Insurrection Update #12

My continuing updates of the true “day of Infamy”….the day Americans tried t bring down the pillars of our republic…..and it is not over…..

It seems some of those insurrectionists of 06 January have not learned a lesson from their arrest for their participation…..

Jeffrey Grace, who faces federal charges related to his involvement in the Jan. 6 breach at the US Capitol, appears to have taken part in a confrontation with left-wing counter-protesters in Portland, Ore. over the past weekend while awaiting trial.

Antifascists showed up at Tom McCall Waterfront Park on Aug. 7 to disrupt a prayer and worship service led by Artur Pawlowski, a controversial Canadian pastor who has in the past claimed God’s unhappiness with homosexuals caused a 2013 flood. The Portland Tribune reported that dozens of black-clad antifascists hurled smoke grenades and appeared to dismantle the public-address system for the Aug. 7 religious event in Portland. At the conclusion of the event, the newspaper reported, right-wingers armed with paintball guns, batons and other weapons who had gathered to support the religious event fired a paintball gun in response to an onslaught of pepper-spray from counter-protesters attempting to force them out of the park.

Jeffrey Grace, a Washington resident who lost his job as a long-haul trucker as a result of his involvement in the Jan. 6 breach, appears to be among a group of men seen in a photo departing the Aug. 7 rally. Nathan Howard, a freelance photographer, tweeted the photo depicting seven men piling into the back of a pickup truck, along with the descriptor, “Far-right extremists leave Portland after clashing with anti-fascists, Saturday Aug. 7, 2021.” Grace can be seen standing next to the truck’s cab, while holding a retractable baton while wearing a black cap with a distinctive red and gray insignia on the left side. A photo of Grace published by KGW shortly after his arrest for the Jan. 6 breach shows him wearing the same hat. Additionally, the man’s facial hair in the two photos is shaved in the same manner — a white goatee with the clean-shaven cheeks.

I have said that these people cannot be trusted to abide by the terms of their release….and this proves my concerns.

Then there are those traitors that think they deserve some sort of special treatment….like the ‘shaman’ that can only eat organic food….now there is one that says her chance for exercise is impeded….

Accused MAGA rioter Lisa Eisenhart is asking a court to loosen her pre-trial curfew and other restrictions because they’re crimping her exercise routine.

NBC 4 Washington’s Scott MacFarlane flags a new court filing from Eisenhart’s attorneys in which they argue their client’s curfew restrictions and electronic monitoring be eliminated entirely ahead of her upcoming trial.

Anticipating that the court will not agree to such a request, the lawyers then ask that only the curfew be kept in place and the electronic monitoring be eliminated.

“Beyond the cost and time savings to U.S. Probation, Ms. Eisenhart would also benefit from a release that will better allow for exercise and other routine activities of daily life,” the attorneys write.

Here’s an idea….put her in jail and she can exercise her butt off in the yard of the prison.  She deserves NO quarter…..she attempted to destroy our process then let her ROT in jail.

Then there is another insurrectionist that is asking to have their limitations loosened….this one wants to walk their dog…..

A Jan. 6 rioter who fought violently and repeatedly with police at the Capitol is asking a judge to loosen his pretrial restrictions so that he can “walk his dog,” “work on the farm” and “volunteer with his church.”

Daniel Egtvedt is a politically connected, Trump-loving salesman from Maryland who posted about the QAnon conspiracy movement prior to the Capitol insurrection, according to the Daily Beast, which described his actions on Jan. 6 as a “nightmare for police.” According to a criminal complaint, Egtvedt was seen in photos and videos pushing through a line of Capitol police officers to storm the building before interacting bizarrely with several cops, including screaming at one to “shoot me.”

Screw these traitors!

These people are learning NOTHING from their illegal actions for the courts are embracing them as if they are something special…they are traitors, insurrectionists, and worthless lumps of crap that will fall for any fancy that bores into their minuscule brains.

Some these fools are proving that they have learned nothing……

Several Capitol rioters pleading guilty to charges stemming from the Jan. 6 insurrection have remained defiant — prompting judges and prosecutors to consider revoking deals or seeking harsher sentences.

CNN cited the case of Boyd Camper, whose plea hearing was recently postponed after his attorney objected to an agreement saying he entered the Capitol “unlawfully.”

“Then this plea doesn’t go forward,” a judge told Camper’s lawyer. “If he’s in there and doesn’t think he did anything wrong, then there is no plea.”

In another case, Capitol rioter Robert Reeder argued he should receive probation because he only went into the Capitol to look for water after getting pepper-sprayed, and faulted police for not effectively guarding the building.

Another idiot arrested and charged….

Barnhart, whom the FBI referred to as Capitol suspect 128-AFO because he was wanted for assaulting federal officers, was a major target for the “Sedition Hunters” community, which had given him the nickname “CatSweat” because he was wearing a sweatshirt branded with the name of Caterpillar, the construction equipment manufacturer. (Barnhart worked as a machine operator for Barnhart & Son Inc., which is owned by his father.)

HuffPost positively identified Barnhart before his arrest based on the work of citizen sleuths months ago, but held off on publishing his name based on his violent history (which included rioting charges when he was a teenager) and because the FBI was working on the case.

Sue The Bastards!

Jeffrey Smith was an officer with the Metropolitan Police in Washington, DC. He was attacked by rioters while defending the US Capitol from attack on Jan. 6, suffered a traumatic brain injury and, the day after he was sent back to work, shot and killed himself. A lawyer representing his widow, Erin, has filed a lawsuit against two men identified as Smith’s attackers. David Weber, Erin Smith’s attorney, said a group of people called the Deep State Dogs figured out who injured Smith using images posted online, the Washington Post reports.

Weber says the men are Taylor F. Taranto, a Navy veteran from Washington State, and David Walls-Kaufman, a chiropractor in DC. Smith’s widow wants her husband’s death to be declared to have been in the line of duty, and sought body cam footage from that day to help prove how he got the injury that doctors say led to his suicide. But DC Metropolitan Police haven’t released it, the Guardian reports. That’s where the Deep State Dogs came in—and it took them less than 24 hours to name Walls-Kaufman as the man who hit Smith in the face with something that looked like a cane or a crowbar, Huffington Post reports. They say in a tweet that they identified Taranto as the man who hands Walls-Kaufman his weapon just hours later.

Sue this tool for everything he is worth…take it all!

I will give Raw Story their props for they seem to be the only one that is focusing on the insurrection and the bringing the slugs to bay.

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