Warning: Democracy In Peril

Just days away from the choice we must make about our government….

There has been a wealth of concern about the future of this country and our democracy (of wait for those semi literate Righties) (I realize this is a constitutional republic and not a true democracy) is in danger of collapse under the weight of the attacks from the Far Right.

Many Americans think our way of politics is broken….and now there can be a fix if we truly want to save the country and our way of life….

CNN brought some experts together to offer some solutions….


Though Americans don’t agree on many political issues, there is one issue both Democrats and Republicans acknowledge poses a major problem: the state of American democracy. According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, 69% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans think the nation’s democracy is on the brink of collapse. And the figure for independents, 66%, isn’t much better.

This fear, if actualized, would have ripple effects around the world, given that so many nations look to the United States to be a global leader in democratic efforts. But it also has very real implications for our country’s immediate domestic politics and policy – as evidenced by the recent attacks against election officials across the country.

The threats after the 2020 presidential election were so serious, writes Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley, that “I had two plain-clothes Philadelphia police officers assigned to follow me wherever I went – including the bathroom.”

We turned to a group of experts and asked what can be done to fix what is broken and restore faith in democracy.


I personally think changes in our current voting rights thing….and the shared experience will go a long way to repair that is needed.

You can be part of the solution….VOTE!

Think what this country has given you….now do you part to repair our riffs…..vote for the future not the problems of the past.

Just days before the decision….time to pay attention and do the right thing.

Do you want a future or do you want to live in the past?

It is your choice…..and I doubt we will work for the future….to be truthful.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


12 thoughts on “Warning: Democracy In Peril

  1. I’ve returned my mail vote weeks ago. As long as I can do it, I will.

    A note about voting place voting here: It used to be each of the six wards had a convenient place to vote. Now there is one place to vote (other than by mail) and it is clear on the opposite side of town, a good two miles away for me and many elderly and handicapped individuals.

    While there is public transportation, which costs a reasonable $1.00 each way and that comes to one’s door, the voting place is the old National Guard Armory, a large building where the voting takes place in the auditorium.

    It is a blessing to be like me and to be able to still drive to the polling place or, best of all, vote by mail. There no longer is a requirement to have a reason to request a ballot to vote by mail in my state, a small blessing considering this is a red state and not particularly progressive or voter attentive.

    1. Doug thanx for giving me the info on your voting…there are several ways here to vote….but our public transportation leaves much to be desired. chuq

  2. It saddens me when I see the TV commercials for BOTH parties blather endlessly on using absolute lies, and contextual misinformation to make the “other” look bad. It saddens me because it’s nothing but gaslighting the common masses, who either by choice or personal shortcomings choose to be swayed by such nonsense. So few bother to critical think their elected leaders, and many of those who think they do are just engaged in some conformational bias. Does that make me the proverbial “elite” in that I feel my opinion is any more sound than the person who allows themselves to have their vote be manipulated because an ad against someone looks or sounds good? My “elite-ness” in my thought process makes NO claim of being better-than, nor any more privileged, nor immune from occasional faulty judgement. It all boils down to how easy it might be, or might not be, to get my vote over the next guy’s vote.
    You are correct, chuq. Everyone needs to vote. But so many people fall for the bullshit media advertising.

    1. I agree completely….I have had my principles since the late 60s and they have never changed and I vote them every time…that be why the last winner I voted for was Carter in 1976. LOL chuq

      1. LOL! I hear ya, buddy. Principles are great only to one’s self.
        Back in 2020 leading up to the Republican primary I was all against Trump, and was pro-Hillary. Given we all were so positive Trump would never win the presidency I wanted to make sure he did indeed run against Hillary to assure her win. At the time I thought her strong opponent was Ted Cruz. Being registered GOP at the time I voted FOR Trump in the primary to assure a Hillary win. I had that elitist, intellectual strategy all figured out. Best laid plans, as they say. 🙂
        My Significant Other, who truly does suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, to this day blames me for Trump’s win… even though I voted against him in the general election.
        Maybe we are playing this all wrong. Maybe we should be more like the ignorant masses who know not what they do. Maybe it’s us who knows not what we do.

      2. Maybe we should….but I just cannot sink that low….I was blamed for GW’s win because I voted third party in 2000 so I understand. chuq

  3. It is worrying how many extreme-right Republican voters in your country seem to have no issues about doing away with democratic voting. They will get themselves a dictatorship eventually, and then it will be too late to complain.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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