All That Lizard DNA

Sickening news on this Saturday.

There is a wealth of conspiracies out there…but my favorite is tht of the reptilian aliens that are hiding amongst us.

One man took this silliness to a new low for humanity…he killed his kids…..

A California father took his two young children to Mexico and killed them with a spearfishing gun after he claimed he had been “enlightened by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories,” federal authorities say.

According to a criminal complaint filed in federal court in California, Matthew Taylor Coleman reportedly told investigators he had been “receiving visions and signs revealing that his wife possessed serpent DNA and had passed it onto his children” and that by killing them he was “saving the world from monsters.

QAnon is a conspiracy popular among some on the far right that claims Democratic politicians operate a cabal that kidnaps and tortures children, using their blood in satanic rituals.

It wasn’t the first time authorities responded to a crime based on a conspiracy theory that originated on the internet.

In 2016, Edgar Maddison Welch entered a Washington, D.C., pizzeria and fired a rifle into a door, claiming he was investigating the debunked “Pizzagate” rumor. That conspiracy theory claimed that the Comet Ping Pong restaurant was the hub of a satanic child sex abuse ring associated with top Democratic politicians.

Welch was later sentenced to four years in prison.


A spear gun?

What kind of moron does it take to kill his children on the back of some fucking silliness like ‘lizard DNA’?

I am sorry but I could care less about his mental state….I have NO use for anyone that would commit such a crime.

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The World Is On Fire!

Greece, Turkey, China, Siberia, North Africa, Brazil and The United States it is all burning and of course climate change is making it worse….but all that is another post…this Saturday I would like to talk about the fires that are raging in California…..

The Dixie Fire has scorched about 450 square miles of forest to including an entire town…..then there are some smaller fires….some of those were started by a single person…..and an arrest has been made…..

A college professor was charged Tuesday with what the Sacramento Bee calls an “arson spree” in Northern California, near the massive Dixie Fire. Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, who has worked at multiple colleges in the state, was arrested Saturday. “Over the course of the last several weeks, Maynard has set a series of fires in the vicinity of the Lassen National Forest and Shasta Trinity National Forest,” an assistant US attorney wrote in a detention memo, going on to note that Maynard allegedly set at least one fire near the still-not-contained Dixie Fire, which engulfed the entire town of Greenville last week.

So far, Maynard is charged with setting Lassen County’s Ranch Fire, and could face up to five years behind bars and a $250,000 fine if convicted. Prosecutors say mental health issues may be involved. Authorities began investigating Maynard on July 20, after a US Forest Service investigator found him underneath a car near the Cascade Fire, which broke out that day. He at first refused to get out from under the vehicle or identify himself, then acted erratically once he did come out, authorities say. Witnesses told police Maynard had been “mumbling a lot and having bipolar-like behavior,” including brandishing a knife. Authorities used tire tracks left at the scenes of multiple fires, among other evidence, to determine arson was involved, KCRA reports

5 years and $250,000….seriously?

If it is true then this person has destroyed an entire ecosystem and that is the best they can do as a penalty?

The system he destroyed is irreplaceable….there should be MORE consequences than the stated possible outcome.

Just thinking out loud!

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