Closing Thought–05Aug21

More sad news about the consequences from the insurrection of 06 January…..

The fall-out from the riot is hitting deadly heights…..

Within days of the attack on the US Capitol on Jan. 6, two police officers who were at the scene took their own lives: Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood and Metropolitan Police Officer Jeffrey Smith. Now, two more officers who defended the Capitol that day have also died by suicide. A spokesperson for Washington DC’s Metropolitan PD announced Monday that MPD Officer Gunther Hashida, 43, was found dead at his home last Thursday and that MPD Officer Kyle deFreytag, 26, was found dead July 10, CNBC reports.

According to a GoFundMe campaign for Hashida’s family, the “devoted and loving husband and father” leaves behind a wife and three children. DeFreytag’s obituary says he “was kind, he had a quick wit and a great sense of humor & kept us laughing for 26 years.” He is survived by his parents and siblings. A fifth officer, Brian Sicknick of the Capitol Police, died Jan. 7 after collapsing the day of the riot and suffering two strokes, which the medical examiner said the attack contributed to. About 140 officers were injured. At a recent hearing before the House select committee probing the attack, CNN reports that a Capitol Police officer said officers who responded to the “traumatic” events should feel no shame in getting counseling to deal with “the emotions they are continuing to experience from the events of January 6.”

Sad news indeed.

And yet the US Congress, the representatives of the people, have basically turned a blind eye and deaf ears to the day of pain that Americans inflicted on its people.

I would like to apologize to the families for the pain they must endure thanx to the stupidity of some Americans.

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Do Americans Hate Each Other?

The Age of Aquarius is gone!

This is the age of division….especially here in the US….we have Americans at each other’s throats over stupid shit.

Think about this…..66% of Repubs in Southern states want to secede…..

So now the question should be why do Americans truly hate each other?

An attempt to explain…..

As we approach the 50-year anniversary of George McGovern’s landslide defeat at the hands of Richard Nixon, America’s “cold civil war” shows no signs of letting up. If anything, it’s about to reach a boiling point. Between Donald Trump’s election, the near-nationwide riots last summer, the media’s grotesque gaslighting regarding the violent activities of antifa and Black Lives Matter, the events of Jan. 6, and a continuing belief across large sections of the American right that the presidential election was in some way stolen, things are not going well in the United States.

A short list of American civil sectors operating in a state of total inadequacy and on the verge of revolution-inspiring dysfunction would include health care, higher education, housing, job training, water (and agriculture), infrastructure, and public transit. In other words, nearly every service and institution on which the majority of citizens depends.

Without question, replacing Trump with President Joe Biden represents a restoration of America’s ancien régime, but for how long? Whether due to incompetence, a lack of strong leadership, or genuine political hurdles, the Biden administration will almost certainly enact only a small fraction of its purported agenda prior to next year’s midterm elections. Then there is the question of who exactly this agenda would actually benefit.

Hatred and division are growing….resentment and loathing is becoming the norm….

Americans hating other Americans is NOT the way to heal a fractured nation.

As I stated….it keeps getting worse and worse….seems Americans care little for the nation that they Pledge Allegiance to in school….as with most oaths they mean nothing anymore.

Sadly this country will not heal in my lifetime….it all depends on the swing to nation and not the tribe.

But for now a survey showed that Americans are not at all thrilled with the direction of the country….

A majority — 55% — of the public say they are pessimistic about the direction of the country, a marked change from the roughly one-third (36%) that said the same in an ABC News/Ipsos poll published May 2. In the early May survey, Americans were more optimistic than pessimistic by a 28-percentage point margin. Optimism is now under water by 10 points. Looking ahead to the next 12 months, fewer than half — 45% — now report feeling optimistic about the way things are going, a significant drop from about two-thirds (64%) in the May poll.

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A Needed Revolution In Public Education

I have been bitching and writing about the poor quality of our public education for decades…..and in that time education has taken many hits in rounds of budgetary cuts…..and all this poor quality has lead us to this point in our history when lies, hatred and revisionism leads the way.

I agree that it is time for this country to get serious about the education we provide for our children….our future……and there is an excellent idea in the making…..

The New York Democrat said in a statement Thursday that “it’s time for a revolution in public education,” and he is aiming to include provisions of his bill in the emerging reconciliation package.

“As we deal with a devastating climate crisis caused by decades of unchecked corporate greed, we need to center our children and their future,” said Bowman, who was a public school principal in the Bronx prior to his successful 2020 congressional bid.

Bowman presented his legislation as a remedy to longstanding education crises stemming from years of cuts to public school funding in states across the country, which have disproportionately impacted the poor and people of color. The deadly coronavirus pandemic has placed massive additional strain on the nation’s public schools, and some states have resorted to pursuing further education cuts to cover budget shortfalls.

“What this comes down to is whether we’re willing to provide our kids with the resources they need to realize their brilliance and have a livable planet,” Bowman said Thursday. “Do we want to continue building a world based on militarization, incarceration, poverty, and destruction of resources? Or will we take advantage of this moment, put our kids and educators first, and treat the climate crisis as the emergency it is? This legislation is what we need to put us on the right side of history.”

I agree with Bowman…..

If you would like then read the proposal for yourself and then make up your mind…..

Click to access F58C35F28FBC115F0D531D7D185C9E01.gnd-for-public-schools-act-final.pdf

If you can see past your TV or the game console then you will see the need that education can provide…..if not then you could well be witnessing the demise of this republic and the grand promise of a better tomorrow.

But sadly I think I am farting in the wind here…..

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