The Dream Car

The weekend and I get to talk about anything but the news of the day…it is very therapeutic…at least for me.

Back when I was a teenager I got to go to the French Gran Prix….when there I fell in love with Formula One racing and a sports car called…FERRARI.  It was a 1959 Ferrari, red with natural leather seats…..I sat in it and the leather smell and the feel was something I cannot describe(goose bumps appeared)……and ever since that day I have loved Ferraris in all their models……but not a fan of the F40 or the LeFerrari.  And I still have the love of Formula One racing.

So when I read a news report like this it makes me want to cry…..

Buying supercars engage a lot of responsibility apart from the track shenanigans one would want to do to quench their thirst for speed. A brilliant example of a track-oriented machine that is road legal is the Ferrari 430 Scuderia which was recently bought in the United Kingdom. However, this rich buyer most likely didn’t realise the performance of this brutal machine and crashed it within an hour of his purchase. The baffling part, however, is not just the crash which happened on the M1 when the car went off the highway onto the nearby green patch and finally catching fire, it’s the ‘excuse’ this driver gave to the South Yorkshire Police. According to a report in Fortune, the so-called driver stated to the police that ‘I’ve only just got it’. No wonder the police would have been baffled. The driver sustained minor cuts and bruises, however, if he loves his cars, the damage to his spirit would have been more. ?Road conditions were wet at the time and as officers arrived on scene it became clear there was a vehicle well alight and colleagues from South Yorkshire fire and rescue were in attendance squirting water all over some kind of sporty motor some 50 or so metres down a banking,? stated a post from the South Yorkshire Police’s Facebook page

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is essentially a Ferrari 430 with higher performance figures and a lighter body. According to Ferrari, the primary reason to build the Scuderia version of the 430 was to showcase the track prowess in a road legal car. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia was furthermore introduced to commemorate the Formula 1 Constructor’s World Championship in 2008. Compared to the standard 430 model, the Scuderia version is 100 kg lighter and has approximately seven more horsepower. A total of 509 hp on tap at 8,500 rpm means it can cross the 100 kmph mark from a standstill in 3.6 seconds onwards to a top speed of 319 kmph. Ferrari claims that around their Fiorano test track in Italy, the 430 Scuderia has a similar timing to the Ferrari Enzo and the 430’s successor, the 458.

Coming back to the car in question here which has been completely gutted to the ground, there will be no coming back from this incident for the driver. Although he wasn’t badly injured or lose his life, such incidents do emphasise that with powerful cars such as this one, the driver of that particular vehicle has to be even more careful.

The car left the road in wet conditions and slid across a field before bursting into flames 

After a good cry and If it were me I would ask the officer if I could borrow his gun….first to put the car out of misery and then to do the same for myself.

Apparently this guy had more money than brains.

Keep in mind that this 430 is about 10 years old….so it was a previously owned vehicle, which is a PC way of saying “Used Car”……

Have a good day and enjoy your time away….chuq

Closing Thought–01Aug17

The Definition Of “Hero”!

Our society uses the word “hero” as some sort of throw away description used to feign patriotism….

Then there are true heroes…..

Saving a life may be a common bucket-list entry, but it’s one that’s rarely checked off. James McCloughan could’ve done so 10 times over two days in 1969. Ignoring his lieutenant’s orders to evacuate Nui Yon Hill in Vietnam after shrapnel cut into his head and back and a bullet pierced his arm, the 23-year-old Army medic ran through “hell on earth” and “gave it his all and then … just kept giving,” President Trump said Monday, bestowing McCloughan with the Medal of Honor almost 50 years after that intense battle. Five of the 10 men McCloughan pulled to safety while surrounded by 2,000 enemies looked on as the 71-year-old took his “place among legends,” Trump said in his first time awarding the medal, per the New York Times.

Trump told how McCloughan had run into an open field to retrieve a wounded soldier as bullets rained. Over the next 48 hours, he went without food, water, or sleep as he saved nine more men and helped load medevac helicopters. He finally collapsed from dehydration as one of 32 men left on the ground. After returning from Vietnam in 1970, the Michigan native received two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars, per A meeting with Rep. Fred Upton years later, however, led to the recommendation that he also receive the nation’s highest military honor, bestowed with special permission by Congress. “Jim’s dad taught him a simple but powerful lesson: Never do anything halfway,” Trump said. “Jim took that lesson very much to heart.”

And that is a true HERO!  Anything else is a poser!

Congrats… one deserves it more.

Time to be off like a dirty shirt…..I shall return with a fresh bag of stuff….chuq

It’s That Karmic Thing

The first 6 months of the Trump era has been anything but calm….it has been one chaotic situation after another…..

After last week many people I know were saying “how much crazier can it get”?

First thing to remember is not to ask that question when it pertains to DC

The man of the week was the WH new communication director….The Mooch.

After his mash up with Rancid Prius I thought that he might settle into his new gig and stop the craziness around him……for he was hired to rid the WH of Rancid.

Damn!  I was so very wrong!

First there was the story of his, The Mooch,  follow of a gay porn star on Twitter….not something that would go away…..then news came out that his wife who was 9 months pregnant had filed of a divorce….

Anthony Scaramucci’s wife was nine months’ pregnant when she hit the new White House communications director with the news that she wanted a divorce, Page Six reports. Deirdre Scaramucci, 38, who gave birth to a boy, James, in New York City on July 24, had filed divorce papers in Nassau County Supreme Court on July 6. The day his son was born, the Mooch was in West Virginia with President Trump at the Boy Scouts Jamboree. The expletive-loving Wall Street veteran reportedly sent his second wife a text saying, “‘Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child,'” a source says. A Mooch associate adds that “there was discussion between him, her and the divorce attorneys about Anthony going to the hospital and unfortunately … the delivery was sudden.” The 5-pound, 13-ounce baby was born two weeks early.

Deirdre Scaramucci “is mad,” the source says, “They really aren’t speaking right now.” Her lawyer, Jill Stone, tells the paper she “is not making this into a circus. She has children to protect and that’s what she’s concerned about.” The former Deirdre Ball reportedly wanted no part of the DC life, and is no fan of the president either. The associate says the Mooch followed a “different career objective that didn’t align with Deidre’s trajectory,” and the couple is trying for an amicable divorce. There is a lot at stake in the split: The Daily News reports that Mooch has assets worth around $85 million.

But hey…that was not the best story of the week…..

After 6 days on the job The Mooch has resigned as Communications Director for Donald J. Trump…..

Well, that was quick: The Mooch is out. President Trump on Monday decided to remove Anthony Scaramucci from his brand-new post as White House communications director, reports the New York Times. The move reportedly comes at the suggestion of new chief of staff John Kelly, who is in his first day on the job. He “is already changing the culture here,” one White House aide tells Politico in the wake of the Scaramucci shift.

Scaramucci already has submitted his resignation, reports ABC News. It wasn’t immediately clear whether he would shift into a different position at the White House or leave entirely. Nor was it clear who would replace him. Scaramucci didn’t even last two weeks in the position, though he made an immediate impression with, among other things, a profanity-laced rant against rivals such as former chief of staff Reince Priebus.

I am sure that we will get more than enough info from the MSM on this…..they will scratch this scab until it bleeds.

But come on!

You have to admit that this dude knows how to make an entrance as well as make an exit.

I do apologize but this whole situation is just damn funny….nay hilarious is a better description.

I swear this admin is full of great moments……

Closing Thought–31Jul17

What is your mouth tongue?

We all speak English as our mouth tongue….but what is the next “tongue” in the state where you live…the second language if you will?

You might be surprised at the answers……

It’s probably not surprising that, once you take English out of the equation, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the United States. But what if you also remove Spanish from the options? 24/7 Wall St. ventures into each state to see which other foreign language ranks highest, with German taking the top spot overall when all states are taken into account. Here, 10 states and their most prevalent foreign tongue:

  1. Alabama: Vietnamese
  2. Arizona: Navajo
  3. California: Tagalog
  4. Connecticut: Polish
  5. Florida: French Creole
  6. Idaho: Arabic
  7. Massachusetts: Portuguese
  8. Montana: German
  9. New York: Chinese
  10. Wisconsin: Hmong

Check out which foreign language dominates in your state here.

Idaho is surprising…….as well as Florida…..I figured my state would be Vietnamese since so many settled here in the late 70’s….but Tagalog for California took me by surprise.

Did you find any surprises?

Day is done…..nap time has begun…..I shall see you guys later…..peace out…..chuq


I realize that there are some that will refute stuff about Trump….they will come to his rescue whenever something negative is written or uttered.

But put hero worship aside and one will see clearly the creeping authoritarianism 0f the Trump admin……

Below is a long piece but it does track all the moves made by the Trump admin….bears reading in full…..

Is Donald Trump a threat to democracy? From his executive orders targeting immigrants to his personal attacks on federal judges and his demonization of the media as the “enemy of the American people,” the 45th president’s actions and behavior have alarmed political observers of allstripes. Below is a running timeline (in reverse chronological order) tracking Trump’s numerous displays of authoritarian tendencies, beginning from the day he was sworn in. Check back regularly for updates.

Source: Trumpocracy: Tracking the Creeping Authoritarianism of the 45th President – Mother Jones

I am not positive that American will be great again under this administration……so far everything done has been for the benefit of the Trump empire and not this country.

IST Asshat “Assie” Award–July 2017

That time of the month again……the last Sunday and time to award the monthly Asshat Award, commonly known as the “Assie”…..

Usually the award is given to a person…some have been from a political party, religious leader….anyway you get the idea…..this month IST went off on a different track.

One of the popular movies of the Summer is the one about the rescue of British troops trapped at the beach at Dunkirk in France in the year 1940.

This month IST will award the “Assie” to the newspaper USA Today…….it appears that they were concerned for the lack of diversity with the actors in the movie.



The cultural Marxists at USA Today may have reached the final extreme of self-parody in an otherwise positive review of the movie Dunkirk:

[T]he fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.

USA Today gives the movie 3 1/2 stars. It could have received four by taking advice from James Delingpole:

[I]t might have provided valuable comic relief if Amy Schumer or Rebel Wilson – or perhaps even both – had been cast as, say, two brilliant battlefield surgeons who insisted on staying behind with the troops when all their male counterparts had fled.

Also, it would definitely have added a new dimension had James Earl Jones been cast as the salty old Royal Naval officer called out of retirement for one last trip across the English Channel, or if Ice T and Snoop Dogg had been given the role of two aging rappers who parachute from a Dakota to administer weed to the desperate troops, or if Oprah appeared in a cameo as Queen Mary welcoming the returning troops after their desperate voyage.

Liberals regard the triumph of their ideology as historically inevitable. If they are right, future generations will learn from the movies that Monty was a Muslim of Somali heritage and Patton was a transsexual illegal immigrant from Guatemala. At least Rommel will stay white.

Really?  Shows when you do not know history then you say some incredibly stupid things……they want to change history for the sake of diversity.

An email will be sent to their editorial staff announcing that they had won the coveted “Assie” for the month of July 2017.

Congrats to USA Today for winning the IST monthly “Assie”……I wish them luck in December as IST picks the “Assie” of the year for 2017.

Closing Thought–28Jul17

Like What You See?

Warning:  This post is a bit graphic as well as a bit disturbing and may offend someone’s sensibilities…..please read at your own peril……

There are times when I read something while doing research that makes me shake my head and wonder what the Hell is going on in this world.

I could write a diatribe about the latest health care debate but why?  There are enough experts here on WP that I do not need to put in my two cents…..but I will post on a medical thing…..

We humans spend a lot of time worrying about our appearance……but it is women that have the hardest time….are they too fat?…are their breast too big?  Too small?  Should they be blonde or brunette?

For us dudes our biggest concern is our ………penis.

You know when you were a teenage dude you were never happy with the size of your penis……we young guys spent a lot of time contemplating our “Johnson”…and we really never outgrow that fascination…..

It seems that women or should I say girls appear to be having a similar problem.

I bring this up because of something I read and something that I have written about in the past…..

My past post……

Source: “….Lips Are More Like A Rose Petal.” – In Saner Thought

The more recent article…….

Doctors in the U.K say that girls as young as 9 years old are asking for surgery to change the look of their genitals.

Dr. Naomi Crouch, who is a gynecologist for adolescents, told the BBC that more and more girls under the age of 18 were seeking the surgery.

“Girls come in with comments, ‘I just hate it. I just want it removed. I just want it treated,’” she explained. “For a girl to feel that way about any part of her body, let alone a part that is intimate, is really upsetting.”

One girl told the BBC that she felt that her vagina “wasn’t neat enough or tidy enough. And I think I wanted it to be smaller.”

“Sometimes people around me were watching porn and stuff and I just had this idea that it should be symmetrical, and like not sticking out,” she said.

The British National Health Service reportedly performed more than 150 labiaplasties on girls under the age of 15 in 2015 and 2016.

“I find it very hard to believe there are 156 girls under the age of 15 who had a medical abnormality with the labia that meant they needed to have surgery,” Crouch remarked. “I think that’s extraordinary.”

“As a pediatric gynecologist, I have never seen a girl under the age of 15 who’s needed an operation on her labia,” she added.


It is hard to believe that a young girl would worry about breast size but what brought her to the point that leads to this turn?

Really?  You do not put enough pressure on yourself to fit in as it were… feel you need to add this to the mix?

It is sad that we do this to ourselves……

What more can we say?  Time to shut the day down and get some rest….please be well, be safe….chuq