Russian Antiwar

This weekend I am focusing on the situation unfolding in Ukraine…..but this post is about the Russian people that are not approving of the war in Ukraine….

I am proud of the Russian people…..they are doing what Americans should be doing…

Thousands of Russians who woke up to the news that their nation had attacked Ukraine took to the streets to protest on Thursday. They found a heavy police presence, with officers breaking up even small gatherings by using loudspeakers to order demonstrators to disperse, the New York Times reports. After access to Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow’s city center was closed off, a few hundred demonstrators lined streets leading to it, at times chanting, “No to war!” OVD Info, a rights group, reported that more than 600 demonstrators were detained. Protests took place across Russia, and the group counted a total of 1,620 people detained in 52 cities, per the AP.

The protesters, some of whom displayed the Ukrainian flag, talked about how disheartened they were by the attack on a neighbor often called a “brotherly nation.” One protester who said, “The world has turned upside down” broke into tears when she saw the square wasn’t packed. “Everyone must be here, it is the only way to show that something monstrous is happening,” she said. Russian celebrities and public figures spoke out, as well. Oxxxymiron, one of the nation’s most popular rappers, urged the creation of an antiwar movement in Russia. “I cannot entertain you when Russian missiles are falling on Ukraine,” he posted on Instagram. The government has promised to punish protesters.

Demonstrations took place in cities around the world. In New York, protesters in Times Square shouted “Stand with Ukraine,” per the AP, while others gathered near the Russian Federation’s UN mission. Protesters also demonstrated in cities including Montreal, Budapest, Mexico City, and Santiago, Chile. Demonstrators burned a Russian passport in Vilnius, Lithuania. In Chicago, an immigration attorney said she’s been receiving calls from Ukrainian Americans trying to help family members back home. “They are absolutely devastated, extremely sad,” she said.


Thousands of Russians protesting the war with Ukraine…..over a thousand arrested for their part in those protests….

Plus the protests are spreading around the world…..

International cities where protests have taken place:

Adana; Amsterdam; Antwerp; Athens; Austin; Barcelona; Bari; Beirut; Berlin; Bern; Brussels; Budapest; Buenos Aires; Cape Town; Chicago; Colombo; Copenhagen; Denver; Dublin; Edinburgh; Frankfurt; Geneva; Houston; Istanbul; Krakow; London; Madrid; Melbourne; Mexico City; Milan; Montreal; Naples; New Delhi; New York City; Nice; Oslo; Ottawa; Paris; Prague; Pretoria; Pristina; Rome; San Francisco; Santiago; Sao Paulo; Stockholm; Sydney; Taipei; Tallinn; Tbilisi; Tel Aviv; The Hague; Tokyo; Turin; Vienna; Vilnius; Warsaw; Washington, DC; Wellington; Zakopane.

Protests have taken place in at least 50 Russian cities including: Chelyabinsk; Moscow; Nizhny Novgorod; Novosibirsk; Perm; Saint Petersburg; Yekaterinburg.

It is a shame that Russians need to show Americans how they should deal with our many many wars….I wish that many Americans had a position on war….which they do not for they allow ours to continue uncontested…..and endlessly.

How sad is that?

Have a great Sunday… well and be safe

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7 thoughts on “Russian Antiwar

  1. Compare the circumstances of the Vietnam War and the Afghanistan War. The former was fought by people conscripted to serve; the latter was fought by a volunteer military. The former represented most demographics of the nation, with people like Donald Trump buying or finagling their way out of service, with low-income boys importunately taking on the task of fighting an unpopular war. All those coffins coming home made an impression.

    Then the latter war, aside from having better means for saving wounded than in Vietnam, was fought by a professional military made of volunteers who represented a smaller demographic than those in the Vietnam war. I knew kids killed and wounded in Vietnam. I can’t name one person in my town who died in Afghanistan.

    The latter war just didn’t affect the average citizens as deeply as the Vietnam War. In general, I think most people weren’t thrilled with the Afghanistan War, especially the longer it lasted, yet protests against it devolved into little rants on social media, if at all. Besides, there were far, far fewer coffins coming home even though the war lasted at least twice as long.

    1. That is the problem……1% of the population was effected and yet they still died for no other reason than greed and political BS. Be well my friend chuq

  2. Despite some demonstrations in the larger cities here, the UK government is still refusing to admit any refugees from Ukraine.
    There are around 72,000 Ukrainians resident in Britain, plus many British nationals of Ukrainian heritage. Hundreds of British men also have Ukrainian wives.
    Some British-born Ukrainians have actually left the UK to travel to Kiev to fight in the army.
    But even as Boris lit up 10 Downing Street in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, his Home Secretary was arranging to refuse any visas to Ukrainians fleeing the fighting.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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