Cautionary Tale Update

I recently wrote a post about the health issues with my better half, Sue, and her battle with aggressive skin cancer…….this is for my new readers and a refresher for all others……

Sue is in Houston with my daughter…I had to remain here in Mississippi …they are very close and I am glad Sue has her there for her time with the procedures….

She had surgery on 27 July to remove her right breast.

Surgery went well both of them….her reconstructive surgery was a success…she is now in recovery waiting for a room assignment.

After a few hours Sue was released to her room….she is doing well some minor problems but nothing serious.

She needed a large gauze pad to cover her wounds and she ran out…..she talk with the hospital for some extras….she was told to go to Target.

This hospital may be one of the best cancer hospitals in the US….but it seems that billing is more important that the actual health care.  I am not impressed with their administrative side of the institution….appointments are cancelled or re-scheduled because of ‘executive meetings’ (probably billing demands and changes)

Sue is bored to death for she has to wait for 04 August for her follow up and cannot get too far from the hospital in case there is a problem….so her days are being filled with TV, shopping at the gift shop and the restaurant (which is raping the people with their prices)….and talking with me on the phone (of course she says talking with me is the highlights of her day)

She is in good spirits and that is important.

Through all this my daughter has been a trooper….I do not know what I would have done without her help….

Let me add and reiterate…..if you or anyone you know has had radiation treatment for a cancer and they develop a bruise that will not heal then go directly to you doctor and have it checked for skin cancer….


I am so happy for Sue that all the surgeries and the worrying is getting close to being over….

I want to apologize to my friends for my tardiness in getting to their posts…..I have been in a bit of a state for about a week….things should get back to what passes as normal for me soon.

I will update my readers as soon as it becomes necessary.

Thanx for all the well wishes….Sue and I appreciate them deeply.

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