Closing Thought–09Feb22

As an anti-war person I find it disturbing that the US seems to be gearing up for some sort of conflict over Ukraine…..and all this bolstering where is the anti-war people?

This is what it sounds like when Democrats gear up for war. Silence from the stalwarts. No mass demonstrations. No protest songs. No campus sit-ins. Those will only come later, after the administrations change hands and the body bags start coming home–if we’re all not turned into piles of irradiated ash first.

The scary part, at least for me, this that an unlikely voice is being heard from an anti-war perspective….Tucker Carlson (I know….how unlikely is that?)…..but there is a caveat in there…..The most prominent “anti-war” voice right now is that of Tucker Carlson and that’s only because wants the war directed at migrants on the southern border.

But…..Russia is ready to invade now, if not now, then soon, if not soon, then later, if not later, then eventually, if not eventually, then…(What comes next, Jen? Oh yeah, here it is) Our disclosure of their imminent invasion, spoiled Putin’s plans and saved the day. 

Could the prediction of a Russian ‘false flag’ be just American ‘false flag’?

I would like to see some anti-war come forward and protest before it is just a reaction to a war and the deaths that will be seen.

So far just the spewing of words.

Just keep in mind….’war is good business….invest your children’…

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What Is Wrong With Our Government?

Now there is a question that should one’s mind into overdrive.

But the big problem is…..MONEY!

There are so many things we could point to like the lame ass filibuster rule, part-time employment of the members of Congress…but for me the biggest problem is what we call “Lobbyists”.

I have written several times about the problem these opponents of our ‘democracy’…..

These ‘snake oil salesmen’ control Congress….I bet you thought you did…..dream on McDuff….
Did you know that there are 535 voting members of Congress and there are about 22.5 lobbyists per member and all of them with  a suitcase full of cash to get the ‘elected’ officials to fall into line and do their bidding.
A problem that cannot be solved…especially by those that receive the cash….growing their bank accounts more than helping the people that elected them.
We could always look to the president as a solution.  Sadly these people are just as deep into the pockets of lobbyists as the members of Congress.
But if we need to boil the problem down to one ….then it is the US Senate.
As the saga goes the Senate is where good bills go to die… is a worthless appendage of our government.
Maybe it is time for us to reconsider this bicameral thing.
Why would I say this?
  • A bicameral legislature encourages duplication of functions, since they perform the same function.
  • Bicameral legislatures waste a lot of public fund because the government will try to maintain the two legislative chambers and the paraphernalia that go with it.
  • A bicameral legislature is not good for passing bills in times of emergency because of delays that result from having two chambers. Many legislators have to go through the bills before they are passed or carried out.
  • Bicameral legislatures lead to unnecessary rivalry as to which of the two houses is superior to the other.
  • In a bicameral legislature, most of the members assigned in the second chamber have advanced in age and are mostly inactive.
  • Appointment rather than election of members of the upper house as it is done in Britain is undemocratic. This is another disadvantage of a bicameral legislature.
  • Bicameral legislatures cause a serious delay in the act of law making.

The Senate is a waste of time and energy.


  • Unnecessarily costly
  • No extra role that cannot be done by one chamber
  • Slows down legislation
  • Does not represent the electorate
  • Can cause conflict between the two houses.

The voters need to stop all the tribal BS and look at the lack of progress in this country…..a change is due….why not address this today and stop kicking the 100 lb gorilla down the road?

I have made my thoughts on this issue several times….(for those that are interested in learning money)……

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A lot to consider and please give it some thought……

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