National Service

There seems to be a renewed interests on the policy of national service……it all started with the CCC of the FDR days….and then later with the Kennedy-Hatch Act….

The year is 2008…….

Hatch announced the bill with Caroline Kennedy, Sen. Kennedy’s niece, in New York City at the ServeNation Summit, a gathering of business and government leaders discussing public service at the anniversary of 9/11.

John McCain and Barack Obama appeared at that summit on Thursday, and Hatch said both have agreed to co-sponsor the bill.

Hatch said he and Kennedy had long discussed the bill as a way “to marry two formerly competing visions of service,” the full-time national service programs such as the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps pushed by Presidents Kennedy and Clinton, and less structured volunteering through charities pushed by Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Hatch said it would spend $5 billion over five years seeking to draw 175,000 more people into giving a year of service to address specific national challenges.

Obama had signed on to this idea and I wrote about it in 2008…….

Fast forward to the 2019 scramble for the Dem nomination… of the “rising stars” Mayor Pete has joined the call for a “national service”……

Now The American Conservative has joined in the call for shared experience for Americans…a call for a national service…..but their idea is a “Civilian Militia”…..

I received some fascinating responses and comments regarding my recent column about how the West can save masculinity. One email in particular caught my attention. It was from a friend of mine named Troy, a socially conservative, politically libertarian member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Troy is happily married with three young children and has been working in the IT field on the East Coast. However, he is feeling torn between his desire to serve in the military and his need to continue working a job that supports his family but leaves him feeling bereft of purpose and masculinity.  

Troy recently passed a preliminary screening to beginning the process of applying to  the Green Berets and is weighing his options. Although he badly wants to serve the country, he told me he doesn’t believe that the military will allow him enough time with his young children. He also disagrees with many of America’s current military deployments overseas.

Time to Bring Back Mandatory Citizen Militias?

While I totally agree with the concept of a National Service I have a problem with this idea of a “Civilian Militia”……but I try to give all sides of most ideas…….

Any thoughts on this?

The Real Iraq SITREP

I recently reconnected with a friend in Iraq that I met in 1979 when I was in Iraq just after Saddam had taken control…….he is sending me info that the Western media seems to be shy about printing….

All the news we get from Iraq centers around the battle with ISIS and the US attempt to keep the government in power… we keep sending small amounts of troops back to the country to assist in the fight…..but there is an issue that is not reported by many sources here in the West….

It seems that an old nemesis of the US has raised his head again…….

On July 22, Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr stated that the United States brought the Islamic State to Iraq, and would now “seek to be the savior of the people.” Al-Sadr referred to any American presence as “unacceptable” and sees U.S. troops as “occupiers of our land.”

On July 22, Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr claimed that his reform movement does not seek to stage a coup d’etat. Al-Sadr claimed that though “a large number of politicians and analysts” are capable of effecting a coup, the goal of the movement is “not Iraqi blood nor the acquisition of power”; rather, it is about “self determination and ridding the government of corruption.” On July 26, the cleric claimed that the time had not yet come for civil disobedience.

On July 22, Shia Cleric Sadr al-Din Qabbanji spoke out against the establishment of any American military bases in Kurdistan.

On July 24, Al Monitor reported that the Peace Brigades, a PMU loyal to Shia Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, made this claim in an interview: “We will target the U.S. forces anywhere they are in Iraq. We are not only keen on targeting them, but (are) thirsty for their blood.” Last week, ISHM reported that al-Sadr identified U.S. troops as a valid target for Shia militias when asked about how to respond to the recent deployment of 560 U.S. troops to Iraq.

(Education for Peace In Iraq Center)

Appears that US troops are once again in more cross-hairs then before… will this end?  Or will it ever end?

I hope to get regular updates from EPIC….as I do I shall pass them on to my readers……

Remember– it is NEVER as simple as they say……..

ISIS area of control keeps shrinking…….

The problem is once ISIS is run of of a region then the militias start taking revenge on the locals….especially it they are Sunni….

Solve on problem and create 2 more…..problems that the US will be tasked at solving……more troops…more money…..more problems…..

Trump militia forms

After writing the previous post and posting it I came across another article that plays along the lines of the post…..

I have been watching this drama play out…..the hate on both sides of the Trump thing is getting out of hand….and now that the violence has seem to pick up to a feverish pitch…… to control the violence?  Is there a solution?

But then I read the article below and became more disturbed…….why?

Sounds a lot like the formation of the Brown Shirts in 1920’s Germany…..they were a “militia” that was used to “protect” the leadership…..and to incite violence at other party functions….

This is NOT a good thing to occur.

Source: Trump militia forms to ‘forcefully protect’ rally goers against ‘far-left agitators’

More Insurrection to Come?

I tried to ignore the stupidity but the media will not let me have my peace of mind……

By now everyone knows the problem in Oregon….those “militia” types that are willing to die and let their families die with them….or so they say…..all because they want more welfare on the nation’s dime……

These toads are the ones that wrap themselves in the Constitution as a cover for their BS (most of whom probably cannot spell the word)…….but who are these people that are making the news these days?

Embedded image permalink

Glad you asked!

Source: The Bundy bunch: These are the right-wing militants in the Oregon standoff

What should we call these toads?  Patriots?  Not in my lifetime.  Heroes?  That would be an insult to all true heroes.  Terrorists?  That depends on what you define a terrorists as….in my book a better definition than any……

For years these so-called militias have been thumping their chests like sex crazed primates since the rise of the Tea Party they have become newsworthy… least in the minds of some mental midgets that is……but what is the future for these “people” (I use the term loosely)?

Nobody did anything about Cliven Bundy’s armed insurrection, so it hardly comes as a surprise that his son Ammon should up the stakes……..

Source: Southern Poverty Law Center Warns of More Insurrection to Come

Gee….I can hardly wait for the drama and the theatrics… about you?

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Gotta bounce….eager young minds await…..back soon…..TTFN

Is ISIS On It’s Heels?

Meanwhile back in the sands of the Middle East…….you remember that area that the media is trying desperately to ignore…….

Reports are coming out of the Middle East at an alarming rate……success reports……Kobane has been retaken from ISIS by Kurdish fighters…..Diyala in Iraq is a success….the shi’a militias have driven ISIS out….but with some disturbing reports of shi’as attacking and killing Sunnis…..and the news seems to point to a weakening of ISIS over the past month.

Then there is the reports that the Iraqis will launch a major offensive to retake Mosul in the Spring… success breaking out in Iraq and Syria in the war on ISIS?

What could explain this?  Is it the airstrikes?  Maybe the well armed groups that have chosen to fight……just what can explain this weakening?

In recent days, Western media have increasingly reported that IS is unable to sustain its May-August blitzkrieg and that this may well be the beginning of the end for the group. Reporters say that IS has lost its initial popularity, that its power on the ground is waning, that combat with IS has reached a military stalemate and that, this time, it’s the coalition’s turn. Improved Iraqi security forces are pushing back IS fighters, they report, and some analysts have even developed scenarios for the post-IS period.

Certain indicators justify this optimistic picture. In particular, IS’ inability to capture new territory since September 2014; their setbacks in Sinjar against the peshmerga; their failure to capture Kobani, which IS initially saw as easy prey; severe restraints on IS fighters’ mobility due to coalition air attacks; the fading influence of their professional (and savage) media; and decreasing oil prices, which appear to have struck a blow to their financial resources.

Moreover, it is becoming increasingly clear that IS is having problems translating its military achievements to the realm of governance, especially in providing social services. News reports have stated that IS has been unable to maintain contact with opposition groups in Syria and Iraq, and that it is clashing with Islamist groups unwilling to submit to its authority.

ISIS is having its problems…..for one most of the well trusted associates have been killed leaving the leadership to the regional governors…..all this has indications of a group losing control……,if so can the Coalition take advantage of any weakness?

I could have the advantage but the Coalition needs to cease thinking that one grand plan will win this fight…..they are wrong!

To defeat IS, we do not need a single sweeping strategic plan, but instead a compilation of various tactical plans that take into account the local dynamics of cities under IS control. To see IS as a monolithic and homogenous group and to implement a “one size fits all” strategic plan in a top-down fashion would be a gross mistake. The tactical picture of IS in Mosul and Raqqa is different. Pillars of a successful military plan tailored for Mosul cannot be the same as the one for Raqqa. When tailoring a military plan to defeat IS, the basic unit of analysis should be the cities under its control, and the strategic planners should provide enough room for tactical diversity. For example, ignoring certain factors — like the growing Sunni Arab and Kurdish tension in Mosul; the influence of Turkey in Aleppo; growing Alawite discontent in Raqqa; and the Arab-Turkmen alliance that is becoming an anti-Kurdish bloc in Kirkuk — would only serve IS.

US leadership has not shown itself as a reliable leader…….instead of looking for the kill shot….the Coalition needs to exploit the small cracks in the ISIS admin of the regions it controls……if they pass on that then I feel that all the money and ordinance has been a waste and only helps those that deal in the resupply chain.

ISIS can be defeated…..but not by waiting for the knock out punch.  This situation sounds more like a possible reset…..a change in priorities.

Dialogue On A Summer’s Day

I spend many hours reading, researching and writing…..and from time to time I get out of the bat cave and venture out into this big wide world…..I stop by a cafe shop owned by a friend, Gail……she has blue mountain coffee and I have a great desire to drink good coffee.  Awhile back I was sitting reading the news when I overheard a group next to y table talking about my state’s new open carry law……as listened I realized that these guys were part of a local militia group….I will call them Southern Guard…….

They talked and argued and seem to want to boycott or protest the business that had posted signs that called for NO guns on their premises…..remember I was eavesdropping a bit……well after a bit the loudest voice and I guessed he would be the leader of this group, went for a coffee refill…..

On his way back I stopped him and asked if I could have a word with him……he agreed and sat down at my little table…….Rambo (not his real name but for the sake of this post it is)……”What can I do for you?”

ME:  “I am sorry but I couldn’t help but overhear your talk about the open carry law……”

R:  “So?”

ME:  “Are you guys part of the Southern Guard”?

R:  Yep

ME:  “Do you guys support the tea Party”?

R:  Yep and we will make sure that McDaniel is elected (McDaniel is the TP candidate running against Cochran in Mississippi)

ME:  Do all of you feel the same way?

R:  Yep….but why all the question, chief?

I explained to him that I was a blogger and write a lot about politics…….

R:  What about you…..Tea Partyer?

ME:  In some ways yes….but I am trying to inform myself about the Party and what they are standing for and how they will help the country.

ME:  Are most militias supporters of the Tea Party?

R:  Most of the ones that I know are supporters of Tea Party candidates.

ME:  So you guys are kinda like the military arm of the Party?

R:  I may not go that far but to my thinking the answer is yes…..

ME:  Do you support all the ideals of the party?

R:  As long as it is pro-gun, pro-life, socially conservative and small government….America for Americans….we will protect our country against all foes.

ME: So most of you guys are on board with these ideals?

R:  Every damn one of us….we want to protect America for REAL Americans……

(I wanted to ask him just what he had meant by America for Americans but I had already promised Gail, the owner, that I would never start a political debate in her place again………and then real Americans….. pretty sure I know what that means….but I had given my word….so I had to let it go…..)

ME:  Thanks for letting me pick your brain and hope to see you at the polls…..

R:  right on brother

After my encounter with Rambo I got to thinking that just about everything he had said I had heard all before….in history books.

It was sounding like the “Southern Guard” was a present day remake of the old Brown Shirts….that thuggish group in 1930’s Germany…..

I have tried to give the Tea party the benefit of the doubt but as time has gone by, since the election of Obama, this party is sounding more and more like a racist group that thinks that there are sub-humans in this country and they need to be purged.

The comments from the extreme Right….the attitude of the people who claim to be party members towards the different races and religions….smacks of racism.

I have tried to be fair to the Party but as time goes by I cannot any more…….to me they are just a re-make of the racists from the 1950’s……..the sooner the Party gets put away the better……they try to hide behind these cool sounding memes…..they are NO better than the racists I fought against so many years ago…..

Just my thoughts……take them or leave them…….matters not……..

Militias And The Border

Run for the border….not a Taco Bell ad but rather people fleeing all sorts of violence and danger……sorry but I cannot see what all the whoopla is about……people come and people go……..but thanx to morons in the militias it is turning into hate and it is turning into a racist situation…….(I have an op-ed piece later about my encounter with a militia type….please check it out)………

We have many small children heading to the border looking for a better life….contrary to what the morons in Right wing radio would have you believe…..and then I read this piece…….in Raw Story…….

A militia group is calling on supporters to patrol the Texas-Mexico border to guard against drug gangs and illegal immigrants.

The citizen militia operation, called “Secure Our Border – Laredo,” is urging members to voluntarily guard private property near the border town along the Rio Grande, where some residents have felt threatened by drug cartels and other gangs.

Conservative publications have warned that a recent surge in undocumented children and other immigrants has carried infectious disease across the border and poses an existential threat to the U.S.

A spokeswoman for the militia group told the Brownsville Herald that members would not engage in violence, and the group’s leader – who calls himself Commander Chris “Threepercenter” Davis – has cautioned against violent actions or racist comments.

“This is not a ‘go-in-guns-blazing’ kind of thing,” said spokeswoman Denice Freeman. “This will be handled with the utmost professionalism and security and safety for everyone involved.”

But a 21-minute video that was apparently posted June 14 by Davis encourages militia members to threaten suspected illegal immigrants to secure the border.

“You see an illegal,” Davis says in the video. “You point your gun dead at him, right between his eyes, and you say, ‘Get back across the border or you will be shot.’”

He also urged militia members to “start the next 1776 right there on the border” if they were confronted by law enforcement authorities.

“It is time that we start taking back our national sovereignty,” Davis says.

I have a hard time with vigilante justice……..I have a hard time with twats that want to play army but are too much a coward to join the military……I have a hard time when Americans start acting like the “Brown Shirts” from Nazi Germany…….

How Many Hypocrites Does It Take?

Are you tired of this twat yet?

Cliven Bundy Muses On What He Knows 'About The Negro'

A final chapter can be written on the saga of the lying bigoted rancher from Nevada…….

Anyone that has half a brain, well leaves out most of the ignorant Right, can finally say that the Bundy drama is done…….this man has proven to the world just what it is and what he is all about…….one, he is a liar and two he is a racist prick!

The lying part……Bundy has stood before the nation and told it what he is all about….that he denies the US claims and that his family and cattle have been using the land since the 1870’s…..and now the rest of the story……… Bundy’s family didn’t buy that land until 1948 and didn’t start grazing their cattle on it until 1954.

If that was not big enough to shut the mumbling multitudes up….there was his latest interview…….

“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

Now we know what this coward is……….a freeloader…………..he is NO patriot and above all he is a screaming racist!

And then there is the little soldier boys of the the militias……..if they stand behind this guy any longer then I will employ a method of analysis used by the Right……Guilt by association………if they stand with this guy then they are NO better than him and are all racists……..

Is It Implied Violence?

***This was a post that I originally wrote for Progressive Independence (go to blogroll to visit).

By now most Americans have seen all the images of the common man branishing his gun at the townhalls across the country.  Some bill them as “average” Americans dis hearted by the government take over.

I have heard several pundits state that this people are exercising their 2nd Amendment right by appearing in the protests while packing.  That is all well and good but what does packing a gun have to do with health care?  I guess it is just a constitutional thing, huh?

Back to the “average” Americans with guns….most of these mach little pricks have been exp[osed as members or supporters of right wing militias.  And in case you do not know, most of them see the government as something evil and needs to be confronted whenever possible.

Carrying a gun at a public townhall meeting with a public figure is “implied violence”, no matter which side of the political spectrum you stand on…it is Implied Violence!  The cowards in the city governments that are allowing this are playing with fire.  They allow this so they cannot be sued for some constitutioonal busting law suit.  They are AFRAID!

What would be the outcome if a person from an anarchist group showed up with a gun?  Would they be treated with kid gloves like the macho morons on the right?  If the anarchist is a threat why is the right wing militia member not a threat?

If violence is not implied why pack heat?  The carrying of a weapon is in NO way part of the conversation on health care.

How long will this continue?  How long will the Secret Service look the other way?  How long will ALL law enforcement people look the other way?  How long will it be before someone packing over-reacts?  Will it take the injury to a president before these dipsticks are taken out of the public?

Sad to say, that it looks like the death of a president will be the only thing that will wake up a sleeping country to the implied violence of guns at public meetings.

Here We Go Again…….

I recall in the 80’s the uptick of the right wing militias; the standoffs with survivalists, and the violence in the Northwest.  I was thankful that the “fad” died out somewhat, but as usual, I was mistaken, they did not die out, thewy just went on silent running.

Some months ago, the DHS issued a report that stated their could possibly be a rise in the right wing extremosm and the Right immediately ju,per onto the report as unfair to vets and others.  It seems that the report had said that there was a possiblity that returning war vets could be singled out for recruitment.

Guess what?  The report was accurate about the right wing extremism it is on the rise and membership is climbing.  As reported by the AP:

Militia groups with gripes against the government are regrouping across the country and could grow rapidly, according to an organization that tracks such trends.The stress of a poor economy and a liberal administration led by a black president are among the causes for the recent rise, the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center says. Conspiracy theories about a secret Mexican plan to reclaim the Southwest are also growing amid the public debate about illegal immigration.

It’s reminiscent of what was seen in the 1990s — right-wing militias, people ideologically against paying taxes and so-called “sovereign citizens” are popping up in large numbers, according to the report to be released Wednesday. The SPLC is a nonprofit civil rights group that, among other activities, investigates hate groups.

While anti-government sentiment has been on the rise over the last two years, there aren’t as many threats and violent acts at this point as there were in the 1990s, according to the report. That movement bore the likes of Timothy McVeigh, who in 1995 blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City and killed 168 people.

The militia movement of the 1990s gained traction with growing concerns about gun control, environmental laws and anything perceived as liberal government meddling.

The spark for that movement came in 1992 with an FBI standoff with white separatist Randall Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Weaver’s wife and son were killed by an FBI sniper. And in 1993, a 52-day standoff between federal agents and the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas, resulted in nearly 80 deaths. These events rallied more people who became convinced that the government would murder its own citizens to promote its liberal agenda.

Now officials are seeing a new generation of activists, according to the report. The law center spotlights Edward Koernke, a Michigan man who hosts an Internet radio show about militias. His father, Mark, was a major figure in the 1990s militia movement and served six years in prison for charges including assaulting police.

A series of domestic terrorism incidents over the past year have not been directly tied to organized militias, but the rhetoric behind some of the crimes are similar with that of the militia movement. For instance, the man charged with the April killings of three Pittsburgh police officers posted some of his views online. Richard Andrew Poplawski wrote that U.S. troops could be used against American citizens, and he thinks a gun ban could be coming.

The FBI’s assistant director for counterterrorism, Michael Heimbach, said that law enforcement officials need to identify people who go beyond hateful rhetoric and decide to commit violent acts and crimes. Heimbach said one of the bigger challenges is identifying the lone-wolf offenders.

Here we go again……deja vu all over again…….