Ukraine Update–Day 5

The news to help understand Day 5 of the Ukraine/Russia mash-up.

Curated news, analysis, and commentary on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Information on Russian offensive operations, Ukrainian defense, NATO response, aid to Ukraine, and the humanitarian issues associated with the conflict.

BLUF: The Russian offensive has stalled, for now. The advanced formations have outrun the supply and logistical convoys. The forward units are lacking food, ammunition, and fuel. The Ukrainian forces are fighting fiercely, making this a costly campaign for the Russians. The Ukrainian Air Force is still taking to the air and the Ukrainian air defense system is still operational, although both have been degraded. NATO is assisting with intelligence and providing weapons, supplies, and munitions. The international community has implemented economic and other types of sanctions against Russia. Russian nuclear forces were put on a higher state of alert.

Russian Offensive. The pace of the invasion has slowed down with the Russians taking an operational pause in some areas to allow reinforcements, supplies, and fuel to catch up with the forward units. It is expected that the Russian advance will resume on many fronts with heavy fighting taking place in different cities and regions. Offensive operations against Kyiv may resume in the next 24 hours. The Russians are conducting operations to capture the city of Kharkiv in northeast Ukraine and Mariupol along the Sea of Azov. A frustrated Russian military may soon resort to greater use of its multiple launcher rocket systems and artillery – which would be devastating in areas with a large civilian population.

A Closer Look. A number of military analysts have taken the opportunity to pontificate on the Russians lack of success on the battlefield. Mark Antonio Wright does this in his article “Why the Russians are Struggling”, National Review, February 26, 2022.

Crimea Axis of Advance. The Russians are having some success in the Crimea ‘axis’ of attack. A worry for the Ukrainians is if this success from the south results in a pincer movement that would isolate the Ukrainian forces in the east from the rest of the country. Early reports on Monday indicate that Russian forces have crossed the Dnieper River in southern Ukraine and are advancing north of Nova Kakhovka.

Russian Casualties. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense provides data on Russian casualties each day. As of the morning of February 28 Russia has lost 816 APCs, 191 tanks, 60 fuel trucks, 29 planes, 29 helicopters, 74 artillery pieces, 21 Grad rocket launchers, 2 naval vessels, 3 drones, and 1 Buk missile system. There have been 5,300 personnel casualties.

Missile Strikes and Rocket Attacks. The Russians continue to conduct missile strikes on selected targets throughout Ukraine. The UKR MoD stated that Russian missiles launched from Belarus struck the Zhytomyr Airport in northwest Ukraine on Monday (Feb 28). One type of missiles that the Russians are using from Belarus is the Iskander ballistic missile system. In the past 24 hours the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine has experienced attacks by multiple launcher rocket systems. Rocket systems are not only found in the Russian army. Western armies have them as well – one example is the United Kingdom’s M270 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS).

Russian SOF. Working in the interior of the country are Russian Spetsnaz units conducting a variety of special operations missions. There are reports that they are doing deep reconnaissance, sabotage, and other missions. One social media report says the Russian SOF are installing fluorescent beacons to help orient tactical aircraft in flying routes and finding targets.

Odessa Assault? A prize capture for the Russians would be the Black Sea port of Odessa. There is a Ukrainian naval base there and the city sits on the east-west coastal road along the Black Sea. OSINT reports indicate that a morning assault will take place on Monday (Feb 28).

Ukraine Defense. The Ukrainians continue to put up a stiff resistance to the Russian invasion. The citizenry has mobilized and some are undergoing a quick train up with newly issued weapons and equipment. The Ukrainians appear to be using the equipment they have to good use. This includes the anti-armor weapons and air defense weapons. Of note are Turkish drones that are being used to hit Russian targets and conduct reconnaissance.

High Morale. The country’s leader has the world riveted on how he is leading from the front – and he is being referred to as the Lion of Kyiv. The ability to deny the Russians a quick victory has hardened the resolve of the Ukrainians, over 50,000 military reservists and 50,000 Territorial Defense volunteers have been mobilized in the past two days. The stiff Ukrainian defense has prompted the west to step up with lethal aid. At the same time the country is looking for some additional help from Europe and the United States. It is also willing to accept help from individuals who want to go to Ukraine and fight the Russians. “Want to go fight for Ukraine? Here’s what to do.”, Military Times, February 27, 2022. Some social media accounts say that Ukrainian members of the French Foreign Legion will leave the French service to return home to fight the Russians.

The Cyber War. The Russians are doing their best to downgrade the communications and internet capabilities of Ukraine. Social media reports say that the websites and email servers of Ukrainian embassies and consulates around the world have been disrupted. Hackers from Belarus are helping the Russians out in this effort. NATO countries, for the most part, are putting up cyber ‘defensive shields’. They may also be engaging in offensive cyber operations. Read more in “Poland Army adds new cyber component with offensive capabilities”, The Record, February 8, 2022.

Social and News Media. Social media platforms usually try to stay neutral in conflicts, but Russia’s blatant aggression is hard to ignore. Google has temporarily disabled two features of Google Maps for Ukraine. One is live traffic data and the other is Live Busyness. Google says the change was made to keep Ukrainians safe. Facebook has pulled the ad feature from many Russian FB accounts. The European Union has banned Russia Today and Sputnik, the two biggest propaganda news outlets for Russia. Digital media will likely play a big role in this conflict and could mobilize public discontent on the home front in Russia. There is a lot of open source intelligence (or information) OSINT being produced by a variety of actors. Some of this OSINT relies on satellite imagery from commercial satellites that was previously only available to governments.

Negotiations? Ukrainian and Russian officials may be meeting on Monday morning (Feb 28) on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border. U.S. officials are skeptical of Russia’s intentions and believe it is just a ploy. The Ukrainian president says that taking part in the negotiations will likely not produce anything but they cannot be ignored in case there is a prospect for a cessation of hostilities. The main goal of the negotiations for Ukraine is an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. “Ukraine and Russia to meet on Belarusian border for talks”, Washington Examiner, February 27, 2022.

EU Response. The European Foreign Ministers held a press conference after an extraordinary meeting on Sunday (Feb 27). The EU will be sending $450 million in lethal equipment to Ukraine. Poland is likely to serve as a logistics hub as it shares a long border with Ukraine. European airspace is closing down for Russian aircraft. The financial markets of Russia are being hit hard with sanctions and other punitive measures. There is concern for how Putin will respond to these sanctions, certainly he has methods of his own to strike back. Most countries in the world have come out with strong support for Ukraine. At a recent United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution about the conflict China, predictably, did not condemn the attack. Surprising some UN observers was the abstaining during the vote of India and the United Arab Emirates. President Zelensky has called for the European Union to grant it immediate membership.

NATO Response. The U.S. and other nations are keeping tabs on the military situation on the ground – and likely sending updates to Ukraine. The Global Hawk drone and JSTARS aircraft are just a few that have been in the region ‘looking in’ on things. The British have dispatched some of their RAF Typhoons to patrol NATO airspace over Poland and Romania. Prior to the invasion there were U.S. special operations forces in Ukraine working with elite Ukrainian units to enhance their special operations forces capability. It would be interesting to know what the U.S. SOF role is now? Perhaps a little remote advise and assist (RAA) is going on?

Fighter Jets for Ukraine? There are some news reports that say the EU will be sending fighter planes to Ukraine; but the news may not be entirely correct. While speculation continues on whether this will happen, Joseph Trevithick writes on how it could happen. Read “Here Are The Options for the EU’s Initiative to Restock Ukraine with Fighter Jets”, The Drive, February 27, 2022. See also “Can Ukraine Really Use Donated Fighter Jets? That Depends”, Defense One, February 27, 2022.

Currency. The ruble is taking a nose dive in the currency market and ATMs in Russia have gone dry. By early Monday morning it had dropped 43% in value versus the dollar. The Moscow Exchange (MOEX) will not open until Monday afternoon Moscow time.

Belarus. The country to the north of Ukraine has decided to give up non-nuclear status by voting a change to its constitution. The referendum on Sunday (Feb 27) approved a new constitution that did away with the the country’s non-nuclear status. This will allow it to host Russian nuclear weapons. Belarus is also reported to be sending paratroopers and special operations forces into Ukraine, possibly as early as Monday (Feb 28).

And Religion? As if the Ukraine conflict wasn’t complicated enough . . . now religion may be playing a role. There is a split in the Orthodox Church and it could get a little worse with the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. “How is Russia-Ukraine war linked to religion?“, by Peter Smith, AP News, February 27, 2022.

Nuclear Threats by Putin. On Sunday (Feb 27) Putin put Russia’s nuclear forces on a higher alert. This occurred on the same day that the Russian Chief of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, has been fired – according to some news accounts. Some observers are a little nervous about Putin’s mental condition. Others are starting to read up on Russia’s nuclear capability and deterrence policy.

Regional Topics. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, other nations in eastern and northern Europe are on edge. Are they one of the next Russian targets? There is a lot of academic study on this topic. A recent report was done by Center for European Policy Analysis and sponsored by General Atomics and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia. Read Close to the Wind: Recommendations for Baltic Sea Regional Security, CEPA, February 16, 2022. Poland has rapidly become a linchpin of U.S. military plans in Europe.

Societal Resiliency. The Ukrainian crisis has prompted renewed interest in methods and strategies for countering hybrid warfare – a favorite strategy of Russia to attain its political goals. NATO nations (and others) are developing methods to counter the hybrid warfare used by Russia. A recent publication explores this topic in depth. “Countering Hybrid Warfare: Mapping Social Contracts to Reinforce Societal Resiliency in Estonia and Beyond”, Texas National Security Review, Spring 2022, PDF, 22 pages. Read also “Not Your Grandfather’s Resistance: The Unavoidable Truths about Small State’s Best Defense Against Aggression”, by Sandor Fabian, Modern War Institute at West Point, September 29, 2021.

More To Come….

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Insurrection Update #24

A short break from the top news of the day….Ukraine Conflict.

My continuing series on the issues around the failed coup attempt of 06 January…..

DHS has issued a warning of a possible attack on our fragile power grid….

Domestic violent extremists and racially motivated extremists have been developing plans to attack the U.S. electric sector, according to an intelligence bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security that was issued this week and obtained by The Daily Beast.

“DVEs have developed credible, specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure since at least 2020, identifying the electric grid as a particularly attractive target given its interdependency with other infrastructure sectors,” the alert said.

DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis issued the alert to the electric sector Monday, following requests from power companies to take stock of increased threats from domestic violent extremists in 2020 and 2021.

Another insurrectionist is convicted…..

A Capitol rioter photographed with Nancy Pelosi’s lectern is going to prison, though not for long. A federal judge on Friday sentenced Adam Johnson of Florida to 75 days in prison, plus a $5,000 fine for his role in the Jan. 6 events, reports NBC News. Johnson told the court he was “ashamed” of his behavior and said he grabbed Pelosi’s lectern and started walking with it only because he thought it would make a good photo prop. He added that he understood that had he done this somewhere other than the US, he’d be “on a firing wall instead of a courtroom.” Johnson pleaded guilty to unlawfully entering the Capitol.

After a harrowing experience during the Jan. 6 assault on the US Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, Nancy Pelosi’s lectern is reportedly back on the job. The lectern—which has been widely seen in photos being carried by accused rioter Adam Johnson, a Florida man who has since been arrested—was wheeled through the Capitol rotunda on Wednesday, Politico reports. It was placed in the Capitol’s Rayburn Room for use during an engrossment ceremony after the House voted to impeach Trump for a record second time, per ABC News. The lectern, which is worth about $1,000, was found the day after Trump supporters occupied the Capitol, according to reports. A Pelosi spokesman tells Politico that it never left the Capitol but was just moved to the Senate side of the building.

75 days?

Crap you get more than that for smoking weed.

The first trial of an alleged Capitol rioter begins Monday in Federal District Court in Washington, DC. Guy Wesley Reffitt, the man who was turned in by his own son despite allegedly threatening to kill his kids if they did so, is one of about 750 defendants charged in the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, but more than 200 of them have pleaded guilty, and his is the first case so far to head to court. A rundown of the coverage surrounding the trial:

  • The charges: He is charged with five counts, including obstruction of Congress, a charge originally meant to criminalize activities like tampering with documents or witnesses—defense lawyers tried to have it dismissed, arguing it was being taken too far, but judges are allowing a jury to decide, for the first time, whether it can apply to cases like this, the New York Times reports. That charge, the most serious, carries a sentence of up to 20 years, WUSA 9 reports. He is charged with four other felonies: two different civil disorder counts, being on restricted ground with a firearm, and obstruction of justice.
  • His kids are key witnesses: Two of the 49-year-old’s children will testify to the fact that he issued death threats should they turn him in, per WUSA 9. The obstruction of justice charge involves threats of physical force, which the 19- and 17-year-old kids will speak about, the station says, adding that recordings they made of him will be introduced as evidence. The 19-year-old is reportedly estranged from his family now.
  • Militia group: Another key witness will be an alleged fellow member of the Three Percenter militia group who authorities say traveled to DC from Texas with Reffitt; the witness was offered immunity in exchange for his testimony.
  • Setting the tone: As the Times explains in its look at the case, this trial will likely “set the tone” for dozens more that are scheduled to happen this year. “For the first time in a courtroom, [prosecutors] will present a broad portrait of the violent chaos that erupted that day and seek to persuade a jury that the pro-Trump mob that Mr. Reffitt is accused of joining struck at the heart of American democracy by disrupting the transition of presidential power.”
  • How long will this take? Jury selection is Monday, with opening arguments and testimony likely starting by Tuesday afternoon. The trial could last a week or longer, depending how long jury deliberations take.
  • Juror bias? Defense lawyers have argued that DC jurors will be biased against Jan. 6 defendants, and as such, judges will be closely watching for signs of bias, the Washington Post reports. “Reffitt’s prospective jurors Monday will be the subjects of a kind of trial-within-a-trial, scrutinized by both parties and the wider public, with potential ramifications for Capitol breach defendants to come.”
  • Jailhouse letter: Last week, Reffitt penned a defiant letter saying he’s ready to “receive the bullet of freedom,” WUSA 9 reports.

I think of a better ‘bullet of freedom’…..

All these people that are convicted regardless of the charges should be put on the “No Fly” list….which should also include Amtrak and interstate bus travel… if they want to go see grandma they can either walk or drive.

Too many of those that breached the capital are getting off too easy in my opinion.

More to come…..

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NATO And Ukraine

Since NATO seems to be at the center of the Ukrainian conflict I thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on their moves to answer the growing problem in Ukraine.

Did not take long for me to see a disturbing trend starting up……

NATO officials announced the alliance was activating part of its Response Force and is sending thousands of troops to countries near Ukraine amid Russia’s assault on the country.

The US and NATO have reaffirmed that they have no plans to send troops into Ukraine to fight Russia. But NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is prepared to defend “every inch” of NATO territory, which includes countries that border both Russia and Ukraine.

The Response Force consists of 40,000 troops from NATO countries, but Stoltenberg said the alliance wouldn’t be deploying the entire force and did not specify exactly how many troops will be sent to Eastern Europe. The Response Force was first created in 2003, and this marks the first time it has been activated.

On Thursday, President Biden ordered 7,000 troops to be deployed to Germany. In recent weeks, the US has bolstered its forces in the Baltics, Poland, and Romania, which means US troops are not far from the fighting in Ukraine.

Stoltenberg also Friday that NATO countries announced the types of weapons they plan to give to Ukraine as it fights Russia. The Pentagon said the US will “provide additional security assistance” to Ukraine as well. On Thursday, Ukraine’s defense minister pleaded with the US to send Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.


This will be the first time NATO’s Response Force is being activated since it was formed in 2003.

Sorry but to me this sounds a lot like an invitation for the invoking of Article 5 of the NATO charter.

If a NATO member is attacked then it will be the US duty to respond….to protect our NATO ally.

Here’s a thought for you to contemplate…..Whatever the real motivations, most post-Vietnam wars have been justified on the grounds of “humanitarian intervention”–that is one of the nuclear powers (usually the US) justifies a war to save civilian lives, even though these wars have invariably proved catastrophic to the very people they pledged to protect. Look no further than Syria, where both the US and Russia claimed to be conducting bombing campaigns to shield civilians from terrorists. In both cases, these “humanitarian missiles” killed far more civilians than the “terrorists” who were supposedly the targets, leaving most of the country in ruins. It’s hard to imagine the Russian “intervention” in Ukraine turning out any different.

Time for Americans to do what the Russians do…..take to the streets and protest our wars of intervention…..maybe ‘intervention’ is not the proper word for Ukrainians do not have brown skin….so let’s us the word ‘salvation’.

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Ukraine Update—Day 4

This is a short synopsis of the major events that took place on Day 4 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine……thanx to SOF News……

There is something for everyone regardless of your interests.

A news update about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO response, humanitarian crisis, and Ukrainian resistance. Covers the 24-hour period ending 0600R27FEB22.

BLUF. The speed of the Russian offensive has slowed – likely because of unexpectedly fierce Ukrainian resistance and some Russian logistical problems. The tanks and armored personnel carriers are likely hurting for spare parts and fuel. Special operations forces are taking part in overnight clashes and operations each night around strategic targets. The primary military objective remains the capital of the country and decapitation of the civilian leadership. The world has rallied to Ukraine yet refrains from the use of military forces within Ukraine. Although a ‘no fly zone’ would be a huge factor if announced and enforced by NATO there is little chance of that happening. Although facing a stiff resistance by the Ukrainians the Russian may ultimately prevail due to sheer numbers of troops, tanks, and aircraft.

Three Regions of Advance. The Russians continue to slowly advance from Russian-occupied Crimea, Belarus, and from Russia on the Ukraine northeastern border. The forces coming from Belarus are heading south to Kyiv. The forces advancing from the northeast and Crimea may be pincer movements to cut off the Ukrainian forces fighting in the east of Ukraine. The Ukrainians may have to cede territory and pull back the forces in eastern Ukraine before their lines of communication that run east west are severed. In addition, the Russians conducted a large scale amphibious operation from the Sea of Azov in the vicinity of the coastal city of Mariupol. The S2 Underground YouTube channel has an update on the axis of advances of Russian forces in Ukraine (26 Feb). The Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map is an open, crowd-sourced online mapping utility that can help track incidents and activity in Ukraine.

Russian Troop Numbers. According to a recent U.S. Department of Defense news release on February 26, the Russians have more than 150,000 troops arrayed against Ukraine, with most of them in the country. Over the past 24 hours the Russians have conducted more than 250 missile launches, mostly short-range ballistic missiles. Some civilian infrastructure and residential areas have been hit by these missile strikes.

Battle for Kyiv. The Russians hope to capture the Ukrainian capital soon. It was thought that the Russians would go for Kyiv on Friday night (27 Feb) but apparently its forces were still getting into position, the logistics train was playing catchup, and reinforcements were still arriving in the area. A sizeable Russian forces of troops and tanks is located just north of the city, less than 6 miles from Kyiv’s Parliament and the city center. In addition, Russian forces have cut off the city from the west, presumably with VDV forces from Belarus and that have been moved by air. However by dawn the capital had yet to be fully encircled. ‘Irregular Russian forces’ have continued to fight Ukrainian defenders within the city of Kyiv – but the fighting seems to be at a lower intensity. An oil depot on the outskirts of Kyiv had been hit and was on fire. Saturday night into Sunday morning was another night of sirens and missile explosions.

Map of Ukraine CRS April 2020

Avoiding the Cities? Combat in an urban environment is tough, especially for a force that relies on airpower, tanks, and artillery. The use of these highly lethal and mobile weapons systems is constrained in a city environment filled with thousands and thousands of civilians. Defensive tactics in an urban warfare situation can bog down an offensive operation by an attacking force. The Russians appear to be bypassing the big Ukrainian cities – leaving just enough forces to encircle and isolate them. This is most likely a good strategy for the Russians for now. Read more about fighting in cities in an analysis by Dr. John P. Sullivan entitled “Assessing Urban Terrain Features for Dense Urban Environments”, Homeland Security, February 11, 2022. See also “Urban Warfare: A Practitioners Annotated Bibliography”, Australian Army Research Centre.

Chernihiv Bypassed. The Ukrainian city of Chernihiv located in the north of Ukraine near the Belarus border has put up a strong defense. Russian forces are bypassing the city and likely moving south to take part in the encirclement and isolation of Kyiv.

Kharkiv Under Attack. The northeast city of Kharkiv is located just across from the Russia border. This city of about 1.5 million people is now under siege. As of early Sunday (Feb 27) there was heavy street fighting and many residents were seeking safety in bomb shelters and in the underground metro. The opposing forces are exchanging heavy volumes of rocket artillery fire. As of mid-day Sunday the Russian assault of the city has been halted by Ukrainian defenders. Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine. The city is populated mainly by Ukrainians (63%) with a significant number of Russians (33%).

Russian SOF. There are reports that Russian special operations forces are attempting to kill or capture the Ukrainian president. Russian SOF have a ‘kill list’ of leading Ukrainian government leaders that they are targeting. The offer by the United States for an evacuation from Kyiv for the Ukrainian president have been rebuffed. It seems he has said: “The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.” “Russian special forces have entered Kyiv to hunt down Ukraine’s leaders, says Volodymyr Zelensky”,, February 25, 2022.

Russian Casualties. The rapid advance of the Russian ground forces has slowed. Reaction on the home front has been mixed, with protests occurring in the major cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia has always attempted to hide the number of casualties in past conflicts (Chechnya, Syria, and others) and refuses to comment on fatalities. “Ukraine invasion: Russian forces have mobile crematorium that can ‘evaporate’ soldiers killed in attacks”, Fox News, February 25, 2022.

Ukrainian Defense. The air defenses of Ukraine, including aircraft, continue to operate, engage, and deny access to Russian aircraft in some parts of the country. The Ukrainians have held the major cities; although, in most cases the Russians have bypassed them. The coastal city of Mariupol is under attack but appears to be offering stiff resistance to the Russians.

Ukrainian Civilian Resistance. The Ukrainian military has fought exceptionally well in the face of superior numbers of Russian troops, tanks, artillery, and aircraft. This unexpected high level of resistance has slowed the Russian onslaught. Ukrainian civilians are assisting where they can – placing obstacles in city roads, tearing down street signs, and taking up weapons issued by the Ukrainian government. Members of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces have been conducting weekend training sessions for months in preparation to help defend the country from the Russians. “Weapons to anyone: Across Ukraine, militias form as Russian forces near”, The Washington Post, February 26, 2022. Residents in Dnipro, Ukrainians are preparing Molotov cocktails in preparation for advancing Russian troops. Read more on how civilian volunteers and paramilitary groups are taking the fight to the Russian army in “Everybody in Our Country Needs to Defend”, The New York Times, February 26, 2022.

Belarus. The Department of State has issued a travel advisory for Belarus, advising U.S. citizens not to travel to Belarus and urging them to depart the country immediately. Currently Minsk airport and Belarusian land border points are open but could change without significant notice. U.S. citizens should avoid public demonstrations as potential harassment targeted specifically at foreigners is possible. The security situation in Belarus could become critical. The country has been a staging area for Russian troops invading Ukraine. There are reports on social media that Belarus special operations forces will soon take part in the Ukraine invasion.

Russian Misinformation. The Kremlin has four distinct audiences that it seeks to manipulate through falsehoods with regard to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These are the domestic Russian audience, audiences inside Ukraine, audiences in the former Soviet republics, and audiences in Western Europe and the United States. For many years the Russian media has conveyed a false image of military prowess. Observers need to look at Russia’s real military capabilities with objective eyes to get past the illusion painted by the Russian propaganda.

Cyber Wars. The Russians have long used the interruption of internet services prior to and during an attack against an opponent. Ukraine is no exception and daily cyber attacks are taking place against Ukraine’s internet services. Elon Musk’s firm is turning on mini-satellites to provide internet service to Ukraine. In order to connect to the internet, users need a Starlink kit, which includes a router – and a clear view of the sky. “Elon musk deploys SpaceX’s Starlink Internet satellites over Ukraine after request from vice PM”, EuroNews, February 27, 2022. A Canadian intelligence agency has called for ramped up cyber defenses citing increased cyber threat activity.

“Friends From Abroad”. It seems that Ukrainian President Volodymryr Zelensky has promised to issue weapons to anyone who is willing to fight for Ukraine. He is quoted as saying: “Every friend of Ukraine who wants to join Ukraine in defending the country please come over, we will give you weapons.” (, Feb 25, 2022). Apparently there is a new unit in the Ukrainian defense forces called the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine.

NATO Response. Germany is looking at establishing a 100 billion euro special fund to build up the Bundeswehr. This according to a statement by Chancellor Scholz. NATO nations have been flowing troops and equipment to eastern Europe and the Baltic States to ensure it is ready to counter any Russian moves against a NATO nation.

European Commission. The leaders of the EC have condemned Putin’s war against Ukraine and have opted to impose severe measures on key Russian institutions and banks and other Russian figures and organizations. Selected banks are to be removed from the SWIFT messaging system which disconnects the banks from the international financial system and harms their ability to operate globally. The EC is imposing restrictive measures that will prevent the Russian Central Bank from deploying its international reserves. It also will limit the sale of citizenship or ‘golden passports’ to wealthy Russians who are connected to the Russian government. See more in “Joint Statement on Further Restrictive Economic Measures”, The White House, February 26, 2022.

Sanctions. The world is tightening up on the economy of Russia. A variety of economic measures and sanctions have gone into effect. One example of how this impacts Russia took place on Saturday when France intercepted a Russian vessel in the English Channel in line with European Union sanctions. Some nations are waffling on the sanctions issue; India is one of them.

Lethal Aid. A number of western nations are shipping arms, munitions, and ammunition to Ukraine. These countries include the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and others. Small arms, MANPADs, and anti-armor weapons are included in these shipments. On Saturday, President Biden authorized an additional $350 million of military assistance from DoD inventories. This included anti-armor, small arms, various munitions, body armor, and related equipment. The United Kingdom has been shipping NLAWs to Ukraine, and they are proving to be very effective anti-armor weapons on the battlefield.

Humanitarian Aid. Many nations around the world are sending humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Typically this entails flying goods to Poland and then transferring the aid to trucks to transport across the border into western Ukraine. On Sunday, February 27th the U.S. Department of State announced that it is providing $54 million in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. $26 million will be from the State Department and $28 million from USAID.

Closing the Straits. Ukraine has appealed to Turkey to block Russian warships from passing through the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits which lead to the Black Sea. Under the 1936 Montreux Convention, Turkey has control over the straits and can limit the passage of warships during wartime or if threatened. “Turkey cannot stop Russian warships accessing Black Sea, says foreign minister”, Euronews, February 26, 2022.

Alcohol Wars. Pravda Brewery, based in Lviv, Ukraine, has suspended its beer brewing operations and is now making Molotov cocktails. The import of Russian vodka into the United States and Canada will likely slow over the next several months. There are a lot of folks looking to express their condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Apparently not drinking the famous alcohol of Russia is one of them. “Russian vodka pulled from shelves in US, Canada bars, liquor stores: ‘Every small thing makes a difference’”, Yahoo! News, February 26, 2022. Drink Finlandia!

Coming Soon – Ukraine Insurgency. Russia’s invasion will very likely unleash forces that the Kremlin will not be able to control. Putin’s best-laid plans could unravel in the face of national resistance and groups of insurgents attacking exposed Russian positions, logistical convoys, and small units over the long-term. Russia can seize as much of Ukraine as it desires. But the more of Ukraine territory that it tries to keep the more Moscow will bleed. Ukraine’s long border with the four NATO states of Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia means that lethal aid can find its way into Ukraine to support a resistance and long-term insurgency. Douglas London was a Senior Operations Officer in the CIA Clandestine Service for over 34 years. He provides a detailed analysis of what could go wrong for the Russians in “The Coming Ukrainian Insurgency”, Foreign Affairs, February 25, 2022.

Russian Threats Against the ‘North Countries’. Finland and Sweden have had a ‘partnership’ with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for years. There are indications that both countries are edging toward joining NATO. Russia has come out with some harsh statements on that topic. “Russia says Finland, Sweden could face consequences if countries move to join NATO”, Fox News, February 25, 2022. Both countries discounted the verbal threats from the Russians, saying that they make their own decisions about their security and won’t be influenced by threats from Russia.

Russia’s Nukes Now on Alert. There is some concern about Putin’s order to put Russian nuclear deterrent forces on alert on Sunday. He has threatened to retaliate harshly against nations that have intervened directly in the conflict in Ukraine. “Putin puts Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces on alert”, Associated Press News, February 27, 2022.

Russia’s Next Target: the Suwalki Gap? A seizure of the the land between Belarus and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad would close the narrow passage – the Suwalki Gap – that connects the NATO nation of Poland with the NATO nations of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This would involve the introduction of Russian ground troops onto either Poland and / or Lithuania. And invoke NATO’s article 5. However, given Putin’s behavior, this cannot be discounted as his next aim. Of course, Finland, another non-NATO nation could see itself in the crosshairs of Russian aggression . . . as well as some of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

That is Day 4 of the newest war….

Stay Tuned!

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Refugees Begin Their Ordeal

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused panic and the beginning of a refugee crisis as those running from the fight rush to the closet border to seek salvation by neighboring countries.

Vlad the Invader is creating a massive humanitarian crisis….

Dragging suitcases and carrying children, tens of thousands of Ukrainians rushed to the borders Saturday as invading Russian troops pressed their advance into Ukraine, moving toward the country’s capital of Kyiv. Nearly 120,000 people have so far fled Ukraine into Poland and other neighboring countries in the wake of the Russian invasion, the UN refugee agency said Saturday, per the AP. Some walked many miles through the night, while others fled by train, car, or bus, forming lines miles long at border crossings. They were greeted by waiting relatives and friends or headed on their own to reception centers organized by neighboring governments. “This may go up, it’s changing every minute,” said Shabia Mantoo, the spokeswoman of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. “It’s very fluid and changing by the hour.”

The agency expects up to 4 million Ukrainians could flee if the situation deteriorates further. Those arriving were mostly women, children, and the elderly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned men of military age from 18 to 60 from leaving. Some Ukrainian men were heading back into Ukraine from Poland to take up arms against the Russian forces. In contrast to other conflicts around the globe, Russia’s unprovoked attack on the Western-looking democracy has ignited a huge outpouring of support for the fleeing Ukrainians. This included an unconditional welcome from nations like Poland and Hungary that didn’t want to accept those fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa. Regular people were also opening up their homes to refugees and volunteering at welcome centers.

In Poland, a Facebook page was formed where people were offered rides in private cars from the border and other help. Volunteers even came from elsewhere in Europe to pick up refugees. Despite the goodwill, however, the crush of people became a very real ordeal. Jeremy Myers, from Manchester, England, was on vacation in Ukraine with his Ukrainian girlfriend when the war started. They fled Kyiv and waited 23 hours in a fenced-off area where there was no food or water and that was controlled by armed guards on the Ukrainian side. He witnessed people fighting and getting crushed and a woman who fainted. Mantoo said most Ukrainians were heading to neighboring Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia but some even fled into Belarus—from which some Russian forces entered Ukraine. Some planned to head further on to other countries in Europe.

So far countries around Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, etc have met the refugees with open arms and kindness…..

But as the conflict drags on will all this goodwill continue?  Will these refugees become a drag on the local economy will the kindness continue?

Another fear is that sense most if not all these refugees are women and children will they be open to exploitation like so many other refugee women…..there will be predators hovering around the refugees looking for a way to pounce…..

It please me to see so much kindness being shown toward these unfortunates….but the world needs to be vigilant to make sure that sex traffickers do not find a ripe market.

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Russian Antiwar

This weekend I am focusing on the situation unfolding in Ukraine…..but this post is about the Russian people that are not approving of the war in Ukraine….

I am proud of the Russian people…..they are doing what Americans should be doing…

Thousands of Russians who woke up to the news that their nation had attacked Ukraine took to the streets to protest on Thursday. They found a heavy police presence, with officers breaking up even small gatherings by using loudspeakers to order demonstrators to disperse, the New York Times reports. After access to Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow’s city center was closed off, a few hundred demonstrators lined streets leading to it, at times chanting, “No to war!” OVD Info, a rights group, reported that more than 600 demonstrators were detained. Protests took place across Russia, and the group counted a total of 1,620 people detained in 52 cities, per the AP.

The protesters, some of whom displayed the Ukrainian flag, talked about how disheartened they were by the attack on a neighbor often called a “brotherly nation.” One protester who said, “The world has turned upside down” broke into tears when she saw the square wasn’t packed. “Everyone must be here, it is the only way to show that something monstrous is happening,” she said. Russian celebrities and public figures spoke out, as well. Oxxxymiron, one of the nation’s most popular rappers, urged the creation of an antiwar movement in Russia. “I cannot entertain you when Russian missiles are falling on Ukraine,” he posted on Instagram. The government has promised to punish protesters.

Demonstrations took place in cities around the world. In New York, protesters in Times Square shouted “Stand with Ukraine,” per the AP, while others gathered near the Russian Federation’s UN mission. Protesters also demonstrated in cities including Montreal, Budapest, Mexico City, and Santiago, Chile. Demonstrators burned a Russian passport in Vilnius, Lithuania. In Chicago, an immigration attorney said she’s been receiving calls from Ukrainian Americans trying to help family members back home. “They are absolutely devastated, extremely sad,” she said.


Thousands of Russians protesting the war with Ukraine…..over a thousand arrested for their part in those protests….

Plus the protests are spreading around the world…..

International cities where protests have taken place:

Adana; Amsterdam; Antwerp; Athens; Austin; Barcelona; Bari; Beirut; Berlin; Bern; Brussels; Budapest; Buenos Aires; Cape Town; Chicago; Colombo; Copenhagen; Denver; Dublin; Edinburgh; Frankfurt; Geneva; Houston; Istanbul; Krakow; London; Madrid; Melbourne; Mexico City; Milan; Montreal; Naples; New Delhi; New York City; Nice; Oslo; Ottawa; Paris; Prague; Pretoria; Pristina; Rome; San Francisco; Santiago; Sao Paulo; Stockholm; Sydney; Taipei; Tallinn; Tbilisi; Tel Aviv; The Hague; Tokyo; Turin; Vienna; Vilnius; Warsaw; Washington, DC; Wellington; Zakopane.

Protests have taken place in at least 50 Russian cities including: Chelyabinsk; Moscow; Nizhny Novgorod; Novosibirsk; Perm; Saint Petersburg; Yekaterinburg.

It is a shame that Russians need to show Americans how they should deal with our many many wars….I wish that many Americans had a position on war….which they do not for they allow ours to continue uncontested…..and endlessly.

How sad is that?

Have a great Sunday… well and be safe

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Ukraine Update–Day Three

As a conflict geek I am always looking at the techniques and stuff behind the scene…..this is a series I would like to do until this situation in Ukraine is resolved……For people that want more information…..

This information is put together by SOF News…..

Day Three Of The Conflict….

This is a 24-hour roll up on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, ground and air operations, diplomatic initiatives, and NATO response. The Russians launched their offensive in the early morning hours of Thursday, February 24, 2022 with an air campaign of missiles and aircraft. This was followed by simultaneous ground movements of troops and armor from Belarus in the north, Russia in the east, and Russian-occupied Crimea in the south. This is now ‘Day Three’ of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Stiff Ukrainian Resistance. The Russians do not appear to be advancing as quickly as many military analysts thought. This seems to be a combination of a few factors. The Ukrainian armed forces are putting up a determined fight. There are reports that the Ukrainian citizenry are also playing a supporting role. The Ukrainian forces are showing resilience in the face of the Russian onslaught. However, in the near term, the Russians will prevail. Their manpower and military units vastly outnumber the Ukrainians. They have sometimes ten or twenty times the numbers of tanks, airplanes, and helicopters. And the Russians have the vast resources of its huge nation behind them.

The Russian Air Offensive. Moscow’s war optimism has now met reality. While the situation is dire for Ukrainians the resolve of the Ukrainian fighters seems intact. The start of the offensive should have knocked out the Ukrainian air defense systems and decimated its Air Force. But apparently the Russians are not that adept at suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD). However, the Russians have plenty of aircraft to expend – their Air Force has a significant quantitative and qualitative superiority.

The Russian Ground Offensive. Initially it appeared that Russian forces made the most headway in the south with forces fighting up from Russian-occupied Crimea. However, recent analysis indicates that the most territory gained in the past two days may have been along Ukraine’s northern border with Belarus and Russia after the initial invasion units were reinforced. A series of small enclaves along the Ukrainian east border have been secured by Russian forces.

The artillery pieces of Russia will play a huge role in its offensive. The TOS-1 Buratino, a heavy short-range multiple launcher rocket system (MLRS) is equipped with incendiary and thermobaric warheads. It is feared that these weapons will be used in the attack on Kiev. There appears to be a lack of coordination between Russian air support and ground units. Two important air assault operations on key objectives have failed due to lack of good coordination. Key Ukrainian targets have yet to be destroyed and important airfields remain uncaptured.

But the overwhelming numbers of troops and military equipment of the Russians will assure them of a victory in the coming days or weeks. The Russians may revert to their World War II strategy of throwing bodies and equipment at the Ukrainians until they are simply overwhelmed by numbers. Some estimates on social media say the casualty rate is about 1 to 10 (Ukrainian to Russian); although this could be hopeful speculation.

Russian Maritime Operations. Russian warships are patrolling the coast of Ukraine. Its naval assets are taking some of the small islands located off the Ukraine coast. One such island has made the headlines over the past few days due to the heroic resistance by Ukrainian border guards. There are reports of a Russian 1,000 man amphibious landing force near the Ukrainian coast that is likely to be used against one of the seacoast targets still held by Ukrainian defense forces. Control of the Ukrainian coastline will provide Russia with a more dominant strategic position in the Black Sea.

Attack from Belarus. In the initial invasion on Thursday, February 24th Russian troops and tanks poured across the Belarus border into northern Ukraine. This country continues to be a staging area and support zone for thousands of Russian troops that are using this avenue of approach to capture Kiev and cut off Ukrainian troops fighting in eastern Ukraine. The latest news reports indicate that Russian forces continue to mass in Belarus and then move southward into Ukraine. One unit of note is the Russian 76th VDV (Airborne) division currently located in southeastern Belarus.

Kiev. One of the goals of the Russian campaign would be to encircle and then capture the capital of Ukraine. The city is already short of food. An interruption of water and electricity would lead to the start of a humanitarian crisis. The Russians would certainly be assured of victory – capturing Kiev – in time. So at some point the political leadership of the country may surrender the city to spare the civilian population of suffering. Immediately following the fall of Kiev Russia would escort in the ‘new regime’ to take charge. There are reports that Russian special operations forces entered an area just six miles north of the city center but the attack was repelled by Ukrainian forces. The Russian soldiers involved in the Friday attack were wearing Ukrainian military uniforms. Some news reports say that the city (as of Friday night) was already surrounded by Russian forces. Apparently the president of Ukraine has rebuffed U.S. pleas to leave the country and is prepared to ‘go down with the ship‘.

Narrative Battles. Russia has been waging a disinformation campaign for years about Ukraine and NATO. This info war is continuing. Russia is no stranger to social media manipulation. American social media companies are closely monitoring the situation. It will be interesting to see how the social media platforms ‘manage’ this new situation. Read more in “Tech on high alert for Russia’s Ukraine disinformation offensive”, Axios, February 24, 2022.

The Cyber War. Although the Russians are very adept at cyber warfare, they are probably better at the offensive part than the defensive part. Apparently Anonymous has breached the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) website and has now downloaded its contents. In the meantime, hackers from Belarus are targeting the members of the Ukrainian government and military. Ukraine’s internet backbone provider (GigaTrans) has been targeted over the last several days. Russia’s history of destructive cyberattacks in Ukraine is raising concerns about a cyberwar in the future. “Is the cyberwar coming or is it already here?”, Recode, February 25, 2022.

NATO’s Response. NATO’s Secretary General has announced that member nations are now sending military equipment, supplies, and weapons into Ukraine to help with its fight against the invading forces. Five NATO countries have decided to supply weapons to Ukraine and shipments had begun as early as Thursday, February 24th. Elements of NATO’s Rapid Response Force are being moved to eastern Europe. Secretary of Defense Austin says that the United States may train Ukrainian soldiers remotely. There have not been a lot of details on how this would be done . . . or how effective it would be.

NATO and Romania. One of President Putin’s complaints is that NATO’s forces keep getting closer to his borders. He demands that NATO scale back its deployments in Eastern Europe, but his aggressive posture toward neighbors is having the opposite effect. On February 11, 2022, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced plans for a permanent deployment of a NATO battle group to Romania. This Balkan country has strategic importance as it shares a land border with Moldova and Ukraine. It also has a coastline on the Black Sea, a body of water the Russians would like to dominate. JD Fuller, a serving NATO officer with extensive experience working in Eastern Europe, provides his thoughts on this topic in “Romania: NATO’s Next Strategic Frontier?”, Small Wars Journal, February 19, 2022.

No Fly Zone? Probably one of the few things that NATO could do to help Ukraine stop the Russians is to establish and enforce a no fly zone over the Ukraine. But there is no appetite among the European nations for that. Some supporters of the plan cite the no fly zones over Iraq and Serbia. However, things could escalate quickly with a country that has sophisticated air defense systems and nuclear weapons. The U.S. has a (if you watch a RQ-4B Global Hawk keeping tabs on the region as it circles over the Black Sea.

Sanctions. The European Union has responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with legal acts that are aimed at Putin, Lavrov, and other Russian officials. Numerous actions are being taken by the corporate world to disassociate itself from Russian business interests. At least two airlines – Delta and United – have opted out of alliances with Aeroflot. Britain has blocked all Russian flights from its airspace and Manchester United has cancelled its deal with Aeroflot. Poland has denied all Russian commercial overflights. News agencies are cutting their ties with Russian counterparts. The long list of ‘separations’ grow each hour. This will have a psychological and economic impact on the Russian people. Unfortunately, sanctions alone will likely not constitute an immediate deterrent to Putin. (Hudson Institute, Feb 23, 2022).

Future Resistance Under an Occupying Russian Army. The Russians could be in for a long hellish time if they remain in the territories of Ukraine that they have captured and will continue to capture. Ukraine has been preparing for this time when they could be occupied by Russia. It has established auxiliary civilian units to continue a resistance. In addition, there are a number of Ukraine paramilitary militias that have existed for years that will continue operations against the occupying Russians. (Small Wars Journal, Feb 21, 2022).

Irregular Warfare. U.S. special operations forces have been providing instruction to Ukrainian forces in irregular warfare (IW). This type of warfare will prove to be costly to the Russian occupation forces. The longer the fight continues the costlier it will be for Russia. Guerrilla forces can raise havoc along the supply lines that will provide the logistic needs of an occupying force in eastern Ukraine and Kiev. Read more on how IW can cost Russia its victory in “The Key to Blunting Russia’s Strategic Victory in Ukraine and Beyond? Irregular Warfare”, by Spencer Meredith, Modern War Institute at West Point, February 19, 2022.

Hybrid Warfare. Russia has been using offensive hybrid warfare to its advantage over the past few decades; however, it may soon see itself conducting counterinsurgency operations and on the receiving end of hybrid warfare. The current conflict in Ukraine will provide the U.S. special operations community, especially United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and Special Operations Command – Europe (SOCEUR), an opportunity for some self-reflection on the future doctrine, organization, and capabilities it needs during this new era of confrontation with Russia . . . and of course, China.

Putin’s Mind. In a long essay published on February 21st (before the invasion), Brian E. Frydenborg explored the pre-invasion composition and disposition of Russian forces in Belarus, Russia, and Russian-occupied Crimea. He then explained the complex relationship between Russia and Ukraine and attempts to understand Putin’s reasoning for an attack on Ukraine. Read more in “The Utter Banality of Putin’s Kabuki Campaign in Ukraine”, Small Wars Journal, February 21, 2022.

I will be reading and listening…..

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Ukraine And Space

It is the weekend and the Ukraine situation is hot and chaotic….and could this extend to space?

Well according to the Space Force, our newest branch of the military, the situation could readh to space…..

Top U.S. space officials this week said it’s likely Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will extend to space, predicting continued GPS jamming and spoofing and urging military and commercial space operators to be prepared for possible cyber attacks.

“Ensure that your systems are secure and that you’re watching them very closely because we know that the Russians are effective cyber actors,” National Reconnaissance Office Director Chris Scolese said Feb. 23 during a National Security Space Association conference in Chantilly, Va. “It’s hard to say how far their reach is going to go in order to achieve their objectives, but it’s better to be prepared than surprised.”

Reports from the Secure World Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies document Russia’s use of non-kinetic disruptive space capabilities in Ukraine in recent years, including spoofing and jamming as well as cyber attacks.

“Russia places a high priority on integrating electronic warfare into military operations and has been investing heavily in modernizing this capability,” the Secure World Foundation said in its 2021 Global Counterspace Capabilities report. “Russia has a multitude of systems that can jam GPS receivers within a local area, potentially interfering with the guidance systems of unmanned aerial vehicles, guided missiles and precision guided munitions, but has no known capability to interfere with GPS satellites themselves using radio frequency interference.”

Sounds to me like the Space Force is afraid they may miss out on any emergency funds to deal with the Ukraine conflict.

Not to be outdone Russia has threatened if the sanctions are implemented….the action could be to allow the space station crash into the US……

On Thursday, amid new announcements of sanctions on the Russian economy by the United States and NATO in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine, Dimitry Rogozin, the chief of the Russian space corporation Roscosmos, made an eyebrow-raising threat: that if the sanctions continue, Russia could stop maintaining the orbit of the International Space Station and allow it to crash into the United States.

“If you block cooperation with us, who will save the ISS from an uncontrolled deorbit and fall into the United States or Europe?” tweeted Rogozin in Russian. “There is also the option of dropping a 500-ton structure on India or China. Do you want to threaten them with such a prospect? The ISS does not fly over Russia, so all the risks are yours. Are you ready for them?”

God I love this stuff!

Everybody wants to be part of the story…..and a piece of the money pie for this conflict.

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Closing Thought–25Feb22

Let’s take a break from the Ukraine situation…..

Another from the ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ files….

IST’as favorite idiot in Congress, Taylor-Greene, has struck again……

She has become all butt hurt because people think her crazy…..

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently appeared on InfoWars to complain about the fact that people treat her like she’s crazy, and her choice of platform probably didn’t help her case.

“It just bothers me so much. They treat me as if I’m some kind of crazy person – like I have 3 horns coming out of my head. But what they don’t understand is, they’re the ones that are crazy,” she said.

After whining on Infowars she then turns around and makes this statement…..

Marjorie Taylor Greene is finally discussing the difficulties she’s having in adjusting to a job in Congress. However, instead of crediting her belief in conspiracy theories and refusal to follow protocols in the House, she’s placing the blame on the culture of D.C., which she insists is communism.

In fact, as seen in the clip below, Greene is calling the nation’s Capital the “District of Communism,” and has renamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “Speaker Mask-Face,” as a reference to Pelosi’s support of policies that require masking in House Chambers. It’s the same rule that’s costing Greene a significant percentage of her Congressional salary, because she is being fined regularly for refusing to wear a face-covering.

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Congress Confuses Her Because Of All The Communism


She goes on a site that is dedicated to crazy to try and prove she is not crazy….that is a massive fail on her part.

You would think she would give her mouth a rest, right?  WRONG!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed this week that the United States “ended racism” but “now it’s back in the form of education.”

“There’s one thing good that came out of parents having to be at home with their kids,” Greene told a group of supporters in Polk County on Tuesday. “They found out about something called CRT. Critical race theory.”

Mention of the theory drew boos from the audience.

“Did you ever imagine after all the civil rights era and everything that’s happened in our country, how we ended racism and ended all these problems but now it’s back in the form of our education?”

Why is the GOP batcrap crazy over a subject that is only taught in law schools?

Two stupids for the price of one…..

I believe that she wakes up every morning thinking of how she can out stupid herself.

Every time Greene opens her mouth she proves that she is crazy….and never went to DC to govern but perform.

She continues to dominate the ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ files…..and proves the statement every time she regurgitates her ignorant rantings.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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GOP On Ukraine

As usual the GOP will take political advantage…..and Ukraine is no different…..I listened to Sen. Ben Sasse attack the Dems for Ukraine’s dilemma……

This is a prepared statement…..

“The Biden Administration has dropped the ball for months and months and months. Every single step of the way, Washington has limited our options and expanded Putin’s opportunities. Let’s be clear: Nobody wants a massive ground war with American and NATO troops in Ukraine. Nobody wants a shooting war with Russia. We should, however, have been arming the Ukrainian people to the teeth for months. Putin’s calculus is pretty straightforward: he’s going to go as far as he can until he feels that his intervention is too costly. It isn’t like you can let him take Ukraine and then this all gets simpler. The United States should be making it very costly now – not by putting troops on the frontlines in Ukraine, but by running a massive new Lend-Lease program with Kyiv.”

Here is the full transcript of Sen. Sasse’s statement……read it for yourself….

While on CNN Sasse stated that the US should ‘arm Ukraine to the teeth”…..

“We need to be arming them to the teeth,” Sasse continued, as Newsmax reported. “So, President Biden should be coming to the Congress right now asking for an emergency supplemental for defense spending. We’re not going to put boots on the ground in Ukraine. We shouldn’t. We don’t need to. They [the Ukrainians] are willing to fight. But we need to arm them.”

Seriously Ben?

We threw $650 million in military aid just this January and they crapped out….and now you want to more money at them….what is it Einstein said?

You do not need to spend more money just divert some of those extra Pentagon funds that were given out late last year….it is time for the taxpayer to stop paying for every little war that the GOP supports.

When will the American people awake from the ignorance coma and demand that their money be spent here where it is needed?

Who’s paying Sasse’s salary?

Apparently the same people that own all Congresspeople.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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