One Last ‘Booster’ Thing

I have written several times about the ‘booster’ for Covid….again talk with your medical professional for what is best for you and your family.

When the news first broke about a ‘booster’ my first question was will it be free as well……then I read a story about Pharma and the booster…..

Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine makers as the U.S. moves toward dispensing COVID-19 booster shots to shore up Americans’ protection against the virus. How much the manufacturers stand to gain depends on how big the rollout proves to be. US health officials late on Thursday endorsed booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine for all Americans 65 and older—along with tens of millions of younger people who are at higher risk from the coronavirus because of health conditions or their jobs, per the AP. Officials described the move as a first step. Boosters will likely be offered even more broadly in the coming weeks or months, including boosters of vaccines made by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. That, plus continued growth in initial vaccinations, could mean a huge gain in sales and profits for Pfizer and Moderna in particular. “The opportunity quite frankly is reflective of the billions of people around the world who would need a vaccination and a boost,” Jefferies analyst Michael Yee said.

Wall Street is taking notice. The average forecast among analysts for Moderna’s 2022 revenue has jumped 35% since President Joe Biden laid out his booster plan in mid-August. Most of the vaccinations so far in the U.S. have come from Pfizer, which developed its shot with Germany’s BioNTech, and Moderna. They have inoculated about 99 million and 68 million people, respectively. Johnson & Johnson is third with about 14 million people. No one knows yet how many people will get the extra shots. But Morningstar analyst Karen Andersen expects boosters alone to bring in about $26 billion in global sales next year for Pfizer and BioNTech and around $14 billion for Moderna if they are endorsed for nearly all Americans. Those companies also may gain business from people who got other vaccines initially. In Britain, which plans to offer boosters to everyone over 50 and other vulnerable people, an expert panel has recommended that Pfizer’s shot be the primary choice, with Moderna as the alternative.

Andersen expects Moderna, which has no other products on the market, to generate a roughly $13 billion profit next year from all COVID-19 vaccine sales if boosters are broadly authorized. Potential vaccine profits are harder to estimate for Pfizer, but company executives have said they expect their pre-tax adjusted profit margin from the vaccine to be in the “high 20s” as a percentage of revenue. That would translate to a profit of around $7 billion next year just from boosters, based on Andersen’s sales prediction. J&J and Europe’s AstraZeneca have said they don’t intend to profit from their COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic. For Pfizer and Moderna, the boosters could be more profitable than the original doses because they won’t come with the research and development costs the companies incurred to get the vaccines on the market in the first place.

WBB Securities CEO Steve Brozak said the booster shots will represent “almost pure profit” compared with the initial doses. Drugmakers aren’t the only businesses that could see a windfall from delivering boosters. Drugstore chains CVS Health and Walgreens could bring in more than $800 million each in revenue, according to Jeff Jonas, a portfolio manager with Gabelli Funds. Jonas noted that the drugstores may not face competition from mass vaccination clinics this time around, and the chains are diligent about collecting customer contact information. That makes it easy to invite people back for boosters.

All the news about the boosters leads me to believe that corporate media is hawking this as a necessity….after all profit is more important than health care.

Or is the booster thing being hawked by Biden admin as some sort of payback to Pharma for their giving the ‘jabs’ for free to the population?

Any thoughts?

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Do I Need That Booster?

The question is being asked….and answers are not forthcoming….

There is much being written and reported on the ‘booster thing’…….(my two posts are referenced here)…..

More On The ‘Booster’

Even with the info available the question still remains….do I need the booster?

The word from the FDA is that some may need the vaccine and others may not…..for now.

The Biden administration has been working for weeks on plans for Covid-19 booster shots, as the delta variant drives a new pandemic wave across the country. The debate recently spilled out into the open when two top officials from the Food and Drug Administration stepped down over reported concerns that the decision-making process was being driven by politics instead of science.

Israel is already pushing ahead with booster shots, with most of that country’s population currently eligible for a third shot, based on data that indicates vaccine effectiveness wanes over time. The country is even preparing for the possibility that patients will require a fourth shot. The Biden administration has reportedly been influenced by the data out of Israel and, for a time, it looked as though the US would quickly take the same path. In a speech last month, President Joe Biden laid out a plan for every vaccinated American to receive a booster shot — pending FDA approval.

But recently, there has been pushback from parts of the scientific community, who argue that the case for booster shots is not as clear-cut as it may seem at first.

DO NOT take the social media advice….go see a medical professional and get the advice from them.

Please do not take your advice from some self-serving pastor or some overpaid talk show host….ask someone that has real knowledge not some fake promises of coverage.

Your life depends on proper information.

Not all the info is discouraging on the Covid thing…….

We’re back at gloomy levels, with Johns Hopkins University data showing more than 2,000 Americans are now dying of COVID-19 daily, reports CNN—and in its telling, health experts are fearful of what the combination of our current COVID situation and the start of flu season will bring. But NPR suggests what’s coming may be … not that bad. It reviewed an analysis prepared by researchers who are assisting the CDC, and it’s hopeful.

The COVID-19 Scenario Modeling Hub developed four possible scenarios for what’s coming in the next six months using nine different mathematical models and a group of assumptions (like “kids do get vaccinated” or “no new variant emerges”). If both those conditions—yes to kids, no to a highly contagious new variant—hold, the model looks good, says the Hub’s Justin Lesser: New infections would move in a steadily downward trajectory from about 140,000 a day to 9,000 a day by March, with daily deaths under the 100 mark. Under that scenario, the US would have suffered about 780,000 deaths.

One Harvard epidemiologist throws a little rain on the parade, saying that while he does suspect the pandemic will be “comparatively under control by March,” he says it’s possible we could see some surges before we get there, noting that coronaviruses “usually peak in early January.” Meanwhile, ABC News reports that just three states accounted for about a third of the COVID deaths suffered in the past week: Texas, Alabama, and Georgia

Be Well…..Be Safe….

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That “Booster” Thing–Redux

AS we continue to try and fight the pandemic that is gripping this country and the continuous news reporting on the progress the attempts to save the nation from a total meltdown…..and now the ‘booster’ thing is making its rounds in the MSM….they seem to be pushing the early idea that we all may need a ‘booster’ to prevent onset of illness.

When the idea of a ‘booster’ was floated in the media I tried to inform my readers on just what they idea was all about…

What Is This ‘Booster” Thing?

It appears to be a popular news story these days…..

WHO has not been as thrilled with the idea as the media…..

The World Health Organization is calling for a halt on COVID-19 vaccine boosters until at least the end of September, its head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday, as the gap between vaccinations in wealthy and poor countries widens.

The call for a moratorium is the strongest statement yet from the UN agency at a time when countries deliberate the need for boosters to combat the fast-spreading Delta variant of the coronavirus.

“I understand the concern of all governments to protect their people from the Delta variant. But we cannot accept countries that have already used most of the global supply of vaccines using even more of it,” Tedros added.

High-income countries administered around 50 doses for every 100 people in May, and that number has since doubled, according to WHO. Low-income countries have only been able to administer 1.5 doses for every 100 people, due to lack of supply.

To counter the spread of the Delta variant, some countries have begun to use or started weighing on the need for booster doses even as scientists debate over whether or not extra shots are needed.

“The fact that we are vaccinating healthy adults with a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccines is a short-sighted way of thinking,” said Elin Hoffmann Dahl, infectious diseases medical adviser to Medecins Sans Frontieres’ access campaign.

I will get the booster if it is necessary to prevent me from getting the Covid….but before I make my final decision I will do what I do best….research…..something I believe everyone should before they make any medical decision.

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Ever Wonder Why?

Now there is a philosophical question that would keep some wracking their brains to explain.

But for this post I am asking….Why are so many whites against vaccination.

This gives my a chance to inject a bit of history to explain the situation today.

To begin with this type of rhetoric is nothing new for the US…..

“It goes back to the 19th century where you start encountering terms like ‘medical tyranny’, ‘medical liberty,’ ‘natural immunity,’ and it’s conflated with whiteness.”

“The idea is that white people somehow, through their good genes, ‘very good genes’ as Trump would put it, have that immunity,” he said. “So Trump, DeSantis, Abbott, all these folks are pulling on a right-wing populist and religious thread in American life, and pulling it horribly into the present. They didn’t invent it, they exploited it.”

I have noticed at least in my region that the most vocal anti-vaccine people are white men…..not totally but for the most part.

Why is this?

First their reasoning is about as stupid as anything you will hear or read…..

Tennessee’s former vaccine chief Dr. Michelle Fiscus has claimed that the state’s “White, male, rural conservatives” are avoiding the Covid-19 vaccine to avoid “placating the left.”

Ficus said she was “dismayed” by the rumors and conspiracies surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine, noting that they’re beginning to launch theories about other childhood vaccines as well.

“But I think the other thing in Tennessee, and I think in a lot of our Southern states that’s happening, is this ideology that if you get this vaccine, you’re somehow placating the left part of the political spectrum,” she said, later revealing that, “Our most hesitant population in Tennessee is the white, male, rural conservatives.”

‘White, Male, Rural Conservatives’ Won’t Get Vaccinated to Avoid ‘Placating the Left’: Tennessee’s Former Vax Chief

What kind of moron risks the health of their family and loved ones because of ignorant belief like this?


My grandfather had a saying….”Ignorance is fixable, Stupidity is lethal”….he is proving to be very astute in his old age.

Any thoughts?

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Closing Thought–02Sep21

With vaccines widely available and those idiots that have decided not to take the ‘jab’ their price for stupidity just got a lot higher….

The financial cost of remaining unvaccinated ⁠against COVID-19 is rising. Health insurance providers are now asking people who contract the disease to share the cost of treatment, which can get expensive if it requires a lengthy hospital stay.

Early in the pandemic, most private insurers waived cost-sharing for patients under their plans or even covered the full cost of treatment. In November 2020, nearly 90% of insured individuals would have had their out-of-pocket costs — including copays, coinsurance or payments toward a deductible — waived if they had been hospitalized for COVID-19, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).  

But with effective coronavirus vaccines widely available, most insurers are no longer waiving those costs, according to KFF. The change reflects a broader push by U.S. companies to nudge workers into getting inoculated in hopes of holding down medical expenses. To that end, Delta Air Lines this week said that it would charge unvaccinated employees an extra $200 a month for health coverage.

“Health insurance companies were spending so much less than expected because during pandemic. No one went to the hospital, elective procedures were delayed and insurers had more money than they were supposed to,” said Matthew Rae, director for the Program on the Health Care Marketplace at KFF.

Today, by contrast, more than 70% of the nation’s largest insurers are no longer waiving COVID-19 treatment costs, according to Kaiser, which surveyed the two largest insurers in each state and Washington, D.C.. Another 10% of plans plan to phase out cost-sharing by the end of October.

I am usually a staunch critic of the health industry…but with a free vaccine and those that are stupid enough to forego….then I have NO problem making these morons pay for their stupidity.

Any thought?

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What Is This ‘Booster” Thing?

There is lots of opposition to the vaccines….and now we learn that a ‘booster’ will probably be ready by this Fall……but why a ‘booster’?

A good question since all the info available is confusing us mere mortals and making the dialog even more mind numbing….

What exactly is a booster shot? According to Emily Landon, associate professor at UChicago Medicine, “Boosters are offered to people who got the full course of a vaccine and developed a good response initially, but it waned over time” (via UChicago News). A third round of COVID-19 vaccine shots has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically for those who are immunocompromised. Booster shots, on the other hand, pertain to the general public.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are categorized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. They function by prompting the body’s natural immunity response in our cells to create and fight off a specific protein known to cause COVID-19.

When it comes to the upcoming booster shots, representatives from both Pfizer and Moderna explain that they have more than one type of booster shot in development (via WUSA9). Some being developed are the same as the initial two doses administered, while others are different and contain variations that cater specifically to the emerging virus variants.

In her Q&A series, Emily Landon goes on to stress the importance of sticking with the same vaccine manufacturer from which individuals received their first two doses (via UChicago News). Therefore, it’s advised that individuals not mix their original Pfizer or Moderna vaccine with a different brand of the booster shot, if possible. Once official approval is obtained from the CDC and FDA for general population usage, individuals should schedule their booster shot eight months out from the date of their original second dose.

Read More:

This for those that are still resistant to getting a vaccine…..

It can feel like the battle lines have been drawn: on one side, those who have been vaccinated, and on the other, those who haven’t.

But things are never that black and white. Even among those who have been vaccinated, many people still have concerns and questions about the vaccine. And among those who haven’t, their reasons for not getting the jab vary from concerns over potential side effects, to a fear of needles, to simply not being able to take time off work. The roughly 30 percent of eligible Americans who have yet to be vaccinated are not all anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists, and treating them as such could make them even less likely to get the shot.

We’ve collected some of the most common concerns with vaccination mentioned by people who are vaccine hesitant, and we’ve provided evidence-based responses to each one. If you or someone you know share any of these concerns, click through to see what information is out there to help you make this important decision.

Still Unsure About Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine? Start Here.

Help keep you self and your family safe in these times……

Get all the info then make your decision….

FYI–We all have heard about the Delta Variant…..and now yet another is poppinbg up….

Another coronavirus variant has been detected, say researchers who caution against becoming too concerned but suspect it’s better at getting around immunity protection than delta. The researchers spotted the C.1.2 variant in May in South Africa, Reuters reports, and published their work this month. It has not been peer-reviewed, but the findings have been forwarded to the World Health Organization. The variant has reached most of the country’s provinces as well as England, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal, and Switzerland. It’s related to the C.1 variant that hit South Africa earlier in the year, per the Hill.

In C.1.2, scientists see “concerning constellations of mutations,” calling it “highly mutated beyond C.1 and all other” variants of concern. The researchers said the new variant is 44 to 59 mutations removed from the original Wuhan Hu-1 virus. WHO lists it, and three other variants, as being “of concern.” Researchers can’t answer many questions about C.1.2 yet. But they say it shares many mutations with other variants linked to greater transmissibility and reduced susceptibility to neutralizing antibodies—though the mutations aren’t mixed the same way. One of the study’s authors said such mutations can be expected as a pandemic progresses. “This virus is still exploring ways to potentially get better at infecting us,” he said.

For God sake (if you believe in God) make your decisions based on facts and not the word of some babbling pastor or an overweight, over paid talk show host.

Be well

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Closing Thought–26Aug21

From the Files of “Can’t Fix Stupid”

WE have all seen the STUPIDITY of the American people around the vaccination against Covid-19…..and just when I thought stupid could get no worse…I am proven to be mistaken….Americans keep trying to out stupid stupid.

It seems the newest stupidity is to blame the vaccinated for the rise of Delta……

More unvaccinated Americans blame vaccinated Americans for Delta’s devastating U.S. surge than blame themselves, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

The survey of 1,649 U.S. adults, which was conducted from Aug. 16 to 18, found that just 6 percent of those who remain unvaccinated say they are the ones who deserve “the most blame for the new surge of COVID cases in the U.S.” The share who say vaccinated Americans deserve the most blame is slightly higher (7 percent).

Likewise, when asked “how much” blame each group deserves, just 9 percent of unvaccinated Americans say they themselves deserve a “great deal of blame.” Nearly twice as many (15 percent) say vaccinated Americans deserve a great deal of blame.

Just illustrates just how f*cking stupid the American people can be.

Finally may I ssk….when does your rights supersede mine?

Most American are ‘sick’ of the individual rights morons…..

Outside of the GOP fringes, most Americans have taken a look around and realized the only way to mitigate the worst of the delta variant is to suppress the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers who got us into this mess in the first place.

“My thinking is, the people who don’t want mandates are the people who need to be regulated,” David Bowers, a 42-year-old Democrat from the Phoenix suburbs, told the Associated Press.

Bowers isn’t alone. That’s why nearly every day, a new poll emerges showing high levels of support for both mask and vaccine mandates. In effect, the American public is saying, “If you want to take part in civil society, then you’ll have to adhere to some basic ground rules, such as ‘you don’t get to endanger lives just because you went down a YouTube rabbit hole and failed to reemerge from its depths.’”

Adding to that body of polling is the latest AP-NORC survey finding broad support for various vaccine and mask mandates amid increased anxiety due to the delta surge.

Solid majorities support requiring people to be fully vaccinated in order to participate in certain activities, while opposition to those requirements remains very low.

“Can’t Fix Stupid”

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Closing Thought–18Aug21

Are you fully vaccinated against the Covid-19?

I am since May…at least I thought I was fully vaccinated…..that is until I saw this bit of news…..

US experts are expected to recommend COVID-19 vaccine boosters for all Americans, regardless of age, eight months after they received their second dose of the shot, to ensure lasting protection against the coronavirus as the delta variant spreads across the country. Federal health officials have been actively looking at whether extra shots for the vaccinated would be needed as early as this fall, reviewing case numbers in the US as well as the situation in other countries such as Israel, where preliminary studies suggest the vaccine’s protection against serious illness dropped among those vaccinated in January. An announcement on the US booster recommendation was expected as soon as this week, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Doses would only begin to be administered widely once the Food and Drug Administration formally approves the vaccines. That action is expected for the Pfizer shot in the coming weeks. Last week, US health officials recommended boosters for some with weakened immune systems, citing their higher risk of catching the virus and evidence that the vaccines’ effectiveness waned over time. The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, said Sunday the US could decide in the next couple weeks whether to offer coronavirus booster shots to Americans this fall. Israel, which exclusively administered the Pfizer shot, has been offering a coronavirus booster to people over 60 who were already vaccinated more than five months ago in an effort to control its own surge in cases from the delta variant.

So does this mean that one booster is all I will need?  Or is this just an annual thing?

One last thing…..STOP using Israel as an example….they are screwing their Palestinian population with these vaccines…..they are NOT and have NEVER been a good example of anything.

Do the research to see if this ‘booster’ will be truly necessary.

Be Well….Be Safe….

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Those Covid ‘Jabs’

Since the program of vaccinations began there has been lies, and more lies….but there is ‘proof positive’ that these shots work and can save lies…..

Fully vaccinated people can catch the coronavirus, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been saying all along that the COVID-19 vaccines prevent deaths among those patients. The CDC now has released data to back that up, showing that fewer than 0.001% of fully vaccinated people die of COVID-19. And not 0.004% of fully vaccinated people who are infected need hospitalization, CNN reports. As of July 26, when 163 million people in the US were fully vaccinated, the CDC totals for breakthrough cases show:

  • 6,587 infections.
  • 6,239 hospitalizations.
  • 1,263 deaths.
  • About three-fourths of the cases are among patients 65 and older.

Most new cases reported across the country are among the unvaccinated. Or, put another way by a health spokesman for one state, per NBC: “99.9 percent of Minnesotans who are fully vaccinated have not contracted the virus.” Still, the CDC wants everyone to mask up, after earlier relaxing its recommendations. That’s partly because of the realizations that even fully vaccinated people are spreading the troublesome delta variant. The CDC cautions that it relies on voluntary reporting by local governments, so the numbers aren’t complete; the agency calls them a snapshot. The CDC uses the data to spot patterns, and it says it’s seen nothing unexpected in the breakthrough cases so far. As the delta variant receives attention, the CDC says vaccinations are up 26% nationally in the past three weeks

I know nothing I say or write will change anyone’s mind…..

Sadly when it comes to health care….you cannot fix stupid.

Turn The Page!

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Closing Thought–28Jul21

How pathetic is this?

All the misinformation and lies that is swirling around the vaccine has some interesting side effects.

Like the situation in Missouri.

People in Missouri are reportedly disguising themselves so that their friends and family won’t find out that they getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Priscilla Frase of Ozarks Healthcare told ABC News that she had seen more than one person in disguise.

“I’ve had several people come in to get vaccinated who have sort of tried to disguise their appearance and even went so far as to say, ‘Please, please, please don’t let anybody know that I got this vaccine. I don’t want my friends to know,'” Frase explained.

According to the report, Ozarks Healthcare now offers a “private setting” so that patients can get the vaccine without being seen.

How damn sad is this that one has to resort to disguises to get possible life saving treatment.

Damn!  The misinformation BS is doing a good jab and keeping Americans from health care…..

Common sense and rational thought has left the room.

And Missouri is not alone.

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