Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season–2016

I begin with a joke…..

what did the hurricane say to the coconut palm?

“hang on to your nuts this is no ordinary blow job”.

(rim shot)

This post may not be of interest to many of my readers but my town was all but destroyed by Katrina and Camille 30 years before… I take the start of the season seriously and do my preparations as usual…..

Today begins the long watch for approaching storms…now until end of November….hopefully the only disaster in that time span will be the election of the wrong person to lead this country.

For those that may be in or near the Gulf Coast here is this years predictions for the hurricane season……

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said there is a 70 percent likelihood that there will be 10 to 16 named storms this season (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which four to eight could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher). In a “normal” year, there are 12 named storms, six hurricanes and two to three major hurricanes, NOAA said.

This is one of the toughest hurricane season outlooks ever made due to the abundance of atmospheric variables, said Gerry Bell, lead seasonal hurricane forecaster with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

The most influential variable would be the AMO (Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation). This pattern is characterized by cooling and warming of water temperatures in the Atlantic and intensity of the monsoon season over West Africa. If the Atlantic water temperature is warmer than normal and the monsoon season in West Africa is active, this pattern tends to produce more tropical systems in the Atlantic Basin. If the reverse happens, it tends to yield toward below-normal hurricane season. These patterns can last over 20 years.

Another important variable this upcoming hurricane season is the fading El Nino and forming La Nina. El Nino tends to suppress tropical activity in the Atlantic and La Nina does the opposite. This year, there is a 70 percent chance that La Nina will form by the end of this summer and early fall. Coincidentally, August, September and October happen to be the average peak of hurricane season, with 90 percent to 95 percent of tropical storms forming during this period.

I pray that we NEVER have to suffer through another Katrina…..that bitch ruined a lot of lives….mine included….for it was the aftermath of the storm that destroyed my right leg to the point of constant pain even with pain meds…..the only good thing that came out of that storm was it gave me more time to dedicate myself to my research and this blog……and the meeting of so many good friends… there was an upside.

See ya tomorrow….peace  out

What Is Acceptable?

Finally, the weekend begins…..I am up to my ears in the speculation over flight 804… most trendy MSM topics it is 5 minutes of news and 55 minutes of speculation……I cannot wait for the next high speed chase in Lower Dipshit, MT……

My granddaughter dropped by the other day and we set about doing what we always do….talk and bitch…..Since school only has a couple of weeks left in session I asked her if there was anything new…..she thought awhile and told me of an incident where one of her classmates was catching Hell from the “in crowd” because he had some cheap knock-off sneakers…..she did not understand what the big deal was all about….

I told her that it was a never-ending thing….told her about the grief I got back in the day with my long hair and faded jeans….that it was always the way….the “leader of the pack” dictated the fashion….(and then I gave her a historical perspective)….(yeah she had the same response as everyone else)……

And now for that history lesson……you are welcome!

Peter the Great: Shave that Beard!

Tsar Peter the First of Russia was one of the first great sartorial modernizers. Strongly influenced by his journeys in Western Europe and determined to remake Russia in Europe’s image, he began with European aesthetics. Returning from a tour of the continent in 1698, he greeted members of his court, pulled out a razor, and began forcibly shaving them so they would look more like Europeans. His contemporaries took this as a sign of his godlessness, since many Russians saw beards as an essential sign of the Russian Orthodox faith. Peter didn’t stop there. Needing money for his military campaigns against the Swedish Empire, he imposed a hefty beard tax. Any member of the public who wanted to keep his beard had to buy and carry a special token that read, “money has been taken” on one side, and, in some cases, “the beard is a superfluous burden” on the other.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: No More Fezzes!

In 1826, the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud made the red cylindrical felt fez part of Turkish national attire. But in the 1920s the modernizing secular nationalist Mustafa Kemal Ataturk set out to abolish it, and toured the country haranguing Turks with rhetorical questions like “Is our dress nationalistic?” and “Is our dress civilized and universal?” in 1925, Turkey passed a “hat law” requiring that all men wishing to wear hats should stick to western styles. In some parts of the country, this led to armed clashes, and penalties for violating the law could be severe, including imprisonment with hard labor and even death. Ataturk imposed other sartorial restrictions as well, requiring women to abandon the Islamic headscarf in state institutions like universities and government offices. That rule is no longer in force, but the hat law remains on the books.

Reza Shah: Take off that Veil!

Iran’s own secular nationalist strongman, Reza Shah, passed a uniform law in 1928 requiring all men to adopt western dress, although exceptions were made for recognized members of the Islamic clergy. An admirer of Ataturk, he also brought in a hat law in 1935 following a visit to Turkey. As in Turkey, the new dress laws led to violent clashes in Iran. Perhaps provoked by religious opposition, in 1936 Reza Shah became the first leader to abolish the Islamic headscarf. That year, he held celebrations around the country and ordered members of government and the military to appear in public with their unveiled wives. Many Iranian women resisted the ban, and in some cases had veils forcibly torn off by police. When Reza Shah was forced to abdicate following the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran in 1941, some women went back to wearing the veil. Others did not don it again until 1979.

Hitler: No Slim Models! Aryan Birthing Hips!

Few regimes have taken greater interest in fashion than the Third Reich. In 1933, the year the Nazis took power, they established the Deutsches Modeamt, or German Fashion Institute. Adolf Hitler had strong personal opinions about fashion and beauty. He didn’t like makeup or fur since they came from dead animals, and found perfume disgusting. Nazi Germany prized German folk costume, which should ideally only ever have been touched by Aryan hands. Nazi fashion ideals were largely a reaction against French dominance of European fashion, and the preeminence of famous Jewish designers. Hitler regarded French fashion as decadent and didn’t care for the French fashion industry’s predilection for slim-hipped models, a feature he thought unsuited for child-bearing. “No more Paris models,” he announced. The fashion house Hugo Boss famously supplied military uniforms under the Third Reich.

Mao’s Red Guards: Everyone in Uniform!

In 1966, Mao Zedong, chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, feared his position within the party was vulnerable. In retaliation, he launched his “Cultural Revolution,” setting radical youths against the party elite, as well as wider Chinese society. Fanatical young men and women, answering his call, donned the androgynous military uniforms and red armbands of the Red Guards, and humiliated, tortured and murdered perceived “class enemies” en masse. “The underlying aim,” as one historian puts it, “was to subsume individual personality in order to allow the political ideals of the time to be carried out.” The cultural revolution ended with Mao’s death in 1976.

The Taliban: Nothing Goes–Except Beards!

These days, historic images of women donning western fashions in Afghanistan in the 1970s serve as a mind-blowing novelty. But according to Amnesty International, women in Afghanistan achieved a steady progression in rights during the 20th century, gaining the vote in 1919, and a degree of constitutional equality in the 1960s. Soviet occupation from 1979 to 1989, and the civil war it left in its wake, left women at the mercy of men of violence. When the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban took control of the country in 1996, they forbade women to study, work, speak publicly, leave home without a male chaperone, or show any skin at all. In practice, this meant wearing the all-encompassing burqa, which made them completely invisible. Men, by contrast, had only to show their commitment to Islam by growing beards.

I told her to not hurry herself… would all change to something new by next school session……

She looked bewildered and said….”now that is not very encouraging”.

We will enjoy our time together and so should you guys…..go enjoy the weekend and do something fun.

Birth Of An American Hero

91 years ago today a true American revolutionary was born…..the country is better for knowing him.  Americans have always been proud of their revolutionary spirit and few others have exhibited that spirit as did Malcolm X…..

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

In 1963 there were deep tensions between Malcolm and Eiljah Muhammad over the political direction of the Nation. Malcolm urged that the Nation become more active in the widespread civil rights protests instead of just being a critic on the sidelines. Muhammad’s violations of the moral code of the Nation further worsened his relations with Malcolm, who was devastated when he learned that Muhammad had fathered children by six of his personal secretaries, two of whom filed paternity suits and made the issue public. Malcolm brought additional bad publicity to the Nation when he declared publicly that Pres. John F. Kennedy’s assassination was an example of “chickens coming home to roost”—a violent society suffering the consequences of violence. In response to the outrage this statement provoked, Elijah Muhammad ordered Malcolm to observe a 90-day period of silence, and the break between the two leaders became permanent.

Malcolm left the Nation in March 1964 and in the next month founded Muslim Mosque, Inc. During his pilgrimage to Mecca that same year, he experienced a second conversion and embraced Sunni Islam, adopting the Muslim name el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. Renouncing the separatist beliefs of the Nation, he claimed that the solution to racial problems in the United States lay in orthodox Islam. On the second of two visits to Africa in 1964, he addressed the Organization of African Unity (known as the African Union since 2002), an intergovernmental group established to promote African unity, international cooperation, and economic development. In 1965 he founded the Organization of Afro-American Unity as a secular vehicle to internationalize the plight of black Americans and to make common cause with the people of the developing world—to move from civil rights to human rights.

The growing hostility between Malcolm and the Nation led to death threats and open violence against him. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm was assassinated while delivering a lecture at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem; three members of the Nation of Islam were convicted of the murder. He was survived by his wife, Betty Shabazz, whom he married in 1958, and six daughters. His martyrdom, ideas, and speeches contributed to the development of black nationalist ideology and the Black Power movement and helped to popularize the values of autonomy and independence among African Americans in the 1960s and ’70s.

He was an American hero and should be treated as such… ignore his contributions because of color or ideology is a dis-service to the nation and the man.

Damn!  He sure did know me…….

Air Crash–Just What The Media Needed

Over the night we have had another air crash and the victims are the 66 most important people of the day….

A flight from Paris to Cairo carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew disappeared from radar early Thursday morning, the airline says. EgyptAir Flight 804 was lost from radar at 2:45am local time when it was flying at 37,000 feet, the airline says. It says the Airbus A320 had vanished 10 miles after it entered Egyptian airspace. Egyptian armed forces are searching for the plane, which was carrying 56 passengers, including one child and two babies, and 10 crew. EgyptAir later confirmed the nationalities of those on board as including 15 French passengers, 30 Egyptians, one Briton, two Iraqis, one Kuwaiti, one Saudi, one Sudanese, one Chadian, one Portuguese, one Algerian, and one Canadian, the AP reports.

A tragedy indeed but why am I so sarcastic about the reporting?

This is a story that the media desperately needed…..for a couple of days they have harped on the mini-riot at the Nevada delegate selection meeting…..where the Bernie supporters were angered and began protesting….and the story was reported by a reputable journalist that even chairs were thrown…..death threats to other DNC officials……well yesterday the story was developing that it was all a false report and all the news channels had run with the lie…….embarrassing, right?

Jon Ralston, the dean of political reporting in Nevada, has spread nothing less than a pack of lies about what went down at the state’s Democratic convention on Saturday. And the fact averse oligarchic national media has run completely riot with the provable falsehoods. No chairs were thrown at the convention Saturday. No death threats were made against the chair of the convention Roberta Lange. And Bernie Sanders delegates were not simply mad because their louder shouting was ignored.

Source: The Faux Fracas in Nevada: How a Reporter Manufactured a Riot

Now the MSM has a disaster that they can fixate on and speculate their butts off and never have to admit that they reported a lie…..the American people will be so enthralled with the hunt for this plane and the only thing they will remember about this mini-riot is the lies spread by the media.

Since there were NO Americans on the flight and it has nothing to do with the US there is NO need for days of endless speculation….the only reason is to divert the news from the lies that they have reported.

It is not about the plane but rather about saving face.

In The Age Of Information

I do a lot of research daily…..when I decide to write a piece I try to get as much information as I can… is what one must do when preparing to teach a class or write an informative article……or one could just regurgitate the mindless ramblings of “false prophets”………

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”
“Here is true immorality:  ignorance and stupidity; the devil is nothing but this. His name is Legion.”  Flaubert
“The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.” (So true these days)
But my favorite quote is…..”Stupidity Is The Deliberate Cultivation of Ignorance”

I got this in a Tweet the other day….and it fits perfectly with the way I feel…..

And too few wise choices are being made these days.

Quote Of The Day

I truly hope all had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead….so much stuff…so little time……

One of my favorite quotes is “Stupidity Is The Deliberate Cultivation Of Ignorance”…..not sure who is credited with it…but it is a very good quote.

MLK had one along the same lines……(see below)…..



There is too much of both these days….and Americans are embracing their ignorance and their stupidity as if it were a badge of honor.

So sad!

Press Freedom in ‘Deep And Disturbing’ Decline

After a relaxing weekend I am recharged and ready for another week of the stuff that dreams (nightmares) are made of…….

You see on many blogs and other such sites about the 1st amendment….everyone is concerned that it is being slowly eaten away…..and in my opinion it is…..but we have NO one to blame but ourselves.  Our fear has allowed the control of our information……

We are allowing the government too much control over our thoughts all in the name of national security….we want freedom to say or write what we want….but not so much from others that may not agree with our twisted little beliefs.

It is not just in the US but rather the world over….in a age when “democracy” is the coming thing… can the censorship of information fit into that paradigm?

It is bad now….but it seems to be getting worse with each passing week…..

A leading journalism advocacy group says media freedom experienced a sharp decline around the world over the past year, citing increasing government restrictions in places like Turkey, Poland, Tajikistan, and Egypt.

In its 2016 World Press Freedom Index released on April 20, Reporters Without Borders said that there had been a “deep and disturbing” decline in freedom of information in many places around the world.

Source: Press Freedom in ‘Deep And Disturbing’ Decline in New Age of Propaganda | Informed Comment

Control the news and you control the population…..a good look around in this country and one can see, if one wants to see, that that statement is more accurate today than it was last year.

And people that “1984” was fiction….HA!