Humor That Was The “Red Wave”

I admit it I was on the side that the Dems would f*ck up a wet dream and lose their control of Congress….although the final count is not in it seems they may just squeak by with a win…..

The publication, The Week, has put together the best cartoons about the non-existent ‘Red Wave’…..

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Political Cartoon.

Did the American choose the country over some aging personality?

We still wait for the announcement of the control of the House….and we wait.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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9 thoughts on “Humor That Was The “Red Wave”

  1. The pollsters need to stop. They are so far out of touch, but sadly, enough people listen and decide voting is a lost cause. I am dreading tomorrow if that foretold announcement comes to fruition.

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    I just have to share because I was ‘hesitant’ — “The publication, The Week, has put together the best cartoons about the non-existent ‘Red Wave’ … “

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    The humor here is kind of ironic.

    According to the Cook Political Report, as of Thursday morning, November 10, Republicans have won 50,113,534 votes, or 52.3% of the vote, compared to 44,251,768, or 46.2% of the vote. Republicans lead by 6.1%, which is better than their average in “generic congressional ballot” polls, in which the party led by 2.5% in the final RealClearPolitics average before the election. But Republicans have only managed to flip nine seats thus far — likely enough to control the House, but far short of a “wave” result many anticipated. (from

    Remember when Hillary Clinton lost. Remember all the complaints. She won, but that lousy Constitution robbed her.

    Republicans are moving out of Democrat-run states. They are voting with their feet. What is the problem with that? The 2020 census doesn’t reflect the voting strength of Republicans.

    What about the Senate? Many more Republican held seat were up for grabs than Republican held seats. So, from the get-go Republicans were fighting an uphill battle to gain control of the Senate. In fact, they were more likely to lose it. As it is, Democrat incumbents won a lot of close elections, and there is still a good chance we will end up with a 50-50 split.

    Lesson learned. To some extent Democrats probably cheated, but they have rigged the system so that it is difficult to detect the cheating. Sending absentee ballots to everyone, vote harvesting, and the absence of voter ID are just some examples of the obviously, despicably stupid ways to run an election, but those are rules foolish citizens have allowed Democrats set up. Therefore, we now have to figure out how to win elections IN SPITE of cheating. Sad, to say the least.

    You a Liberal Democrat? You proud of this win? Well, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. What you are doing about as smart as cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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