Only In Mississippi

Recently there was some news that had the GOP flinching and cringing.

For the last 40 years maybe more my state of Mississippi has been a bastion of far right ideology….our present governor, “Tater Twat’ Reeves is up for re-election this year, 2023.

Under normal circumstances he would be a shoo in for re-election but this year it is not a given.

That is right….for now a Democrat is leading a sitting GOP governor…..

Republicans’ worst fears about Mississippi’s gubernatorial race could be coming true after a new poll showed GOP Governor Tate Reeves trailing Democrat Brandon Presley on Monday.

Reeves’ first term, which began in 2020, has been marred by low approval ratings and several controversies, including his handling of a welfare fraud scandal involving former Governor Phil Bryant and NFL player Brett Favre and a drinking water crisis in the state capital Jackson—fueling Democratic optimism that they could flip the executive office in a state that has proven to be difficult for the party in recent years.

A new poll released on Monday could worsen Republican worries that the race could become competitive.

The selling point is that Presley is a distant cousin to Elvis….but I do not think that will be enough to take him over the top in the general election in November.

There are too many ‘good old boys in the state that vote party not what is best for the state and its residents.

Reeves may be in trouble for now but I do not see the voter changing nearly a half a century of voting habits.

It is great news but I believe it is only a feel good temporary high.

I will post more on the situation in Mississippi as a run up to the general election of 2023.

Watch for the analysis.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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6 thoughts on “Only In Mississippi

    1. It has needed that for 50 years but the ignorant voters keep putting dickwads in office. So I do not think much will change this year. chuq

  1. I hope you get the man you want, chuq. From an English point of view, I find it hard to comprehend why you still live in that state. But I also presume it is what you identify with, so much the same as I do with London. (Although I moved away)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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