The American Pravda

Pravda….does anyone older than a stick of gum know what that word means?

Let me help…it was the official media organ of the Soviet Union…..a propaganda rag….the same as many of our “award winning” newspapers like NYTimes or the WaPo to mention only a few……

Skip forward….have you read any of the conspiracy theories floating around the internet?  You know 9/11 was a false flag, chem-trails or the school shooting was staged….those sort of BS reports.

Ever wonder where all these conspiracy theories got their start?

A year or two ago, I saw the much-touted science fiction film Interstellar, and although the plot wasn’t any good, one early scene was quite amusing. For various reasons, the American government of the future claimed that our Moon Landings of the late 1960s had been faked, a trick aimed at winning the Cold War by bankrupting Russia into fruitless space efforts of its own. This inversion of historical reality was accepted as true by nearly everyone, and those few people who claimed that Neil Armstrong had indeed set foot on the Moon were universally ridiculed as “crazy conspiracy theorists.” This seems a realistic portrayal of human nature to me.

Obviously, a large fraction of everything described by our government leaders or presented in the pages of our most respectable newspapers—from the 9/11 attacks to the most insignificant local case of petty urban corruption—could objectively be categorized as a “conspiracy theory” but such words are never applied. Instead, use of that highly loaded phrase is reserved for those theories, whether plausible or fanciful, that do not possess the endorsement stamp of establishmentarian approval.

Source: American Pravda: How the CIA Invented “Conspiracy Theories” – The Unz Review

This from a site that leans toward the Libertarian side of the political discourse….so take that into consideration…..



Food Nazi: All American Burger

It is Saturday and Summer is winding down…..time to fire up the grill and get busy.

A little something I would post in my food blog, The Food Nazi, if it were still active…..but since it is not….I will do the honors here….

I think that a food prep should be traditional….I am not a fan of these trendy dishes that so many swoon over….there is one dish that I firmly believe should be prepared the old fashion way…..the all delicious hamburger.

Me?  I like about 2/3 lb of meat all beef patty……medium….served with a toasted bun with mayo and spicy brown mustard…..period.  Any salad stuff belongs on the side with bleu cheese dressing.

I bring up the burger thing because a new joint has opened in my area….27th Avenue Burger Bar….catchy name and one would expect a good variety of burgers would be offered….well here are the choices you will have……

They’re not your typical burgers. Sure, you can get the Classic American Cheeseburger, but for those with adventure on their minds and palates, there are:

▪ The Snout ($10), an adouille, pork, boudin and bacon patty with bacon, ketchup, pork belly mayo, hog head cheese, lettuce tomato and pickle;

▪ The Billy Goat ($12), ground goat patty with curried mushroom, mozzarella, spinach and tzaziki;

▪ The Farm House ($12), an organic beef patty with fried egg, bacon, comeback sauce, arugula, heirloom tomato, red onion, mustard and locally made Country Girl cheese on a potato bun.

▪ The Crabby Patty ($12) might satisfy fish fans: A seared crab cake with crawfat remoulade, fire roasted corn and pepper chow chow, spring mix, pickled shallots and pimento cheese.

▪ The Gardener ($8) makes sure vegetarians haven’t been forgotten. It’s a cauliflower steak patty with sundried tomato aioli, cilantro and arugula.

Homrighausen said she’s already seeing customers trending toward The Farm House as well as Border Jumper ($8), a chorizo patty with black bean puree, poblano aioli, jalapeno ketchup, pico de gallo, arugula and avocado, and Buffalo Bill ($12), a smoked bison patty with housemade barbecue aioli, ketchup, onion strings, bacon, sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato and butter pickles

Now the classic American Cheeseburger will set you back $8…..I can go to Burger King and get 2 whoppers for that price……without all the cheesy trendy crap.
These people are just giving the all American burger a bad name……a soul sucking fad…..
This restaurant is in South Mississippi……I do not think that the sophisticated tastes of “good old boys” will find this menu very appealing.
I love burgers…I use to do reviews of local burgers…my rating system was pickles….NO pickles was the best and 5 pickles was the worse……but I believe that there is only one type of burger….BEEF!
The rest are just dolled up sandwiches…..
DAMMIT!  Now I gotta go cook me a burger…..have a good day my friends and I will have a burger for you.

Race Day!

My Sunday begins and I anxiously await the Italian Gran Prix at Monza…..I have been a huge Formula One fan since 1959 when I was a teenager I watched my first race at the French Gran Prix held at Reims….and from then on I have been a Ferrari fan.

Image result for scuderia ferrari

Also Monza is the course that my favorite driver in those days was killed in 1961…..von Trips…..I had met him in 1959 at Reims….he did not qualify for the race but was there as a spectator……I got to walk around the pits and sit in a Ferrari GP race car……as a 12 year old I was thrilled……a nice guy…..thanks to him I have a 55 year love affair with Formula One……

Image result for wolfgang von Trips

The Wall Street Journal gave a great remembrance of Wolfgang von Trips in 2011…..

They began the race as friends and rivals, knowing that one of them was almost certain to be crowned world champion at the end: Phil Hill of Santa Monica, Calif., and Count Wolfgang Von Trips of West Germany. They were Ferrari teammates, each a master of speed. The date: Sept. 10, 1961. The place: the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Two hours, three minutes and 13 seconds later, Hill had become America’s first Formula One champion. Von Trips was dead along with 14 spectators-killed when his Ferrari scythed into the crowd like a helicopter blade.

Source: Formula One: Remembering a Racing Tragedy – WSJ

Image result for wolfgang von trips death

These days Mercedes seems to be the racing team to beat…they have out  run even the mighty Ferrari team for a couple of years now….to the point of the F1 races becoming a bit boring…..they are almost predictable….he who leads at the start will win…….like I said boring….the more fun in the races are the 3-10th position….everybody trying to get those points….to be truthful the better racing occurs in the minors of Formula One…GP2 and GP3…..if only that same intensity could somehow return to F1 racing….

I bring all this up because of an interview I read with F1 champion Jackie Stewart about the Mercedes and F1 racing…..

The three times world champion offers these thoughts in Simon Taylor’s final ‘Lunch with’ interview for the magazine, and as usual with JYS there’s a blunt logic to what he says. In Formula 1, it’s only downhill from here for Mercedes, surely?

Stewart also has advice for another of F1’s manufacturers.

“If I was Honda, I’d stay in until they become real winners,” he says. “They have massive resources, and there’s an awful loss of dignity for them, and for McLaren. They must stay until they get it right.”

Such assertions come from the age-old assumption that car manufacturers never consider motor sport, and most pertinently F1, as a binding commitment. They come and they go, as history shows.

Source: Stewart: Mercedes should quit F1 | Motor Sport Magazine

As a Ferrari fan of course I would agree with him on all points…..but also in these days of massive sponsorship I do not think they would go anywhere…they are here to stay……besides in the 1950’s there was not the massive amount of sponsors and the millions team make off of this ……back in those days there was very little sponsors…..

Image result for 1959 formula one racing

As you can see…there are NO tags on the cars…it was all about the racing and not so much about the PR…..the good old days…

In those early days of GP racing it was always a matter of life or death……in those days it was about the driver not the technology….no sensors, no computers, just man, car and track…..the way racing should be…….today it is wrapped up in technology….NASCAR is the only one left with driver input (mark this…it will be the only nice thing I will ever say about NASCAR)

Source: When motor racing was a matter of life and death | Richard Williams | Sport | The Guardian

There you go….a little slice of the old professor’s life……

Hope all have a wonderful day……

When this is over, you will have nothing that you want

Does anyone remember the Prairie home Companion?

It was a very popular radio show done by Garrison Keillor….a little slice of Middle America….down home humor and observations (is it still airing?)… seems that this gentleman has something to say to Donald J. Trump in this op-ed…..

The cap does not look good on you, it’s a duffer’s cap, and when you come to the microphone, you look like the warm-up guy, the guy who announces the license number of the car left in the parking lot, doors locked, lights on, motor running. The brim shadows your face, which gives a sinister look, as if you’d come to town to announce the closing of the pulp factory. Your eyes look dead and your scowl does not suggest American greatness so much as American indigestion. Your hair is the wrong color: People don’t want a president to be that shade of blond. You know that now.

Source: When this is over, you will have nothing that you want – Chicago Tribune

I was never a fan of the show….it was a bit too slow for me….but he has done a good job with his op-ed…..

I am shutting it down for the day….let the long weekend begin….may you all have a wonderful time this holiday….we will get it on next week…tah tah…

How Does Your State GDP Match-Up?

In these days of massive tax cuts for governments… does your state match-up with other countries……

Amazing how many states have the GDP of third world countries, huh?

Is America still Number One? Depends on which metrics you use. By at least one measure, China’s economy already is the world’s biggest (1). Other criteria still put the U.S. ahead, at least for a few more years.

This map presents another way to gauge the size of the American economy, and one less prone to the ‘declinism’ of the eternal comparison to China.

Source: US States Renamed as Countries with Similar GDPs | Big Think

Ain’t graphics grand?

It Is Always About The Money

Life is strange…but there is one constant…..the pursuit of money……we start wars because of it…..we run for office to gain access to it…..we write books in search of fame and fortune……and that is where I pick up with the news….

A former Navy SEAL who wrote about taking part in the mission that killed Osama bin Laden will have to pay all current and future profits from the book—and possible movie rights—to the government, the AP reports. It’s an amount already exceeding $6.6 million. In addition, Matt Bissonnette, who wrote No Easy Day under a pseudonym in 2012, will have to pay the government $1.3 million to cover its legal fees, according to ABC News. Bissonnette was in trouble for violating non-disclosure agreements he signed when he was a Navy SEAL and not clearing the book with the Defense Department before publishing it. Bissonnette signed the settlement Friday.

As part of the settlement, Bissonnette agreed to make a formal apology. “I acted on the advice of my former attorney, but I now fully recognize that his advice was wrong,” NPR quotes Bissonnette as saying. “It was a serious error that I urge others not to repeat.” In return, the government dismissed other claims against Bissonnette. It also stated what happened “does not discredit Mr. Bissonnette’s military service.” Bissonnette has four years to pay off most of the more than $6.6 million he currently owes the government. But he only has 30 days to pay the government $100,000 he made giving presentations on his experiences.

This douche broke protocol and gets a slap on the wrist……

There are some things that are done by the military that the public just does not need to know… of this situation are apparently still classified…..if that is the case then this is treason and should be punished accordingly.

When I left the military I had to sign the same document….apparently it is not as important as it was in my day….for it was a mandatory jail time and a fine…….

Apparently the lure of lots of cash will make some do anything to achieve it….

I do NOT care who this person is or what he says he has done………This dick should be in prison and ALL cash confiscated.


Reading Is Fundamental

Another Sunday and I would like to post about a subject that is dear to me…..books and reading.

As I grew up my mother and the family made it clear that the only way to move forward in life is with a good education…..After high school I decided to enter the US Army….my mother was disappointed because she wanted me to go to college…..after Vietnam I took my GI Bill and went to and finished college….everyone in the family was proud and happy, especially my mother…..

I gave my daughter a desire for knowledge and she reads constantly and my granddaughter has the desire also even in this age of electronics.

But then it became some sort of anti-American position to be educated…..we are called “apologist” “bleeding hearts” “elitists”….I find the disturbing….because look at any rise to power of a dictator and what are the first people they take out…..the educated……and intellectuals.  I find it disturbing when an education is a minus in society…..but I kinda expect it now that expanding your knowledge is looked down on by some.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  Franklin

“My Alma mater was books, a good library… I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.”  Malcolm X
“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”  Locke
“A closed mind is a dead mind”  GW Watkins

But enough of that……I read about two books a week…no fiction…I have NO time for bullshit…….but now I am told that reading is a good thing…..

Reading books does more than ward off dementia: It also increases your lifespan, according to Yale researchers. In fact, the more time a person spends reading, the less likely they are to die. Researchers asked 3,635 people over 50 about their reading habits, then checked back in after 12 years. They found reading books for up to 3.5 hours per week—or an average of 30 minutes per day—lowered a person’s risk of death by 17%, reports the New York Times. People who read books for more than 3.5 hours per week enjoyed a 23% lower risk of death. Researchers say books encourage “cognitive engagement” and “promote empathy, social perception, and emotional intelligence, which are cognitive processes that can lead to greater survival,” per the Guardian.

People who read newspapers and magazines also had a “survival advantage” over people who didn’t read at all, but it was significantly less than with book readers, who were predominantly female, college-educated, and earning a high income. “Books engage the reader’s mind more—providing more cognitive benefit, and therefore increasing the lifespan,” a researcher explains. Overall, 33% of non-readers died after 12 years, compared to 27% of book readers. Book readers also lived two years longer than non-readers on average. “These findings suggest that the benefits of reading books include a longer life in which to read them,” researchers say, per UPI, urging people to pick up a book rather than the remote. (This generation is said to read the most.)

Maybe I will start a podcast….Breakfast And a Book……whatcha think?

Maybe all these mentally challenged conspiracy theorists should try reading a book….they might learn something……but somehow I do not think that is their desire….do you?

Enjoy your day my friends and I will return tomorrow to keep you thinking…..