GOP On Ukraine

As usual the GOP will take political advantage…..and Ukraine is no different…..I listened to Sen. Ben Sasse attack the Dems for Ukraine’s dilemma……

This is a prepared statement…..

“The Biden Administration has dropped the ball for months and months and months. Every single step of the way, Washington has limited our options and expanded Putin’s opportunities. Let’s be clear: Nobody wants a massive ground war with American and NATO troops in Ukraine. Nobody wants a shooting war with Russia. We should, however, have been arming the Ukrainian people to the teeth for months. Putin’s calculus is pretty straightforward: he’s going to go as far as he can until he feels that his intervention is too costly. It isn’t like you can let him take Ukraine and then this all gets simpler. The United States should be making it very costly now – not by putting troops on the frontlines in Ukraine, but by running a massive new Lend-Lease program with Kyiv.”

Here is the full transcript of Sen. Sasse’s statement……read it for yourself….

While on CNN Sasse stated that the US should ‘arm Ukraine to the teeth”…..

“We need to be arming them to the teeth,” Sasse continued, as Newsmax reported. “So, President Biden should be coming to the Congress right now asking for an emergency supplemental for defense spending. We’re not going to put boots on the ground in Ukraine. We shouldn’t. We don’t need to. They [the Ukrainians] are willing to fight. But we need to arm them.”

Seriously Ben?

We threw $650 million in military aid just this January and they crapped out….and now you want to more money at them….what is it Einstein said?

You do not need to spend more money just divert some of those extra Pentagon funds that were given out late last year….it is time for the taxpayer to stop paying for every little war that the GOP supports.

When will the American people awake from the ignorance coma and demand that their money be spent here where it is needed?

Who’s paying Sasse’s salary?

Apparently the same people that own all Congresspeople.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


2 thoughts on “GOP On Ukraine

  1. Give them more military aid, and it will just fall into the hands of Russia eventually. Ukraine seems to me to be a ‘paper tiger’. Big talk, no action.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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