Could The US Be Overwhelmed?

The war in Ukraine has many bloggers predicting that if Ukraine loses then the Russian machine will not stop there and may even use nukes on the rest of the world….especially on the US.

All that may well be accurate but there is very few bloggers that have had anything to say about news that broke just last week (I waited a bit to see if the same doom and gloom would hold as much interest)…

The news to which I am referencing…..

North Korea hosted a military parade Wednesday night in Pyongyang, a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the modern-day Korean People’s Army. But one attraction in particular rolling down the streets of Kim Il Sung Square is now drawing international attention: what the nation’s government claims were a dozen or so Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missiles—the largest number of the nuclear weapons yet witnessed in that country, reports Reuters. “This is cumulatively more ICBM launchers than we’ve ever seen before at a North Korean parade,” Ankit Panda of the US-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace tweeted of the 11 missiles he counted in images released by state media (check out some of the photos here).

The Hwasong 17, North Korea’s largest ICBM, is believed to be capable of reaching the United States, and the number apparently seen Wednesday might be enough to “conceivably overwhelm the United States’ defense against them, blowing a hole in decades of denuclearization and homeland security policies,” per Politico. The outlet, which reports there may have been as many as 12 of the ICBMs spotted, notes that each one can theoretically hold four nuclear warheads. The US, however, has only 44 interceptors on the ground in Alaska and California to take out any incoming missiles—meaning “it’s possible Pyongyang can fire more warheads at the US than America has interceptors.” Also seen at the parade: vehicles carrying what some analysts think were prototypes of solid-fuel missile canisters, which don’t need to spend time fueling up, as they come preloaded.

In 2020, Chad O’Carroll, founder of the US-based NK News, predicted that North Korea would have “military parades with dozens of ICBMs” and “solid-fuel ICBMs”—by 2040. “We’re only at 2023 and this parade shows rapid progress on these two points,” he tweeted Wednesday. Politico notes that it hasn’t yet been shown that the Hwasong-17 missiles can actually survive reentry or hit a US target from such a distance. But Wednesday’s show “punches a hole in 20-plus years of US homeland missile defense policy predicated on defending against a ‘limited’ missile threat from North Korea,” Panda tells the outlet, which notes that “administration after administration has failed to stop North Korea’s march to this moment.”

Why is this?

Does this not feed their preconceived notions of war and international situations?

Or could it be that this information is just too much for them to retain?

I’ll wait until I see more interest on a subject that most bloggers think is dire…..I may have a long wait.

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13 thoughts on “Could The US Be Overwhelmed?

  1. That wasn’t reported at all here, chuq. Too much obsession with our domestic politics, and Ukraine. As for Russia, I see no reason why they would want to be involved in a nuclear exchange. Where Kim is concerned, he might be mad enough to try it, if pushed into a corner. Even so, he would be aware that his own country would cease to exist, after retaliatory strikes. We are back to the old story of Mutually Assured Destruction of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That is my feeling as well….all the fixation on Putin and his threats it is silly….Kim is more than crazy enough to make it happen. chuq

  2. I heard that those “Misasiles” in that parade are all empty mocked-up dummies and can do nothing greater than impress people with the way they look …props … theater … nothing that would actually operate …that’s what I heard —

      1. I am sure has a few that work but not as many as depicted in that show of force ..anyway, the U.S. declared once that North Korea would never have nukes so I don’t think they have any …LOL

      2. You are a trusting soul…..US has said many things and very few have been forthright… we need not worry about NK is that it? chuq

      3. If the government is that unforthright then I see no need to worry about NK because they are going to do what they are going to do and if they do anything the US will scramble about all confused trying to figure out if it was NK that did it or not and then they will have a big fight about what to do to respond …and in the end, we will probably call it an unfortunate accident and let it go until the next horrible thing happens …

  3. Self-annihilation isn’t in the strategy book of any world leader, presently. They either need to be “tough” for domestic consumption, or they want the status of playing with the big boys. We aren’t going to see Armageddon anytime soon.

    1. Thanx Jeff that is basically what I have been saying most of the time. I just want to know why few are loosing their minds over this and going full crazy over the threats from others. Just unbalanced and I do not like unbalanced equations. chuq

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