Trickle Up Economics

For those of us that are OLD….we can remember the theory that Reagan was so fond of….the promises of trickle down economics….a theory put forward by one Laffer (a name well said to describe the BS)…basically it is an economic theory that says if the top 10% of the population gets tax cuts, tax breaks and other benefits that the good stuff will trickle down to the rest of us……sorry to say but it has been proven to be a crock of crap……

Now that you have a small amount of info on the down side how about “trickle up economics”?  Is there really such a thing?  You bet your butt there is…..,just look at the economic happenings of today….but you would like a simple definition….something not too hard and easy to remember……. the flow of wealth from the poor to the affluent.

This video can help explain trickle up better than me…..and it will be more easily retained by those that care to learn…….

All income and benefits are flowing up and yet those on the bottom are asked to sacrifice time and time again….when does it become a “Shared Sacrifice”?

10 thoughts on “Trickle Up Economics

  1. It doesn’t! What makes you think it was ever going to? Who told you that? You didn’t BELIEVE them, surely?

  2. PS: Is it just on my computer, or has’s commenting system turned into a crock of sh*t with buttons not remaining in the right place and so on?

      1. It looks like it’s that way when you’re viewing websites in MSIE with compatability view ON (which you often have to do for Blogger sites).

        Why they have to keep fiddling with things that aren’t broken and don’t seem to want to fix things that are I don’t know. Sometime I think programmers become compelled by some inner force to program whether it’s needed (or even wanted) or not. 👿

      2. Like some all knowing force that cannot stop tinkering with shit…..banks are trying to fill that void…..and look where it has gotten the world…..

      3. Banks, governments, bureaucrats and now WordPress – why can’t they all f*cking well leave perfectly good working systems alone and go fix something that’s actually broken?!

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