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Tucker Carlson’s file is getting thicker by the day…..this time his ‘big’ idea is a page taken from 1984 by Orwell…Big Brother Is Watching….

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson suggested on Tuesday night that cameras be put in classrooms to “oversee the people teaching your children.”

Carlson talked about critical race theory and parents who have been publicly vocal saying they don’t want it being taught to their kids.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans — and pollsters have found this pretty clearly — think this is insane,” Carlson said. “They think you should judge people by what they do, not on the basis of their skin color.”

He called it “civilization-ending poison” and suggested monitoring teachers with cameras to see if they are teaching critical race theory:

We can’t really be sure until we finally get cameras in the classroom, as we put them on the chests of police officers, until we finally get a civilian review board in every town in America to oversee the people teaching your children, forming their minds. And let’s hope we get both of those very soon. But until we do, we can’t know exactly how widespread this is.


Tucker Carlson Proposes ‘Cameras in the Classroom’ to ‘Oversee the People Teaching Your Children’

The more time goes by the more authoritarian the Right wing news becomes…

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It is Sunday and now for something completely different…..

Conspiracies are everywhere and there are millions that buy into them…especially the more outlandish ones….from a secret pizza pedophile ring to giants once roamed the planet…..but who are these people that fall for some of the falsehoods?

New research published in Applied Cognitive Psychology provides evidence that critical thinking skills are negatively related to belief in conspiracy theories. In other words, the study suggests that people with greater critical thinking skills are less likely to believe that terrorist attacks are being covertly directed by a country’s own government or that mind-control technology is secretly being used to control the population.

“Regularly, different private and public actors provide homemade tools such as ‘critical thinking skills training programs’ that are supposed to be an effective way of reducing the spread of conspiracy theories,” said study author Anthony Lantian, an associate professor of social psychology at Paris Nanterre University.

New study indicates conspiracy theory believers have less developed critical thinking abilities

Are you good at bullshitting?

If so then you may be good at critical thinking……

Bullshitting can be an indication of cognitive ability, according to new research published in the scientific journal Evolutionary Psychology. The study found that people who are better at producing made-up explanations for various concepts tend to be more intelligent compared to those who struggle to produce convincing bullshit. But skilled bullshitters are not necessarily frequent bullshitters.

Researchers have found that receptivity to pseudo-profound bullshit is associated with several cognitive factors, such as lower levels of cognitive reflection and higher levels of ontological confusion. Pseudo-profound bullshit refers to computer-generated statements that seem profound but actually have no real meaning, such as the sentence “We are in the midst of a high-frequency blossoming of interconnectedness that will give us access to the quantum soup itself.”

But little attention has been paid to people’s ability to produce their own bullshit statements.

New psychology research indicates that bullshitting is sign of intelligence