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All the health news these days is a continuous loop on the Covid-19…but there are other aspects of our health that need attention… I will attempt to fill in some of the gaps…..

When weather permits I enjoy sitting in the garden and having a snack of cheese, nuts and some wine or beer…….and it appears I am doing something right…….

Research suggests a mostly plant-based diet can improve your heart health. However, you don’t need to go totally vegan  — evidence suggests foods like cheese, chocolate, and yogurt have benefits, too.

Eating some full-fat dairy in moderation can help protect your heart, according to a study published July 6 in Cardiovascular Research.

Researchers from the University of Naples reviewed nearly 100 studies on the relationship between heart disease risk and dietary habits. They focused on specific categories of food, such as red meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, produce, nuts, and grains.

This bit of information caught my eye because my better half, Sue, has been battling an aggressive cancer…..

A trial is underway to determine whether an aggressive breast cancer might be treated with help from an inexpensive and widely available drug: aspirin. Researchers at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, England, will test whether aspirin makes difficult-to-treat tumors more responsive to cancer-fighting drugs, as animal studies suggest, per the BBC. Tumors found in patients with triple-negative breast cancer, an aggressive form that accounts for 10% to 15% of all breast cancers and disproportionately affects Black and younger women, lack estrogen or progesterone receptors, which some other breast cancers have, “meaning certain treatments, such as [monoclonal antibody] Herceptin, will not work,” per the BBC. That leaves “few treatment options and a long and debilitating treatment plan,” Beth Bramall, a 44-year-old patient, tells the outlet.

The trial, funded by a research program of the Breast Cancer Now charity, will look at whether aspirin’s anti-inflammatory properties increase the effectiveness of avelumab, a type of immunotherapy, “by preventing the cancer from making substances that weaken the immune response,” trial leader Dr. Anne Armstrong says, per the Guardian. Patients will receive avelumab with and without aspirin before surgery and chemotherapy. If the trial is successful, further research may look at aspirin’s effect on people with incurable secondary triple-negative breast cancer, which occurs when cancer cells escape the breast and spread in the body. Bramall is certainly hoping for a positive outcome. “It’s been the hardest 18 months for me and my family” since her diagnosis, she tells the BBC. “And I have over two more years of treatments and scans ahead.”

My regular visitors know that I am a strong canine supporter….My dogs have always been a major part of family life….there is a study out that illustrates how important a canine companion can influence your well-being…..

The study was led by Dr. John-Tyler Binfet, an associate professor in the School of Education, and focused not just on how the use of therapy dogs can improve someone’s mood, but what type of interactions with a four-legged friend provide the greatest benefits.

“We know that spending time with therapy dogs is beneficial but we didn’t know why,” said Binfet.

The participating students provided researchers with reports of their own well-being, specifically measuring their ideas of happiness, social connectedness, and stress, to name a few.

Students either took part in touch or no-touch canine interaction, or they spent time with a dog handler but with no therapy dog present.

Researchers discovered that physical contact with a dog, like tummy rubs, ear scratches and nuzzles, was proven to provide students with the highest overall mood boost.

“I’d encourage [students] to take advantage of the therapy dog visitation program offered. And once there — be sure to make time for a canine cuddle,” said Binfet. “That’s a surefire way to reduce stress.”

The study did not tell me anything I did not already know.

There are the health benefits for you to consider on this Sunday.

Be well….Be Safe….

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