Mid-Term Bad News

Just a mere couple of weeks before we Americans head to the voting booth…..the predictions are up and down….depending on which ones you pay attention to in your decision making process……

The latest news is not looking good for the Dems……

With the midterms closing in, a new poll from the New York Times and Sienna College delivers troubling news for Democrats: Worries about the economy are giving Republicans a renewed edge. The big takeaway stat is that likely voters would prefer a Republican to represent them in Congress over a Democrat by a 49-45 margin, a flip from September when Democrats (boosted by concerns over abortion rights) were up by a single point. The stats with independent voters explain the turnaround:

  • Huge flip: Nowhere is the shift more pronounced than among independent women voters. They now favor Republicans by 18 points, but they favored Democrats by 14 in September. The Times, in what may be an understatement, calls this 32-point shift “striking.” The story includes a quote from one such woman who says that while she disagrees with the Supreme Court’s Roe decision “1,000 percent,” it’s not enough to sway her vote.
  • One view: So what’s going on here? “Americans don’t like their Democratic president, and they aren’t happy with the status quo,” writes Charles C.W. Cooke at the conservative National Review. “And what respondents care about—despite all that talk of ‘Roevember’—is the bad economy.”
  • Another poll: A CBS News-YouGov poll also finds that Democratic momentum after the Roe decision has “stalled.” It finds that the “Republicans’ House lead has stabilized today at 224 seats to the Democrats’ 211,” after shrinking in the previous two monthly polls.
  • Big flip: Independents say they favor a GOP candidate by a margin of 51-41. But in September, Democrats had a 3-point lead.

Actually after looking at the population I have seen this scenario playing out for about 6 months…..

For me this is so sad…..the country deserves so much more from its elected officials than the GOP is willing to give.

You can make a difference but only if you care enough about this country to vote.

Be the change you want to see.

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Awhile back some Dem mentioned defunding the police and presto change-o the Right has a new and enduring campaign attack.

But while the Repubs are embracing the police and using comments as a way to influence the voter….some are calling for the defunding of the VA…..

Republican legislators are starting to suggest defunding the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), the office founded in 1989 to assist with veteran needs. The VA assists with getting veterans mental and physical healthcare, educational opportunities, community support, and other everyday housing and living needs.

An Arizona legislator, captured on video participating in a mock congressional hearing, said he supported shutting down the department.

“That’s sort of what I’m thinking because … I hear no good stories. I had zero in my district,” the legislator said in a video posted by the far-right watchdog group Patriot Takes. “So I guess it’s a matter of us leading the fight to defund it.”

A second video, posted by the same account, showed Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz advocating for defunding the VA while speaking at an event held by FreedomWorks, a conservative and libertarian advocacy group.

“This is my question to the group. Is it savable? Why not abolish the VA, take all of the money that we are otherwise spending and go to an any willing provider system inside of our communities?” Gaetz says in the video. “And then, if people get bad care, they can vote with their feet and you don’t have a two-tier system of healthcare in this country with our veterans and then with everyone else.”

Generally speaking, Republican policies favor the privatization of all government functions, thinking that a “small government,” “free-market,” “for-profit” privatization provided by a corporation can solve any market ill.


But I thought the GOP was the champion of the veterans and their needs…..

This incidence is not the first time the GOP has taking aim on the VA….

When you hear Republicans praising veterans, do not believe it for a minute. Congressional Republicans blocked or filibustered bill after bill that would have aided veterans, all in an attempt to undermine President Barack Obama and cut taxes for the wealthy. They do not want this man to have a positive legacy.

Mitch McConnell and his cohorts filibustered $21 billion in funds that would have expanded veteran benefits and saved expansions.


• blocked a $1 billion jobs bill that would have helped millions of vets

• blocked a bill that would have kept benefits on par with the cost of living

• killed the Wounded Veteran Job Security Act

• killed the Veterans Retraining Act

• killed the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Act

• killed the Disabled Veterans Home Improvement Act

• killed the Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act


The Dems need to jump on this with both feet….take a page from the GOP playbook….hammer their desire to defund the VA.

But will they?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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