Closing Thought–26Aug21

From the Files of “Can’t Fix Stupid”

WE have all seen the STUPIDITY of the American people around the vaccination against Covid-19…..and just when I thought stupid could get no worse…I am proven to be mistaken….Americans keep trying to out stupid stupid.

It seems the newest stupidity is to blame the vaccinated for the rise of Delta……

More unvaccinated Americans blame vaccinated Americans for Delta’s devastating U.S. surge than blame themselves, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

The survey of 1,649 U.S. adults, which was conducted from Aug. 16 to 18, found that just 6 percent of those who remain unvaccinated say they are the ones who deserve “the most blame for the new surge of COVID cases in the U.S.” The share who say vaccinated Americans deserve the most blame is slightly higher (7 percent).

Likewise, when asked “how much” blame each group deserves, just 9 percent of unvaccinated Americans say they themselves deserve a “great deal of blame.” Nearly twice as many (15 percent) say vaccinated Americans deserve a great deal of blame.

Just illustrates just how f*cking stupid the American people can be.

Finally may I ssk….when does your rights supersede mine?

Most American are ‘sick’ of the individual rights morons…..

Outside of the GOP fringes, most Americans have taken a look around and realized the only way to mitigate the worst of the delta variant is to suppress the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers who got us into this mess in the first place.

“My thinking is, the people who don’t want mandates are the people who need to be regulated,” David Bowers, a 42-year-old Democrat from the Phoenix suburbs, told the Associated Press.

Bowers isn’t alone. That’s why nearly every day, a new poll emerges showing high levels of support for both mask and vaccine mandates. In effect, the American public is saying, “If you want to take part in civil society, then you’ll have to adhere to some basic ground rules, such as ‘you don’t get to endanger lives just because you went down a YouTube rabbit hole and failed to reemerge from its depths.’”

Adding to that body of polling is the latest AP-NORC survey finding broad support for various vaccine and mask mandates amid increased anxiety due to the delta surge.

Solid majorities support requiring people to be fully vaccinated in order to participate in certain activities, while opposition to those requirements remains very low.

“Can’t Fix Stupid”

I read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


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