NATO And Ukraine

Since NATO seems to be at the center of the Ukrainian conflict I thought it would be a good idea to keep an eye on their moves to answer the growing problem in Ukraine.

Did not take long for me to see a disturbing trend starting up……

NATO officials announced the alliance was activating part of its Response Force and is sending thousands of troops to countries near Ukraine amid Russia’s assault on the country.

The US and NATO have reaffirmed that they have no plans to send troops into Ukraine to fight Russia. But NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is prepared to defend “every inch” of NATO territory, which includes countries that border both Russia and Ukraine.

The Response Force consists of 40,000 troops from NATO countries, but Stoltenberg said the alliance wouldn’t be deploying the entire force and did not specify exactly how many troops will be sent to Eastern Europe. The Response Force was first created in 2003, and this marks the first time it has been activated.

On Thursday, President Biden ordered 7,000 troops to be deployed to Germany. In recent weeks, the US has bolstered its forces in the Baltics, Poland, and Romania, which means US troops are not far from the fighting in Ukraine.

Stoltenberg also Friday that NATO countries announced the types of weapons they plan to give to Ukraine as it fights Russia. The Pentagon said the US will “provide additional security assistance” to Ukraine as well. On Thursday, Ukraine’s defense minister pleaded with the US to send Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.


This will be the first time NATO’s Response Force is being activated since it was formed in 2003.

Sorry but to me this sounds a lot like an invitation for the invoking of Article 5 of the NATO charter.

If a NATO member is attacked then it will be the US duty to respond….to protect our NATO ally.

Here’s a thought for you to contemplate…..Whatever the real motivations, most post-Vietnam wars have been justified on the grounds of “humanitarian intervention”–that is one of the nuclear powers (usually the US) justifies a war to save civilian lives, even though these wars have invariably proved catastrophic to the very people they pledged to protect. Look no further than Syria, where both the US and Russia claimed to be conducting bombing campaigns to shield civilians from terrorists. In both cases, these “humanitarian missiles” killed far more civilians than the “terrorists” who were supposedly the targets, leaving most of the country in ruins. It’s hard to imagine the Russian “intervention” in Ukraine turning out any different.

Time for Americans to do what the Russians do…..take to the streets and protest our wars of intervention…..maybe ‘intervention’ is not the proper word for Ukrainians do not have brown skin….so let’s us the word ‘salvation’.

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2 thoughts on “NATO And Ukraine

  1. If you look at a map showing existing NATO countries, then add those who want to join now or may join in the future, is it any wonder that Putin considers his country to be ‘surrounded’? Would America tolerate anything similar? They almost went to war over Cuba in the 1960s. What if Mexico and Canada were ‘unfriendly’ nations on its borders? I’m trying to see both sides in this mess.
    I read yesterday that he intends to also lay claim to Alaska. That would be an interesting move, directly involving the USA.
    I’m glad I’m old.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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