Now There Are 5

As I am typing….it is official!

Bachmann gone….Trump gone but not quiet…..Cain gone…..and now another victim of the process….Huntsman has decided to let the field snipe at each other….I mean Colbert was polling ahead of Huntsman….a real shame…the only sane candidate the GOP had in many years…..sad, so sad….but I think the polling prompted “Dad” to withdraw any cash and as we all know without cash he gots NOTHING!  Time for Huntsman to go home, lick his woulds and start preparation for 2016…….

But why did Huntsman not click with the GOP voters?

First Read: “Despite the attention his candidacy received from the Chattering Class and despite the help from a Super PAC financed in part by his wealthy father, Huntsman never took off. A big reason was tone. He was the only GOP presidential candidate who never adopted the Tea Party’s rhetoric. Besides Ron Paul, he was the only one calling for the U.S. to withdraw from Afghanistan. And he was the only one calling for civility in politics.”

Never fear…dear GOP… still have your “perfect” candidate no matter where you stand… have your pretty candidate….the game show kind, Mitt….there is someone for the whacky fringe….Paul….even a good one for the radical evangelicals, actually you have the choice….either Santorum or Perry….and finally there is Newt, the candidate that ALL can hate…..the perfect line up for a showdown in Florida……

Now, who will be the next to exit….as gracefully as possible?  My money is on Perry…..since his prayer vigil did not work…then his imagined biggest supporter was not listening…..but I could be mistaken…..

Who do you think will be the next causality of the 2012 GOP primary circus?

6 thoughts on “Now There Are 5

  1. I think that Perry is the weak link here so he’s next. My guess is that Paul will hang on until VA. The question is when Santorum will drop out. That is a toughie and when it happens I betcha that there will be a back room deal (VP perhaps?).

    I dropped my tea cup so I might be off a bit.

    1. Santorum is a toss up…..depending on how he doea in Sc and what money he can get he may make it thru Florida but I think he is gone after that…..

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