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Well crap!

I enjoy an avocado a good source of vitamins and protein….I became acquainted with them on a trip to Mexico and have enjoyed them for 40 years……and to my tastes the ones from Mexico are excellent and a great buttery taste.

Since we have been importing them from Mexico they are inexpensive….about 60 cents each…..but now we have a problem on the supply chain from Mexico.

Mexico has acknowledged that the US government has suspended all imports of Mexican avocados after a US plant safety inspector in Mexico received a threat, the AP reports. The surprise, temporary suspension was confirmed late Saturday on the eve of the Super Bowl, the biggest sales opportunity of the year for Mexican avocado growers—though it would not affect game-day consumption since those avocados had already been shipped. Avocado exports are the latest victim of the drug cartel turf battles and extortion of avocado growers in the western state of Michoacan, the only state in Mexico fully authorized to export to the US market.

The US government suspended all imports of Mexican avocados “until further notice” after a US plant safety inspector in Mexico received a threatening message, Mexico’s Agriculture Department said in a statement. “US health authorities … made the decision after one of their officials, who was carrying out inspections in Uruapan, Michoacan, received a threatening message on his official cellphone,” the department wrote. The import ban came on the day that the Mexican avocado growers and packers association unveiled its Super Bowl ad for this year. Mexican exporters have taken out the pricey ads for almost a decade in a bid to associate guacamole as a Super Bowl tradition.

This year’s ad shows Julius Caesar and a rough bunch of gladiator fans outside what appears to be the Colosseum, soothing their apparently violent differences by enjoying guacamole and avocados. The association did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the ban, which hits an industry with almost $3 billion in annual exports. However, avocados for this year’s Super Bowl had already been exported in the weeks prior to the event. The US Embassy wrote that “facilitating the export of Mexican avocados to the US and guaranteeing the safety of our agricultural inspection personnel go hand in hand,” and that it is “working with the Mexican government to guarantee security conditions that would allow our personnel in Michoacan to resume operations.”

This ought to make the US avocado industry smile….for they are more expensive and less tasty so now they may have a captive audience at least for awhile.

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Abraham Galloway

I so enjoy history and Black History month is the perfect time to introduce my readers to historic figures that are left out of the history books.

This post is about one of those people….Abraham Galloway.

He has been compared to James Bond and Malcolm X, though his name has largely been left out of the history books.

Abraham Galloway was an African American who escaped enslavement in North Carolina, became a Union spy during the Civil War and recruited Black soldiers to fight with the North. That’s the short version. The fuller picture would include his work as a revolutionary and being one of the first African Americans elected to the North Carolina Senate.

Galloway was born 185 years ago, on Feb. 8, 1837, in a small fishing village on the Cape Fear River. He and his mother were enslaved; Abraham worked as a brick mason. At age 20, he escaped to Philadelphia and then Canada by hiding in the hold of a ship carrying barrels of turpentine, tar and rosin. He traveled to Haiti to join revolutionaries planning an attack on the American South that never materialized.

Galloway became one of the Union’s most trusted spies.

When the Union planned to invade the North Carolina coast, Galloway was the perfect insider to scout the coastline for the best landings.

Yet another person left out of our history lessons…..this person deserves more recognition that the educational system is willing to give.

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