Sorry But I Must Rant

Ever have one of those weeks that makes you want to just rant?

Warning:  The content of this post may be offensive to some….so if you get offended by language please pass this one by……..

A shitty start to 2022… car blew up and had to spend money on anew one… family situation is getting worse too much more from this person and the legal system will be used…..I am sick of my generosity being mistaken for stupidity.

Then there is my country…..

A new year and a new week and with all the stupidity flowing through our society I fell a rant is due.

For about six months I have noticed that this country has fallen into a sense of complacence….in other words few seem to give a screaming shit on what is happening and has happened to this country.

Congress is the same….Progressives demand and demand….corporate Dems finds ways to crap on any progress….the GOP is batcrap crazy….Covid is running rough-shod over the globe….and everyone seems to be preparing for war with someone….and Reality TV is at at an all-time high.

Instead of being concerned for this society they, the population, spends time worrying about the dress some skinny celeb wore to some silly gala or the newest flavored drink like Coca-Cola with coffee (yes, you read that right)….they bitch about the climate and yet spend all  their cash on food in some sort of goddamn plastic because they are too goddam busy playing some moronic video game to learn to cook their own damn food.  Hell they are so damn lazy that they pay overpriced food from these goddamn waste of money food plans.

I am fucking sick of the whining with no one with enough balls to step forward to do something.

Yes I am an old fart and yes I was a radical many years ago (well I still am) and the years have caught with me the only action I can take is through my boring writings….at least I fucking try….I wish I could say that about the younger generation.

Do not get me wrong….there are some great people, young people, trying to make a difference….sadly for every one of these there are fucking thousands that sit and do absolutely nothing….with exception of bitching….and staring at some screen of some sorts.

These do-nothing assholes remind me of our Congress….lots of talk and bitching but when it comes time to step up they are they are nowhere fucking where to be found.

Again I wish I could see some tsunami of change coming but if I did I would be a goddamn liar…I will not lie to expand my on-line popularity and for that ‘failing’ I am about as goddamn popular as a turd in the punch bowl.

I could just do what so many have done just pack up my ass and move on…..I could but that is not my fucking style.

I would just like to see some interest from the American people for the direction of this country but instead I get word that people are more worried about the smell of their bathroom after a shit than they are worried about the rancid putrid smell that come from our Congress.

All this makes me think of a chorus from John Lennon’s Working Class Hero….

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

It is a new year and I just had to unload because  just could not get up the energy to write anymore….a cleansing of my meager mind….my grandfather use to say when ‘you teach pigs to sing you waste your time and piss of the pig’….these days you cannot motivate the pigs to do anything but whine.

I weep for our society and future generations.

I leave you with thoughts from Lewis Black…..

Peace Out!

“lego ergo scribo”