Homeschooling Ugliness

If you have been a loyal reader of IST you know I have strong opinions on the phenom known as ‘homeschooling’….to me it is just a way for parents to make sure their children retain the racism that their parents are so proud of….but read it for yourself…..

Home-Schooled And Illiterate

….and a recent story just reinforces my opinion.

Earlier this month, while the rest of the country was celebrating the achievements of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., parents and children in the “Dissident Homeschool” network opened a lesson plan and were greeted with the words: “As Adolf Hitler wrote…”

The contents of the MLK lesson plan would be shocking for almost anyone, but for members of the 2,400-member “Dissident Homeschool” Telegram channel, this was a regular Monday at school. 

Earlier this month, while the rest of the country was celebrating the achievements of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., parents and children in the “Dissident Homeschool” network opened a lesson plan and were greeted with the words: “As Adolf Hitler wrote…”

The contents of the MLK lesson plan would be shocking for almost anyone, but for members of the 2,400-member “Dissident Homeschool” Telegram channel, this was a regular Monday at school. 

VICE News joined the group simply by clicking on a link, though the list of members was not publicly visible.

What’s even more disturbing, however, is that the couple who run the channel are not only teaching parents how to indoctrinate their children into this fascist ideology, they’re also encouraging them to meet up in real life and join even more radical groups, which could further reinforce their beliefs and potentially push them toward violent action.

Just a good illustration how the internet can be used to misinform and promote racism, homophobia, antisemitism and other forms of hate….none of which does anything to heal a fractured country and population.

The state of Ohio has launched an investigation into this assault on decency.

Though state officials are now reviewing “compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements,” CNN reports they don’t actually have authority over homeschool curriculum. Parents of homeschooled students are asked to present a brief outline of the curriculum and a list of teaching materials to the local public school superintendent, but “there’s little to no enforcement mechanism to ensure that parents are actually teaching the curriculum they submitted,” reports HuffPost. Under state law, education officials can only intervene if there is “substantial evidence of cessation of home education,” though people are now calling for change, per CNN.

The outlet found “a number of racist, anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi and homophobic posts that span back to the group’s creation in October 2021.” In the lead-up to Martin Luther King Jr. Day last month, Katja Lawrence, using the pseudonym “Mrs. Saxon,” allegedly posted what she described as “a unit study for elementary ages,” designed “to ensure our children know [MLK Jr.] for the deceitful, dishonest, riot-inciting negro he actually was.” The user went on to describe the civil rights hero as “the face of a movement which ethnically cleansed whites out of urban areas and precipitated the anti-white regime that we are now fighting to free ourselves from.”

“We have our children’s best interest at heart,” Netherlands-born Katja Lawrence, a mother of four, told a neo-Nazi podcast last year, per Vice. “We are so deeply invested into making sure that that child becomes a wonderful Nazi.” According to a Telegram post in December, “Without homeschooling the children, our children are left defenseless to the schools and the Gay Afro Zionist scum that run them.” Vice reports Lawrence recently worked as office manager at a law firm that lists “LGBT law” among its specialties. She has also helped design websites for the local sheriff’s office and a prosecutor’s office, according to the outlet.

I think that homeschooling is a disservice to children….but I guess that matters not as long as the bigotry gets implanted in the minds of the children.

Then there are the closet Nazis in state government…..

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may not want a reputation as a book banner, but that’s not slowing down the Republican’s efforts to knock as many books out of the hands of students, both college-age and younger. In fact, Florida Republicans’ war on reading is only escalating, with the GOP engaged in a full-scale gaslighting project to deny what is clearly a campaign of threats and intimidation to keep teachers from letting kids read. 

Last week, the investigative journalism team at Popular Info published a report showing that teachers in Florida are being told to lock up their classroom libraries or risk felony prosecution. Images of bookshelves being put behind barriers and stories of children crying quickly went viral. That’s when the gaslighting began.

DeSantis’ lieutenant and Florida Commissioner of Education, Manny Diaz Jr., called the story “fake news” and accused the teachers of overreacting. But, as Judd Legum of Popular Info confirmed in a follow-up report, “Diaz’s recommendations to teachers directly contradicts the training produced by his own agency,” which requires all books to be prescreened and warns that the censors must “err on the side of caution” when  deciding if a book fits the very right-wing definition of “harmful to minors.” As Legum points out, one author that has been frequently targeted by Republican censors is Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison, making it clear that it’s not “pornography” that is in dispute here — which no one actually thinks teachers were providing — but internationally renowned literature. That explains why books about the Holocaust and Martin Luther King Jr. have also been frequently targeted by Republicans for bans.

Almost daily DeSantis proves to  me that he is a fascist at heart and action.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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The Long Run

I could do something popular and give you a You Tube of the Eagles song….but why it would not add anything to the post.

The US has been throwing money and equipment at Ukraine for about a year now…..Russia is said to be losing its hold on the country…..then we are told that ….well we are told a lot of things and some believe every word of it….I am not one of those mindless minions.

Some of us are asking ‘how will this end’?

I have seen and read many opinions on the Ukraine/Russia conflict….do not get me wrong I do not disqualify anyone’s thoughts on this conflict and there is a wealth of these….but few have any answers to the deeper questions.

My interest in international relations lets me read many report and white papers on different subjects… when I read a white paper issued by the RAND surprised me since this think tank is mostly funded by the M-IC…the study says something that seems to contradict all the promises made on this war.

The RAND Corporation issued a new report that warns against a “protracted conflict” in Ukraine and says a prolonged war is against US interests, breaking from the view of many hawks in Washington that the US should support the fight against Russia for the long term.

RAND is funded directly by the US military and often shapes US policies, including hawkish ones toward Moscow. A 2019 report titled “Extending Russia” examined the risks and benefits of ways the US could try to “extend” Russia, and many of those policies have been implemented, including the provision of “lethal aid” to Ukraine, sanctions on Russia, and “hindering” the country’s gas and oil exports.

The new report from RAND titled “Avoiding a Long War” examines the risks of the current conflict and acknowledges a protracted conflict heightens the risk of nuclear war.

A summary of the new report reads: “Discussion of the Russia-Ukraine war in Washington is increasingly dominated by the question of how it might end. To inform this discussion, this Perspective identifies ways in which the war could evolve and how alternative trajectories would affect US interests. The authors argue that, in addition to minimizing the risks of major escalation, US interests would be best served by avoiding a protracted conflict.”

The authors say the war in Ukraine makes it harder for the US to focus on its efforts to prepare for a future conflict with China. “The US ability to focus on its other global priorities — particularly, competition with China — will remain constrained as long as the war is absorbing senior policymakers’ time and US military resources,” the report reads.

The report says that the major risk of a long war in Ukraine is that there would be “a prolonged elevated risk of Russian nuclear use and a NATO-Russia war.” It says that “avoiding these two forms of escalation is the paramount US priority.”

When it comes to Ukraine retaking more of the territory that Russia captured, the report says this is only a “less significant benefit” and that “avoiding a long war is also a higher priority for the United States than facilitating significantly more Ukrainian territorial control.” It places “weakening Russia” as a greater benefit to the US than Ukrainian gains, but still not worth the risk of a long war.

The report recognizes that there is currently little hope for peace talks and suggests that the US could “condition future military aid on a Ukrainian commitment to negotiations.” Another suggestion to foster negotiations is for the US to establish conditions for sanctions relief for Russia. The authors acknowledge the Biden administration has made no effort to push the warring sides toward peace talks.

The conclusion says that due to the political situation in the US, a “dramatic shift” in US policy toward Ukraine is unlikely. But the authors say that “developing these instruments now and socializing them with Ukraine and with US allies might help catalyze the eventual start of a process that could bring this war to a negotiated end in a time frame that would serve US interests.”


Will all the West’s support for Ukraine help end this event?

I say no it will not and I am not alone……

American and European officials now assess that time is on Russia’s side, according to the Wall Street Journal. Washington and its Western allies transferred billions in weapons to Kiev under the mistaken belief it would force Russian President Vladimir Putin to negotiate.

“Officials in some capitals now fear the Kremlin…could gain the upper hand in any lengthy war of attrition,” the outlet reported on Sunday. Adding, there is “a worry in some Western capitals that time might be on Russia’s side.”

The Journal spoke with Western officials who believed the massive military aid packages that members of the NATO alliance provided Kiev would break the Kremlin’s resolve. However, Moscow has weathered Western economic sanctions and a fall offensive by Ukrainian forces. Moreover, Russian soldiers are now on the offensive.

Questions.   There are always questions and as usual few answers.

The West sent aid then it sent artillery then it will be tanks and what will be next?

First artillery, then tanks, then warplanes, then what?

Next will be long range missiles (that should be a hoot)….

The US is preparing another major escalation of military aid to Ukraine as Reuters reports the next arms package will include rockets that have a range of 94 miles, almost double the range of the munitions Ukraine was provided for the HIMARS rocket systems.

Citing two unnamed US officials, Reuters said that the US will provide Ukraine with the longer-range Boeing-made Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) for the first time as part of an over $2 billion arms package that could be announced as soon as this week.


None of this sounds like there is any inclination to find a solution for this situation….

As the war in Ukraine nears the end of its first year, Americans are starting to believe Washington is sending too much support to Kiev. Pew Research conducted a poll in January and found the number of Republicans that are opposed to the current level of support for Ukraine is now 40%. The U.S. has pledged well over $100 billion in aid to Kiev, mostly in arms and military equipment.

In March 2022, Pew reported 49% of Republican voters believed the US was not giving enough aid to Ukraine and only 9% responded that Washington was sending too much support to Kiev. Those numbers have now nearly reversed with 40% saying there is too much support for Kiev, while only 17% said the Joe Biden administration is not doing enough for Ukraine.

Democratic voters have had a far slower, but a similar trend. In the early months of the war, only 5% of blue voters believed Washington was sending too much aid; that number has grown to 15%. However, Pew’s poll conducted in 2023 found nearly a quarter of Democrats want the White House to do more, up three percentage points from the September results.

The Pew results reflect polls conducted by Morning Consult and Concerned Veterans for America in September. The surveys found a growing number of Americans opposed to giving more aid to Ukraine, led by Republican voters.


What’s next?

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