More Insurrection to Come?

I tried to ignore the stupidity but the media will not let me have my peace of mind……

By now everyone knows the problem in Oregon….those “militia” types that are willing to die and let their families die with them….or so they say…..all because they want more welfare on the nation’s dime……

These toads are the ones that wrap themselves in the Constitution as a cover for their BS (most of whom probably cannot spell the word)…….but who are these people that are making the news these days?

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Glad you asked!

Source: The Bundy bunch: These are the right-wing militants in the Oregon standoff

What should we call these toads?  Patriots?  Not in my lifetime.  Heroes?  That would be an insult to all true heroes.  Terrorists?  That depends on what you define a terrorists as….in my book a better definition than any……

For years these so-called militias have been thumping their chests like sex crazed primates since the rise of the Tea Party they have become newsworthy… least in the minds of some mental midgets that is……but what is the future for these “people” (I use the term loosely)?

Nobody did anything about Cliven Bundy’s armed insurrection, so it hardly comes as a surprise that his son Ammon should up the stakes……..

Source: Southern Poverty Law Center Warns of More Insurrection to Come

Gee….I can hardly wait for the drama and the theatrics… about you?

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Gotta bounce….eager young minds await…..back soon…..TTFN

16 thoughts on “More Insurrection to Come?

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Copy cats … “Nobody did anything about Cliven Bundy’s armed insurrection, so it hardly comes as a surprise that his son Ammon should up the stakes ….” SMH!!

  2. Bingo! — Now wait until the remaining 276 “Militias” on the FBI domestic terror watch list start copycatting the Oregon few …. then we will see something!

  3. I am assuming the question is rhetorical; there seems little doubt, with seven plus billion people on the planet, a significant number of whom are below average, there will be many who will believe anything they’re told that feeds into their own fantasy fears…

    Pennie’s ‘Fire’ is something all of us will need to get accustomed to seeing in the coming years…. IF we have as much as more than a year left to us….


  4. Sadly, there are more of these RWNJ wackos out there. Also sad and dangerous is that with each event, the chance for violence increases. When that happens, the morons will come out from under their rocks to attack us all since we fail to see any validity in their hatred.

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