The Joy Of One Dimensional Thinking

Ever noticed that the ones that bitch about “fake news” are the ones that spread it the deepest?

We now live in a world on “fake news”…..both sides accuse the other of passing off “fake news”….that is news that does not fit the paradigm they wish to push…for instance the latest attack in the UK…the Right wants the world to believe that the mayor of London said “there is nothing to be alarmed over” (that is a paraphrase before the grammar police show up)…he in fact did say that but he was referring to the amount of police and military on the streets…..if one would just use the Google button they are so fond of then they would see the whole interview that the quote was taken from (it does not take an IT genius to find the interview)….

This is how their “fake News” becomes mainstream…..enough toads passing on shitty news to the shit for brains on the Right.

These people can only grasp on line of thinking at a time and they will play it for all it is worth until they are given another tidbit to chase.

More on one dimensional thinking later….give the slower people on the Right a chance to catch up to the rest of the world….

Remembering The Great Muhammad Ali

Last year this month Mohammad Ali died…it is fitting that we look back on the life of this famous American…..

On how Muhammad Ali’s death started a debate on anti-blackness within the Muslim community.

It came as a shock to all of us. A man who seemed invincible could not defeat his own mortality. He was known to be suffering from poor health, but it was no less of a blow. And for many Muslim communities around the world, his death was a particularly scathing event.

Muhammad Ali died on June 3 last year, only a few days before the month of Ramadan began, a holy month within the Islamic calendar observed through fasting, prayer and charity. Ali chose to live his life according to Islam, and he left this world as the holiest month of his religion began. His funeral was a global event full of traditional Islamic rites, so much so that his spiritual adviser and imam, Zaid Shakur was reported to have said at the time that “Muhammad planned all this … and he planned for it to be a teaching moment”.

Source: Remembering the great Muhammad Ali as a black Muslim | Racism | Al Jazeera

The United States Of Insanity

There is so much taking place at one time here in the US….most of it is just plain absurd.  But since the 1980’s this country has been on a downhill spiral…..most of us thought that the insanity of the 1990’s was as worse as it could get….but we were sadly mistaken.

And then the election of 2016 came around the the  insanity got quicker and more harsh.  And then the vote happened and the craziness came to a head like a big juicy boil…….

Since the ascent to power of US President Donald Trump, two discussion topics have become increasingly popular: whether or not the man is insane and whether or not it’s appropriate to talk about whether or not the man is insane.

While many psychiatrists, mental health workers and media figures have abided by the idea that it is unethical to publicly debate the head of state’s mental soundness, others view the taboo as reckless.

In an interview with The Independent, for example, Yale University’s Dr Bandy Lee cited Trump’s “taunting of North Korea” and spontaneous bombing of Syria as indications that his “instability, unpredictability and impulsivity … point to dangerousness due to mental impairment.”

Source: The United States of insanity | Trump | Al Jazeera

Many Americans are waiting for the nightmare to be over….others think that they are living some absurd reality show…..and others think Hell has arrived.

A Long Day’s Journey Into Night

“He appears mad to a few because the majority is infected with the same disease”

“What is more insane than to vent on senseless things the anger that is felt towards men?”

“Insanity is contagious”

Does insanity have its limits?

God, I hope so!

Wine: Nectar Of The Gods

Sunday and it is raining cats and dogs outside….how do I know?  I just stepped in a poodle.

I will admit it I am a wine snob.  Very little is as good as a glass of superb wine….maybe with some fruit, nuts and cheese…….or a great steak.

Back in the 70’s I was manger of a pub and wine was becoming popular so I decided the best thing to do was learn all I could….I took several different wine tasting courses which is good because it teaches one how to evaluate the wine you will be drinking…..and I my case serving.

You learn about color, aroma, and taste….not all wines are similar each has distinct characteristics.  First, you hold glass up to light and look at the color….then swirl wine around a half filled glass and then check the aroma and make note…..finally take a sip toll wine around in mouth then either swallow or spit it out now draw air into mouth and taste…..

There is one Australian red wine (name withheld for I am not a paid reviewer) that has good color…aroma is like a barnyard and the taste is soapy…..then there is a Spanish red wine that has excellent color…..aroma is crisp and the taste is smooth and pleasing….

Wine is the perfect beverage.  But red goes with red and white goes with white…..anything different and it is just gosh.  Bubbly wine is for kids not adults…….except for champagne or cava

Wine glasses should be unadorned, no cut glass, and if I had my way (be thankful I do not) wine tasting would be a required course before one buys wine…never buy wine because the label is “pretty” or has a cute name…..and try different wines from different countries and regions.

If you buy wine in a box then chances are you are a wino!

I see disturbing trends in wine….flavored and wine in a box…just a few of things that make me shudder…..and these Millennials are killing the wine experience….a real bummer.

People need to just stop FREAKING OUT over that crazy notion that Millennials are killing wine. Take a deep breath (the downward facing dog pose might help) and think about this for a moment. Millennials are just like every generation before them. The only difference is they are one rung up on the evolutionary ladder. And, oh my god, that is scaring the crap out of people.

The headlines are daunting, I know:

“Millennials Are Changing the Way We Drink Wine”

“Millennials Love Sparkling”

“Millennials, Social Media and the Death of Wine Wisdom”

“Millennials Drive US Wine Consumption”

“Millennials Rewrite Rules for Wine Industry”

Source: Are Millennials Killing Wine? An exposé. | Quench Magazine

What are they…12 years old?

As you can imagine I do NOT agree with the premise of the article……the wine experience is steeped in tradition and it should stay there…..some of their mixtures would be better served in the cauldron of the 3 witches of MacBeth….than put into a glass.

Here’s an idea…..give the Millennials there own section in the store…..stock it with flavored beer, Gummi vitamins and their horrendous wine concoctions….

Time for me to drop everything and get a glass of Bordeaux, it has been breathing for about 30 minutes, and watch the rain.

Have a great day and enjoy your time with family and friends….chuq

OMG! It’s Kosher!

Saturday and a day of rest and reflection… granddaughter is putting together a podcast and she and I will talk about my time in the Army…..gonna be a radio star…..

Before I start I need to report some sad news…… that few Americans will pay attention to….news that should NEVER be ignored.

A 22-year-old soldier born in Boston who was on his first deployment to Syria died Friday from injuries suffered in a vehicle rollover, the Army announced Saturday.

Army Specialist Etienne Jules Murphy, of Snellville, Ga., was assigned to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia.

Murphy,a married father of two young sons, was in a nontactical vehicle when the rollover occurred in Al-Hasakah in northern Syria, according to statements from the Army and Department of Defense.

IST extends our deepest sympathies to this brave soldier’s family.

Food!  Everything is better with bacon!  Hell I could eat a bowling ball with enough bacon.

A good type is applewood smoked thick cut…but let’s admit it….does it really matter as long as it is BACON?

You know some religions have these food restrictions……Jews cannot eat shell fish or pork….but wait they may have been screwing themselves out of something as good tasting as bacon…..but having this restriction…..

I know…..HUH?

Have Jews been depriving themselves of bacon for no reason? A group of biblical scholars makes the argument in Haaretz that the Book of Leviticus, the third in the Old Testament that lays down various laws dictating how Jewish people should live, wasn’t actually meant for the laity. Rather, they contend, it was meant for the priests of the Temple, though historically only Chapter 21 has been interpreted as applying to only priests, including a ban on ritual scarring and tattoos. The other rules have long been extended to everyone of the Jewish faith, including the decree that only meat from an “animal that has a cloven hoof that is completely split into double hooves, and which brings up its cud” was ritually clean enough for consumption, per Vice’s Munchies.

Many aspects of the Book of Leviticus have long confounded scholars, including whether it was Moses who compiled the book, and when it was first composed—some say 3,500 years ago, others say far more recently, possibly in the fifth century BC. The current argument is that the entire book was originally written for priests, but somewhere during Babylonian captivity someone extended the rules in Leviticus to everyone as a means of unifying the exiled, and setting them apart from those of other religions around them, reports Vice. So this ban on bacon, for instance, encouraged “the enthusiastic self-perception that [Jews] were all priests in the new Temple of God, the world,” one scholar says.

A Kosher BLT?  They can now eat a descent breakfast.

Damn!  Now I need a BLT!

Please have some relaxation and some family time….enjoy your weekend….Peace, Love and a BLT….chuq

Closing Thought–02Jun17

An IST Public Service Message……..

Have you retired?

Would you like to do something for your community?

Seniors have a wealth of experience why not share that with your neighbors?

Americorps is a fine way for seniors to give back….

A couple of short vids will explain this…….

I volunteer as a tutor to students that have a problem with history….it is very rewarding when you see the student’s light go on and he/she grasp the subject…..I also hold discussion groups at a local college which helps students find there way through the maze of college history…..

If you are retired and would like something to do then I suggest that you check into Americorps and Senior Corps…..DO NOT just sit and wait…Get up and do something!

That is it for the week……onto the weekend and some much needed relaxation….enjoy…be well, be safe…..chuq

Closing Thought–01Jun17

Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season!

Every year I write a post about the beginning of the hurricane season….since I live on the Gulf Coast the chances are good that I will see another one before I pass into history.

I write this post to let me readers know that if a ‘cane hits then I will be without internet and will not be posting until the service can be restored.

Be patient…I Shall Return!

As usual I am stocking up on water,  batteries, can goods and wine…things we do at the start of every season.

Let’s look at the season to come……

Experts are calling for a below-normal hurricane season this year, as a potential El Niño may limit the development of storms.

AccuWeather meteorologists are predicting 10 named storms, five of which are projected to become hurricanes and three of which may become major hurricanes.

atlantic hurricane 2017

So if I am not around for a few days bear with me…..I will return as soon as these repairmen get the service back up……

Wish me luck.  chuq