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Today begins the last weekend of February and as usual I present some of the news that did not make the evening news.

Let’s begin our day with some food trivia….


If you live in the U.S. and have heard of, or better yet, had the opportunity to eat a gooseberry, you are a rare bird. Gooseberries don’t exactly line the shelves of your local grocery. In fact, it is a very real possibility that before you saw the image above, you didn’t even know what a gooseberry looked like, despite the fact that there are several varieties native to the U.S.

There are European gooseberries and American gooseberries, both of which belong to the Grossulariaceae plant family. They can appear in a rainbow of various colors including yellow, green, red, purple, and black, and their translucent skin gives them a resemblance to table grapes. In Europe, they are often turned into jellies, tarts, pies, and wine and can even be grown in the extremely cold temperatures of the Arctic Circle.

And though they’re not exactly healthy if they’re drenched in refined sugars, you’ll still benefit from their many nutrients. Gooseberries contain lots of vitamins C, B5, and B6, as well as copper, manganese, and fiber all of which are wonderful for heart health. But if gooseberries are so good for us, and can be sourced stateside, why don’t we see them everywhere and have old American cookbooks filled with gooseberry recipes?

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What is the most popular food?

It’s the weekend, which means you might consider getting a little more adventurous with your meal choices than workweek PB&Js. With dishes and recipes from all over the globe readily available at local restaurants and on the internet, you likely already have a top choice in mind. Adventure travel firm Bucket List Company wanted to see which world cuisine got the most people’s taste buds tingling, so it looked at online searches and engagement levels for various cuisines on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, including positive interactions and hashtags, per Time Out. The winner: Korean food, which boasted a 95% “love” reaction stat. Here, the other cuisines that made the top 10:

  1. Korean
  2. Italian
  3. Mexican
  4. Japanese
  5. Indian
  6. Chinese
  7. Thai
  8. Vietnamese
  9. Filipino
  10. Turkish

Check out each cuisine’s online stats here.

Of the ones listed I will go with Thai and Mexican… about you?

Warning:  You might want to skip this part of the post if you are easily offended….

Do you enjoy kettle chips?

Remember the days when Lay’s had all the different flavors for their chips?

If so then Lithuania has a chip for you.

Chazz, an unconventional baked chips company based in Lithuania, wants people to talk, date, and bone over practicing abstinence. Quoting research that says “millennials are having 3 times less sex than their parents at the same age,” they offer a solution: figure out what spices vulva tastes like and make pussy-flavored kettle chips to draw attention to this “disastrous trend.” What are in these things? “56% potatoes, rapeseed oil, maltodextrin, salt, onions, garlic, sugar, cream powder, yeast extract, natural flavouring, acidity regulator (sodium acetate), lemon powder (lemon juice powder, natural flavouring), parsley, black pepper, natural sour cream flavouring, antioxidant (citric acid), bay leaves.” Wow, bold claim. That’s what they think it tastes like?

Pussy flavored chips are:

a) Chips with unique taste FOR BRAVE and FREE people. After tasting it, you will remember your wildest love adventures, your first real love, and maybe even lose your oral virginity…

b) A great GIFT for the one you love, cause to initiate a romantic evening, or just simple delight for your taste buds and fun chat about sex;

c) Perfect WAY to test you friends’ courage, openness, and sense of humour. 

P.S. For girls and women: if this or previous year you were pleased by someone, it is very likely that you have directly contributed to the creation of this taste. 

Yes, they offer dick-flavored chips too.


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For now a little history….

A 5,000 year old tavern has been uncovered….

Ruins of an ancient tavern dating back to about 5,000 years have been unearthed by archaeologists at the site of one of the earliest cities of the Sumerian civilisation.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) uncovered ruins of a primitive refrigeration system, benches for diners, a large oven as well as an ancient beer recipe in southern Iraq.

They found about 150 serving bowls, with some containing fish and animal bones, suggesting it was likely a place for common people from the ancient city to come to eat.

A synopsis of the excavation on the UPenn website described what archaeologists believed could be a temple and a tavern in the ancient city.

“We call it a tavern because beer is by far the most common drink, even more than water, for the Sumerians,” archaeologist and project director Holly Pittman told AFP.

I have always thought the Maya were an advanced civilization (just not the way those Ancient Alien freaks think)

The Mayans were incredibly advanced — that’s nothing new. But gauging the extent of their civilization has always proved tricky, since so much of it lies hidden by the impenetrably dense rainforests of Guatemala. But now, using light detection and ranging (LiDAR), scientists have revealed a network of nearly 800 Maya settlements and a sprawling web of interconnected “superhighways.”

These ancient thoroughfares comprise causeways of raised stone, and according to a new study published on the discovery in the journal Ancient Mesoamerica, they — along with the over 400 cities, towns, and villages they link — imply a level of advanced organization for Preclassic Mayan civilization.

“They’re the world’s first superhighway system that we have,” study lead author Richard Hansen, a professor of anthropology at Idaho State University, told CNN.

That is the news that will make no difference….just a little FYI for you to consider.

Enjoy your Saturday…..Be well….Be Safe….

Peace my friends.

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