More Nukes….More threats

WE all know, well those that can read, know all about the threats Vlad the Invader has made about the use of nukes….and we all know of the response to those threats.

Then there is the use of long range missiles by Lil Kim of North Korea….and of course that has South Korea and Japan scrambling…..

Now the US has made it’s ideas known….

The US makes its threat….

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said the US would be willing to deploy nuclear weapons against North Korea under certain conditions. During her recent trip to South Korea, Vice President Kamala Harris called for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. 

Washington “will use the full range of US defense capabilities to defend our allies, including nuclear, conventional and missile defense capabilities,” the deputy secretary said during a meeting with South Korean and Japanese officials. Sherman added that the US security commitment to Seoul and Tokyo is “ironclad.”

The threat to use the bomb against North Korea comes nearly a month after Harris traveled to South Korea and demanded Pyongyang abandon its nuclear arsenal. The government led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has consistently maintained that its nuclear forces are a deterrent against US-led military action.

In recent months, military activity on the Korean Peninsula has seen a significant spike, with Washington and Seoul conducting provocative live-fire war games, while a US aircraft carrier recently made a port call to South Korea for the first time in several years. 

Washington, Seoul and Tokyo signed a trilateral agreement to step up security ties in June. The three countries recently held joint military drills. North Korea denounced the agreement as an American effort to create a NATO-like alliance in the Pacific.

Now back to the nuke threat from Vlad…..

The US is running nuke drills close to the Russian border… the US is upgrading the nukes in Europe….The revelation of the plan comes as both Russia and NATO are conducting nuclear exercises. President Biden recently said the risk of nuclear “armageddon” is at its highest since the end of the Cold War, but his administration has shown no interest in pursuing diplomacy to end the war in Ukraine or ease tensions with Moscow.

The US has accelerated plans to deploy an upgraded version of its primary nuclear gravity bomb to Europe amid heightened tensions with Russia over the potential use of nuclear weapons.

A cable obtained by Politico reveals that US officials told NATO allies in Brussels this month that they will send an upgraded version of the B61-12 air-dropped gravity bomb to Europe by December. The upgraded bomb was originally set to arrive in Europe next spring.

The plan involves replacing older weapons with upgraded bombs at US storage facilities in Europe. The US keeps about 100 nuclear warheads at air bases in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Turkey.


As a response from Vlad was predictable…..

Russia has notified the US that it has started its nuclear exercises, two US officials said on Tuesday, according to CBS News.

“Russia is complying with its arms control obligations and its transparency commitments to make those notifications,” Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder told reporters.

Russia is holding its annual Grom exercises that will be held for several weeks, and the US says they will include the launching of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles. The drills coincide with NATO’s nuclear exercises, known as Steadfast Noon, that are being hosted by Belgium and held over the UK and the North Sea.

Both exercises have been described as “routine” but come amid soaring tensions between the US and Russia over the potential use of nuclear weapons. President Biden recently warned that the risk of nuclear war is higher now than at any time since the height of the Cold War.

NATO’s Steadfast Noon exercises do not involve live-fire drills, but 14 alliance members are participating. The US, Britain, and France are NATO’s only nuclear-armed powers, but five other alliance members host US nuclear warheads under NATO’s nuclear sharing program; Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

You know that all this sounds like of couple of sex crazed gorillas circling each other thumping their chests.

All the threats…..sorry but it is all so silly if it were not so scary.

The nuclear ballet has begun…..where will it end?

Apparently the anti-nuke sentiments of the 70s and 80s in Europe has been buried….

The US’s European allies are concerned that the US may dial back its support for Ukraine if Republicans are victorious in the upcoming midterm elections.

That would mean they would have to cough up more cash in the support of this war.

Finland will not make things better…in their desire to join NATO they will allow nukes on the Russian border….

NATO nuclear weapons could potentially be placed on Russia’s border with Finland if Helsinki joins the Western military alliance, Newsweek reported on Wednesday, citing a Finnish newspaper.

The newspaper Iltalehti reported that the bill the Finnish government will put before the country’s parliament on joining NATO doesn’t include any opt-outs for hosting nuclear weapons.

Finnish military sources told the paper that Finland’s foreign minister and defense minister committed to NATO back in July that they wouldn’t seek “restrictions or national reservations” if their application to join the alliance is accepted. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said earlier this month that Finland had “no preconditions” for joining NATO.

While Finland may be willing to host nuclear weapons, it’s unlikely they would be placed in the country after it joins NATO, at least in the near future. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has previously said the alliance has expressed no interest in placing nuclear warheads in Finland.

Currently, the alliance keeps no nuclear warheads in countries that joined NATO after the end of the Cold War, although Poland recently said it’s had discussions with the US on hosting the weapons.


Some sanity needs to prevail….but I doubt it.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “More Nukes….More threats

  1. In all the hoo-hah surrounding the war in Ukraine, it seems the MSM forgot to mention that both NATO and Russia conduct these exercises every year, and have done for decades. They alos regularly upgrade missiles based closed to borders, and those stored in submarines.
    As for the DPRK, I honestly cannot see Russia or China openly supporting that country in a conflict, as long as Kim keeps behaving like a child with new toys in his toy box.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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