Now What?

First let me say…..I think we are did a marvelous thing helping Afghans and their exodus from the Taleban and the plight to come.

Roughly 88,000 people who worked for the US government during the war, as well as their family members, are in the application pipeline for special immigrant visas (SIVs). Some are being sent to other countries to wait; others who are further along in the process are being sent to the US directly for resettlement.

There are also many thousands more who aren’t eligible for those visas but who might try to apply for refugee status through a recently created US priority program. But they will have to stay in third countries — where they will need financial support, among other kinds of aid — for months while they are being processed. US vetting requirements, capacity limitations at refugee resettlement agencies, and a finite number of slots available under the current refugee admissions cap could all contribute to delays in bringing them to American soil.

Just me thinking out loud.

The exodus from Afghanistan has been a humanitarian crisis in warp speed….the refugees are being relocated to Qatar, Germany, Mexico, the US and several other counties….we have seen all this before.

Think 1970s….Think Vietnamese ‘Boat People’…..

Now that we are relocating these people….what we saved them from will create more misery for them in the long run…..I fear.

What will their lives become?

I will use my region as an example….I have no indication of other areas to compare my thoughts with…..

When the Boat People started arriving some were given confiscated fishing and shrimp boats that had been ceased by the Coast Guard….since my region at one time was dependent on seafood as a way of life…this way the new arrivals could earn a living and become a functioning member of society.

This irritated the locals that were already struggling with a diminishing source of income.

The new arrivals caused many violent skirmishes with the locals….the biggest bitch they had was that the Vietnamese trolled the bottom and did not throw back anything that was not the harvest they searched for…..

The new arrivals were not accepted into Gulf Coast society and they set up areas that have become known as “Little Saigon”…..they became a society unto themselves… took a generation or more for that to change and yet not much has changed within the area unknown as “Little Saigon”.

Is this the new norm for the entering Afghan refugees?

Refugees are being accepted by poorer countries that are struggling to assist their indigenous people….so how will this improve the lives of people fleeing Afghanistan?

From what are we saving these people?

Some reports state that the US will take around 50,000 refugees….

Up to 50,000 Afghans could be arriving in the U.S. under a rarely used humanitarian program that allows people to enter the country without visas.

Refugee resettlement agencies were told to prepare to receive as many as 50,000 Afghans arriving on “humanitarian parole” in a meeting with government officials last week, Jenny Yang, a senior vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief, told Newsweek.

In today’s America how will this play with the Right and their hatred of refugees and especially Muslims?

Could this generate more violence against minorities…especially the new arrivals?

Questions that NO one is asking or even contemplating for the news is laser focused on the sensationalism of the ‘exit’.

The ‘exit’ helps generate ratings boons….then the next phase will do the same.

We are entering a dangerous time for the new arrivals…..and the news will trot out new ‘experts’ once the generals and other pundits have grown hoarse from bitch and analyzing the ‘exit’.

The question remains……But what now?

As I was writing this draft my question was answered…..

One Republican lawmaker on Tuesday ratcheted up the rhetoric of fear about Afghan refugees and said that accepting them into the United States will endanger Americans.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) was asked by Greta Van Susteren on her “Full Court Press” show why he voted against the ALLIES Act, which was a bipartisan effort to help get Afghan military partners and their families to safety in the United States.

“Because I don’t think it’s appropriate to bring poorly vetted people from an Islamic state to the United States of America,” he said. “I represent the United States of America and American citizens, and it’s my job and I think it’s this Congress’s job to ensure their safety.”

This should set up the next election rhetoric nicely….scare the shit out of the voter .

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7 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Have you heard the recent reports of the last few days of the far Right groups praising the Taliban for their takeover? It seems these groups just may assume an anti-Muslim stance and could pose a problem for assimilating refugees as they pass vetting and arrive here in the States.
    Just another chapter brewing of racism in the land of the free and home of the brave, melting pot diversity we relish so much as compassionate Americans. :/

  2. Over here, there are already mumblings of discontent over Afghan refugees being provided with large homes (because they have such big families) often rented from the private sector at public expense. Many local families can wait for 5-10 years to get bigger houses (or any house at all) from local councils, but the refugees (in small numbers, admittedly) are being allowed to jump the queue. No doubt this poor planning will breed resentment that will fester at some stage in the future.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. In the Netherlands there’re, more to the right leaning peoples making such comments.
      They did before and will do now.

      That what they say are lies, half-truths, ignorant.

      Doing research, what is true or not, is not interesting.
      Staying stupid and blaming others is

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