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The primary season for the 2012 election season is now in full swing….and we will be bombarded with more ads and more debates….so far the GOP debates have shown me nothing of substance….I blame the candidates but more I blame the media or whoever is the sponsoring entity……most question asked the candidates have been what I call “softball” question….that is question that allow a string of one liners and bumper sticker answer and disregard of position on certain issues…..also I believe that debates should have a theme….Health, education, foreign policy, so on…….a single issue and answer only on that issue….any deviation then the candidates mic goes dead……

I am a reader of the website for American Elect 2012….an independent try for political relevancy……..their members have come up with questions that they would like to ask the candidates, no matter the party, to hear solid answers to questions of the day…..


What do you think are the most important steps government can take to promote job creation?

How would you reform federal taxes?

Do you believe corporations should be more heavily regulated, even if it means higher compliance costs?

How do you propose we reduce the national debt, and how much should the national debt be considered in economic recovery plans?


What role should the federal government play in the healthcare industry? Is healthcare a right?

What do you think is driving the rapid growth of health care costs, and how would you slow it down? Would you support putting some kind of cap on what the government spends on Medicare?

Should the government require that all citizens have healthcare insurance? If so, what is your thought about a premium support model similar to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program?

Why aren’t our K-12 schools preparing graduates to compete in the global economy, and what would you do as president to lift their performance?

Why do you think college costs keep rising? Are students getting their money’s worth, and what would you do to slow down cost growth?

What would you do to improve workforce development and job training opportunities for U.S. workers?


Is U.S. energy independence a feasible goal and, if so, how would you achieve it? How would you reduce our reliance on foreign oil?

What steps will you take to make this nation’s growing energy demand more sustainable?

How important is reducing carbon emissions, and how would you go about it? In addition to renewable fuels, do you believe natural gas and nuclear energy should play a larger role in America’s energy mix?
Foreign Policy

What circumstances justify U.S. military intervention? Do you think America should continue to play a leading role in world affairs, or lay down some of those responsibilities?

Is America’s enormous trade deficit with China a problem? How would you boost U.S. exports and encourage China and other countries to buy more from us?

I believe it is a good list and are questions that need answers and would love to see a real effort to make a candidate, any candidate, have to answer these questions…..

If you are undecided which GOP candidate that you want to vote for then use these questions and e-mail him/her and see if you get a real answer or a bumper sticker….I would think that if the candidate answered all your questions with a solid answer…..then that would be the one to support with your vote…..

Just thinking!

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