Gotta Get Outta This Place

MY office has been called the “Crypt” by my daughter and my wife….it is a small spot in the house….dark and isolated from the rest of the building.  This is where I do most of my writing, reading and research….books everywhere….two desks…..a PC and a TV….chairs and coffee… why go anywhere else, right?

I will admit that I have been spending more time in my “Crypt” than elsewhere… is the perfect place for me to nurse my broken foot back to health (if ever)….but I have even seen just how much time I spend doing the things I enjoy…..since I am also an insomniac it is the perfect place as to not bother the rest of the house.

I have decided to take myself out of the”Crypt” more….so I will be cutting back my posting to 3 or 4 a day…..maybe less….depends on how I am feeling.  Plus my wife retires next week and I am sure that she has plans for us to do stuff.

I am at my best when I am in the “Crypt”……..So I will push back from what I do best, research, and re-join the human race.  Not all that thrilling of a thought for me but maybe a change will fire new a few new pistons in the brain.

This is probably a temporary situation but I just wanted to let my regulars know as to keep them up to date.  I do not want to disappoint those loyal readers.

So please bear with me and I will get it all sorted out…..peace out….chuq


We Don’t Need No Stinking Deal!

Obama and his partners in the P5+1 work hard and finally a deal was reached between Iran and the rest of the world on their pursuit of nukes.

A perfect deal?  Of course not!  No deal is perfect but as long as it holds up and the all players are satisfied then it is a success.  I know most everyone has an opinion on the Iran thing….those same people have strong opinion of the North Korean situation……but has anyone thought about them as a common problem?

During thew Obama admin it was certified that Iran was holding to the terms and it has been re-certified.  Same since Trump took over the throne of power….the only person in the Trump camp that does not like the deal is Trump himself and is said to be looking for ways to pull out before all is accomplished.

Let us move on (for the moment)….the other problem (nuke) is the mash-up with North Korea in its pursuit of nuke weapons and a delivery system.

The war of words is approaching a point of no-return, in my opinion…..Trumps chest thumping on NK remands of the same type of show that Israel has put on about Iran and its pursuit of a nuke future.

The US State Department has said that there are some backroom negotiations with NK to try and walk back this rush to open conflict.  But the president does not want a peaceful settlement of the animosities with NK…..

After lamenting the “almost impossible situation in Puerto Rico” and blasting “politically motivated ingrates” there Sunday morning, President Trump moved onto a new topic on Twitter: North Korea and its nuclear weapons program. The Guardian reports that barely 24 hours had passed since Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to assuage Americans by calling for calm and noting our “lines of communication” with Pyongyang, when Trump decided to put in his two cents on Tillerson’s efforts. “I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man,” he tweeted midmorning, using a recent nickname he’d coined for Kim Jong Un.

He followed that up with: “Save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!” Later Sunday afternoon, Trump returned after a several-hour Twitter hiatus to add some more thoughts on the matter, tweeting, “Being nice to Rocket Man hasn’t worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won’t fail.” During a press conference in Beijing Saturday, Tillerson had deemed Trump’s rhetoric on the situation “overheated.” It’s not clear what Trump’s “what has to be done” entails.

This is NOT the way to handle a touchy situation that become a no-return scenario…..Appearance are the Trump wants more war….that he will not consider a peaceful resolution to this situation.

I bring all this up because of a simple problem that they do not seem to grasp.  (This is where I tie the two situation together)

Trump in his haste to pacify neocons and Israel on the Iran deal could be created a similar problem that he is now having with NK….he could be turning one nuke crisis into two…..

During his first address to the United Nations General Assembly this month, US President Donald Trump took the opportunity to lash out at two countries in particular.

He described North Korea – or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) as Pyongyang calls itself – as a “depraved” regime with a “twisted” mentality that consists of a “band of criminals” equipped with “nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles”. Trump then threatened to “totally destroy” the country if the US was forced into a corner.

In similar vein, he labelled Iran a “corrupt dictatorship” and pronounced the Iran nuclear deal – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and concluded between Tehran and world powers in July 2015 – as “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into”.

Obviously, for the US administration, there is a close link between these two challenges – will the North Korean nuclear crisis have serious policy implications for Washington’s attitude towards JCPOA?

Source: Trump logic: Turn one nuclear crisis into two by killing the Iran deal | Middle East Eye

Time for some SANITY!  (if that is possible….and as it looks today….NOT LIKELY!)

Psi Phi Society Meeting

Yesterday we held our Psi Phi (ΨΦ) Society Discussion Group held our meeting at a local steak house…..It is a group of 6-10 members that meet occasionally to have a great steak and a good discussion.

Every time I mention the Group someone always thinks it is a scifi convention in the making….I have to explain that they are Greek letters and it is discussion group.

This time the meeting had myself, an archeology professor, a preacher, a math teacher, local software businessman and a nurse……we each bring a topic and we put it in a bowl and our waitress/waiter picks one out and that is our discussion for the evening….

The steak was marvelous…I open my meal with a bowl of French onion soup to die for then the main  8 ounce filet medium…..baked potato with sour cream and butter and a small dinner salad blue cheese dressing……a great Spanish red wine… we ate we discussed the days news and such……of course most of it was the hurricane aftermath and the US response.

The time came and the subject was drawn….Could Moses and Ankhenaten be one and the same person?  We gave ourselves an hour to get acquainted with the issue…

This is the article that I used as my source…..

The Bible and the Kuran speak of Moses being born in Egypt, brought up in the pharaonic royal palace, and leading the Israelites in their Exodus to Canaan. In historical terms, when did Moses live, and who was the pharaoh of Oppression? Now that archaeologists have been able to uncover the mysteries of ancient history, we need to find answers to these questions. Egyptian born Ahmed Osman, believes that he has been able to find the answers for these questions which bewildered scholars for centuries. He claims that Moses of the Bible is no other than King Akhenaten who ruled Egypt for 17 years in the mid-14th century BC.

During his reign, the Pharaoh Akhenaten was able to abolish the complex pantheon of the ancient Egyptian religion and replace it with a single God, Aten, who had no image or form. Seizing on the striking similarities between the religious vision of Akhenaten and the teachings of Moses, Sigmund Freud was the first to argue that Moses was in fact an Egyptian. Now Ahmed Osman, using recent archaeological discoveries and historical documents, contends that Akhenaten and Moses were one and the same person.

Source: Moses and Akhenaten one and the same person – Graham Hancock Official Website

We went back and forth for a couple of hours…..the consensus is that there is a huge possibility the they were truly the same person…..dates are about right, religious ideals were close, etc….of course the discussion tried to veer off in a couple of directions

We ended the evening with a great creme brule…and an Irish coffee….

The best part of the meeting is that the person who’s subject is used gets a free meal…..nope I was not so lucky.

Would anyone like to insert their two cents worth into this conversation?

Thanx everyone for your participation in IST this past week….it is Sunday and we all need to kick off our shoes and enjoy the day….peace out my friends.

IST Asshat “Assie” Award–September 2017

It is the end of the month and time to introduce my readers to the winner of the monthly “Assie’ award…..

There are so many making so many lame ass comments that it gets difficult to pick a winner…..but with the primary win by Judge Roy Moore in Alabama made it a bit easier.

Moore has a mouth on him…..and shit for brains…..he has made so many cringe worthy comments that it is difficult to pick just one as what lifted him into the winners circle.

The one quote that did it for me…….

“But the separation of church and state was NEVER meant to be the separation of God and country”

Believe me that one quote is not the only bonehead babbling from this buffoon……pick the one you like best.

Source: Roy Moore Quotes | QuoteHD

If my quote does not do it for you then I bet you can find one that does…..

Ladies and Gentlemen….may I I introduce you to the…..



Alabama Judge Roy Moore
IST sends out our congrats email and offers to publish any comment they would like to attach to the award.
Reminder:  Next month, October, will be the last monthly winner… November 3 monthly winners will be chosen to run for annual winner…..they will be posted on IST and my readers will vote on the one they think is the biggest Asshat.
Winner will be announced the last weekend of December.

Closing Thought–29Sep17

Come Fly With Me!

It appears that there is  problem in DC…..Sec of HHS, Price, has been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

Ever noticed that when the GOP is NOT in power they are staunch opponents of any wasteful spending….and then they take the power lead and they piss money away like there is no tomorrow.

The GOPers start looking for ways to get “free” stuff for themselves and their families….well that is what happened with Price…..seems he does not like the inconvenience of flying coach….

Price has booked a plethora of private flights to take him around to do his worse as the Sec of HHS… the tune of about $1 million in costs.

He has been chastised and has agreed to reimburse the government….

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is apologizing for taking costly charter flights on the taxpayer’s dime and says he is cooperating with investigations into his travel. Price says he’ll reimburse the government by writing a check Thursday to reimburse Treasury, and he’s pledging not to take any more charters, the AP reports. He says he wasn’t “sensitive enough” to the concerns the charters would create about the use of taxpayer dollars.

His statement comes after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said President Donald Trump was not thrilled with Price’s flights. Trump had publicly declared his displeasure a day earlier. Trump left open the possibility that Price would be fired, but Price said Thursday he thinks he still has the president’s confidence. The brouhaha started with a Politico investigation into the flights.

He will write a check for $52,000…….he spent a million and he only owes $52,000….not bad like a plea agreement with a bank robber that stole a million but only has to pay $52,000 in restitution.

Apparently Price cannot use commercial flights for it may expose him to a lethal dose of “human cooties’….he cannot be bothered with doing the right thing….he is just echoing those thoughts of his master.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is apologizing for taking costly charter flights on the taxpayer’s dime and says he is cooperating with investigations into his travel. Price says he’ll reimburse the government by writing a check Thursday to reimburse Treasury, and he’s pledging not to take any more charters, the AP reports. He says he wasn’t “sensitive enough” to the concerns the charters would create about the use of taxpayer dollars.

His statement comes after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said President Donald Trump was not thrilled with Price’s flights. Trump had publicly declared his displeasure a day earlier. Trump left open the possibility that Price would be fired, but Price said Thursday he thinks he still has the president’s confidence. The brouhaha started with a Politico investigation into the flights.

is master…..

Why does this thief not have to pay the entire price tag?  The flights were for his benefit….he owes the entire bill!

Time to get my ass ready for the weekend…..hope everyone had a good week and that they will please get some relaxation in for the next couple of days.

Peace Out My Friends!

Closing Thought–27Sep17

Get Your Priorities Straight, Dipstick!

IST Factoid:  Puerto Rico is a US territory….ergo its residents are US CITIZENS!

The factoid was inserted because there seem to be many that did not know….

Nearly half of all Americans aren’t aware that Puerto Ricans are citizens, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

While 54 percent of Americans know that Puerto Ricans are citizens, 47 percent do not know that, according to the poll, which was first reported by The New York Times. Among Americans with a bachelor’s degree, 72 percent are aware of citizenship for people on the island.

The poll found a connection between knowledge of Puerto Ricans’ citizenship and a willingness to send emergency aid.

According to the report, 8 in 10 Americans who know Puerto Ricans are citizens support sending aid, while among those who do not know, 4 in 10 support sending aid.

It has been a week since Hurricane Maria roared ashore in Puerto Rico and demolished the island in all ways….infrastructure too the biggest hit….60% of the island has NO potable water….there is only spotty electric power and food is running ever so short.

The Island is a wreck and instead to making sure that the country stays laser focused on Puerto Rico Trump spend his Twitter time trying to ramp up some new form of division among us Americans.

After starting the shit storm about the taking of a knee he did finally Tweet about Puerto Rico……

Here are the tweets, in case you missed them:

“Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble…It’s old electrical grid, which was in terrible shape, was devastated. Much of the Island was destroyed, with billions of dollars…owed to Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with. Food, water and medical are top priorities – and doing well. #FEMA”

Really?  All the compassion, empathy and concern for the people of Puerto Rico is just heart tugging….(complete sarcasm)……

I even saw a Tweet from a yahoo supporter of Trump addressed to some news anchor…..

“Trump is the president of the US….not Puerto Rico…..Move on”

The stupidity of these people is just amazing…..

Trump needs to MAN up and do more for Puerto Rico……why is the hospital ship. Comfort, NOT in Puerto Rico?  (word is leaking out the Comfort will be heading to Puerto Rice.  Why did it take so long?)

We have the perfect model for handling this disaster…..The 1948 Berlin Airlift….refresh your memory…..

Source: Berlin Airlift – Cold War –

There should be planes landing at regular intervals and it should have begun mere days after Maria pushed through.

The president keeps Tweeting out that people think the US is doing a good job…..does not look like it….but please give me the names of those deluded individuals.

So far talk is cheap…..but talk does not feed, quench or shelter the Americans on the island of Puerto Rico.

All That Rattles Is Not A Toy

Sunday and more relaxation and good food…..

This comes in the “Can’t Fix Stupid” Category.

Remember those rubber snakes that kids use to use to scare their sisters?

Snakes are not a toy…….go figure…..

An Arizona man claims he’s finally learned his lesson about messing around with snakes after getting bitten for the second time in his life. Victor Pratt, 48, was holding a birthday party for his kid at home in Coolidge, Ariz., on Sept. 7 when he picked up a rattlesnake and began playing with it, Fox 10 reports. “When the kids saw it, I grabbed it,” Pratt says. “I showed them how to catch it and I was playing with it like little kids do.” After posing for several photos, Pratt lost his grip on the snake’s head and the reptile bit him on the neck and face. The snakebite veteran had the presence of mind to ask friends to rush him to the hospital. “I said, ‘We gotta go now,’ because I knew what was going to happen,” said Pratt. He was intubated and sedated for five days.

Had Pratt not gotten to the hospital when he did, he could have been dead within 30 minutes, doctors say. “Ain’t gonna play with snakes no more,” he says. Pratt claims he doesn’t remember anything from his time under sedation, not even when he was moved from Coolidge to a bigger facility in Phoenix, USA Today reports. Doctors say that kind of memory loss is common in people being treated for venomous snakebites, as the drugs used to keep victims sedated, and therefore unable to pull the breathing tube out of their tracheas, prevent the brain from forming memories.

There is only so much stupid before it hurts.

Enough for a Sunday….go out enjoy the day and see you guys Monday morning with lots more stuff…..chuq