That Soul-less SOB

Notice:  This will be by only post today I will be attending a wake for a family friend.  Be back tomorrow.

Have you been to the supermarket lately?

Did you notice that there were few check-outs open….only those pieces of crap known as the ‘self-checkout’?

Those modern inventions that allow companies to limit the employees needed as ‘cashiers’.

There seems to be more and more of these soul-less SOBs showing up every day.

This is why I use a store that has NO self-checkouts….I like the interaction between myself and the human cashier….

But the problem of the self-checkouts is getting interesting….

There are those who always do, those who occasionally do, and those who’ll never, ever so much as contemplate such a degrading experience.

No, I’m not talking about attending an Apple launch event. I’m talking about choosing self-checkout over the human kind.

It’s become a severely emotive subject, one that causes conniptions among the usually mild-mannered.

Why, some supermarkets are even inserting barriers to prevent shoppers from leaving until they’ve had their self-checkout receipts inspected. 

But who ever gets the receipt anyway?

Naturally, I seek solutions to the world’s problems, so I was moved to a heightened frenzy by this statement: “New Vynamic Smart Vision POS solution built on SeeWare distributed machine learning simplifies in-store checkout for frictionless, accurate, self-service transactions.”

Look at all those words. Aren’t you pulsating at the idea of, um, a frictionless shopping life brought to you by smart vision and machine learning?

Please, therefore, allow me to translate a little. There’s a big deal here. Well, a big deal for everyone who gets heartily annoyed whenever they use self-checkout machines.

But since there are times when I am forced to participate in this exercise I believe that these companies should give a 3-5% discount on my total purchase…..because I could care less on the stock futures of said company….this idea would be a show of good faith to their customers.

Any personal thoughts on this subject?

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