commentary from the brilliant mind of Chuq….(LOL)

Good God!  We get it…finally….we get it!  You guys know you can ride a dead horse for only so long before it comes pathetic act, right?  Guess what…….you a/holes have ridden and whipped this dead horse long enough…..oh sorry, in case you are confused…I am talking about the ACA….Obamacare for those who cannot remember ACA…….

Believe me when I tell you that there is nobody in this country that is NOT aware of the shortcomings in the law……if they do not then they are morons and we will talk around them….the world is going to crap around us and you perverts cannot seem to stop the redundancy on the health care problems……..sorry but the country is sliding into a pile of manure and NO one seems to care…if they would demand that more be done to help the country and its people…instead of focusing on make believe scandals….wasting time and money……we might save the middle class…..but that may be asking too much…….

The country?  Yea, you know that place that you elected bimbos take an other to protect and serve…….you do not take your pledge seriously but you want me to mandatory pledge allegiance….tell you what douche bags…I will hold up my end of that bargain when you pricks get for the floor from in front of donors and start working for the country NOT yourself….

Let’s look back a few decades….in my younger years I was a hard core radical… my protests and such I was called many things….but I was accused of wanting to disrupt and destroy the American way of life…..Now look at today…….some of the mental midgets you elected are doing what I was accused of wanting to do….and you let them get away with it……So worried about us radicals back in the day that you are allowing these excuses for representatives to do more damage to the country than any of us radicals ever did…….your paranoid delusion back in the day has set the stage for the pathetic attempts being made today to ruin this country…..

You should be so PROUD!


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