I was planning to avoid this latest gimmick by those idiots in the Tea Party……but since NO one will ignore these twats I might as well join in……..

By now the whole country has heard or see or read about the militia stand-off in Oregon… I can deduce is that they are worried about the Constitution…..and yet I have heard NOTHING rational that would explain their fear….have you?

Personally, the fear I have is morons taking their grievances to an armed level……for years we were warned about blacks with guns and then the Hispanics with guns….but so far these idiots are the only ones that have threatened then acted on any violence…….

Yep there is a history lesson in all of this…..

Think Shay’s Rebellion (1786)……Traditionally depicted as a revolt of poor farmers embittered by land seizures and bankruptcies, recent research into the lives of Shays Rebellion’s participants suggests that Shaysites came from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, and from different professions and states.   Research shows that the Shaysites’ grievances extended beyond the specifics of Massachusetts’ economic situation to issues like: rule by a faraway elite; cronyism and corruption in government; and regressive tax policy……sound familiar?

Can you recall what happened in that “Rebellion”?

Think about it and think about this…….


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The government will handle this situation with kid gloves…..they have a rep to live down….think Ruby Ridge and Waco……this cowboy mentality is a dead issue for a society of laws…..


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12 thoughts on “Stand-Off

      1. Either will do; with each beer they get closer to the next step lower on the IQ developmental scale, i.e. cretin….


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