That Hunter Biden Thing

With less than a month before the mid-terms and the perfect time to drop some dirt on candidates to provide a misdirection for the voter.

Walker in Georgia has his abortion thing and now the drop of news on the son of the president.

The team for Herschel Walker, the Georgia Republican and former NFL player running for a Senate seat, reportedly had quite some time to prepare for the news that broke Monday alleging Walker paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. Sources tell Politico the team was made aware of the abortion issue, an allegation that is reportedly “well known” in Georgia, months ago, but that the team downplayed it in the hopes that it wouldn’t come out publicly prior to the November election. Top Georgia Republicans, however, reportedly warned Walker it could destroy his chances of being elected if it did.

One top GOP operative in the state who spoke to Politico says that Walker’s team downplayed, but, crucially, never actually denied the abortion story when discussing it and its potential ramifications. Walker, however, has publicly and vehemently denied the allegation since the story broke. Former President Trump, reaffirming his endorsement of Walker, said in a statement, “Herschel has properly denied the charges against him and I have no doubt he is correct.” On Tuesday, Sean Hannity made an odd comment on Fox News about Sen. Raphael Warnock, the incumbent Democrat in the Georgia race. “There is a family conflict with Herschel Walker that has been very public, which I think is sad for any family,” he told Newt Gingrich. “But there is also the same thing for Raphael Warnock.” He did not elaborate, and the Daily Beast reports it’s not clear what he meant.

This news about Hunter Biden should give the Right media a wealth of stories to drive home the news….

The news drop on Hunter Biden…..

Four years into the investigation, federal agents say they have assembled enough evidence to justify charging Hunter Biden with crimes. The evidence concerns tax crimes and a statement connected to the purchase of a gun, the Washington Post reports. The decision on whether to prosecute President Biden’s son falls to David Weiss, the US Attorney in Delaware, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump. Chris Clark, a lawyer for Hunter Biden, criticized investigators for leaking information, saying that it’s a crime and that the decision is up to prosecutors who are “thoroughly weighing not just evidence provided by agents, but also all the other witnesses in this case, including witnesses for the defense.”

Congressional Republicans have been pressuring the FBI in the case, saying political considerations are affecting its decisions, per CBS News. Investigations by the Justice Department often take years. Attorney General Merrick Garland has not pushed Weiss to hurry his decision, saying there will be no improper pressure brought. The federal investigation has been broad, with the tax portion of it centered on whether Hunter Biden did not declare income related to business operations.

Fascinating…..The Trump kids got scrutinized and now the Biden kid….

What a game they play.

Is that a smile I hear on the faces of GOPers?

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BBC Weighs In On US Mid-Terms

You have read or heard all the hoopla around the mid-terms….but we seldom get to see what others foresee in our future (a possible outcome)…..this article is from the BBC and is a good read…..

The upcoming midterm elections for US Congress, the first nationwide vote since Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol nearly two years ago, have many Americans on edge. The BBC’s Katty Kay has been finding out why.

Karen and Steve don’t want to take up arms. But if Republicans lose in November this elderly Arizona couple say a civil war is coming and, yes, they will fight. They have discussed it between them, and feel that taking up arms is their best option. It was at this point that our conversation grew a little dark and my faith in the strength of American democracy grew a little shaky.

I met the Slatons at their Trump paraphernalia store in Show Low, Arizona. It was one of the first stops on a month-long road trip that I took around America this summer, a journey to understand why the upcoming elections feel so consequential, perhaps even a little ominous.

The couple were delightful hosts. They were funny and generous. They took me on a tour of their extensive stock of whacky Trump merchandise and explained that, yes, there really are people who want a $100 life-size cut-out of the former president dressed as Rambo to put in their living rooms. Quite a lot of people actually. Trump as Rambo is one of their best selling items.

We talked about history, the economy and even abortion. But it was only when I questioned their belief that the 2020 election was stolen that things got tense. Wasn’t it possible, I asked, that millions of Americans just didn’t like President Trump and so Joe Biden won the election?

It was Karen who responded, with a distinctly steely glint: “If you’re a crazy liberal, we’re just not interested. The central news, let me call them, I’m not going to call them fake news, but it is fake news to say that America doesn’t like Trump. America loves Trump.”

Any thoughts?

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