Closing Thought–21Apr17

The Left Shall Rise Again!

Since the last election there has been a new wild swing of young Americans looking into the “Left” of days gone by….

Social media seems to be the meeting place for these “newcomers”……

From Axios:

NewsWhip spokesman Liam Corcoran says general news sites don’t always post about political news, which lowers their average, but when they do, the uptick in engagement is significant. CNN, for example, saw an increase of over 68% in Facebook engagement year over year due to a higher volume of politically-related posts.

Facebook is a good tool for observing the rise of political movements: And its role in activism will only grow bigger. New tools, like call-to-action buttons, fundraising buttons and buttons to contact elected officials, combined with traditional tools, like mass-event invitations, make it easy for political groups to form and spread on Facebook. For example, The Women’s Marches that made national headlines all over the country in January were organized by one woman on Facebook and according to a University of Maryland study cited by CNN, 70% of people who attended the march in Washington heard about the event on Facebook.

It does this old radical’s heart good to see the interests in Left politics…..some further reading on this phenom……

Source: The Millennial Generation Is a Perfect Fit for Socialism | Alternet

Source: More Americans joining socialist groups under Trump | USA | Al Jazeera

Source: Socialism’s Return | The Nation

I feel this is a good thing….because that would give us a truly accurate political system….as it is now we have a one party system with slightly different views on issues…..there is NO opposition other than the silly theatrics of our Congress.

I be finished for the day…..I be weary and must relax and unwind…I shall return tomorrow to begin my weekend and my cleansing of the mind….thanx everyone for all your visits and comments for the past week……I appreciate each and every one of you……chuq


6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21Apr17

  1. If Social Media creates the excitement and the attention, the remaining question is to do WHAT? Knowing that the 1960s led to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, and that the Civil War ran from 1861 to 65, in the U. S, are little more than meaningless facts. Understanding the root causes (of these events), what they led to, the acceleration of societal or industrial growth, and in what direction; and how to enhance the benefits and overcome the weaknesses, I believe is what real knowledge, and meaningful political action are all about.

    More specify to demagogues, there will always be people who wish to sell us their brand of snake oil. And, when we do not need it, they will create the idea and the fear, of what that snake oil will cure. This is where we need meaningful analysis. When I wish to know more about, say, Trump’s Tax Reform, I don’t go to the local gazette. And, my friend Willie’s Facebook couldn’t offer much help.

    Over time, I believe that someone can develop a fairly good grounding in the various topics that interest them; but, even so, I believe reviewing the analysis provided by NY Times and WaPo columnists, who have specific expertise, as well as bipartisan think tank sites.

    1. One’s education should not end at school….but that is not for most people these days for they care more about what Kanye has to say or what pearls the Jenner broads utter.

      1. I got my MBA in 12/72; but, I manage to keep up, in a multure of topics. But, unfortunately, the people who drink TrumpAde are not curious to look behind the curtain made of B. S.

  2. If this interest in Left-Wing politics continues in your country, it can only be a good thing. But it begs the old question, how socialist is an American socialist?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree we would finally have a real opposition party…and that is a good question….most think a Democratic Socialist is it….they are wrong on so many levels….chuq

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