From The ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ Files

Tucker Carlson’s file is getting thicker by the day…..this time his ‘big’ idea is a page taken from 1984 by Orwell…Big Brother Is Watching….

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson suggested on Tuesday night that cameras be put in classrooms to “oversee the people teaching your children.”

Carlson talked about critical race theory and parents who have been publicly vocal saying they don’t want it being taught to their kids.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans — and pollsters have found this pretty clearly — think this is insane,” Carlson said. “They think you should judge people by what they do, not on the basis of their skin color.”

He called it “civilization-ending poison” and suggested monitoring teachers with cameras to see if they are teaching critical race theory:

We can’t really be sure until we finally get cameras in the classroom, as we put them on the chests of police officers, until we finally get a civilian review board in every town in America to oversee the people teaching your children, forming their minds. And let’s hope we get both of those very soon. But until we do, we can’t know exactly how widespread this is.


Tucker Carlson Proposes ‘Cameras in the Classroom’ to ‘Oversee the People Teaching Your Children’

The more time goes by the more authoritarian the Right wing news becomes…

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12 thoughts on “From The ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ Files

  1. Those persons, like him, are the first to compare everything with Nazi-Germany.

    In their actions, their views, their proposed laws, it’s They that are the once that aren’t to be trusted.

    Just a remark:
    The last few years you did post so much of Fox and other democracy undermining stuff.
    Everytime I think that must be the worst idea they come up with.
    But still they keep amazing me.

    My compliments for your tenasity to keep on addressing this. People ma laugh about Fox and the likes, but they are a threath to US’sdemocracy.

  2. “Carlson talked about critical race theory and parents who have been publicly vocal saying they don’t want it being taught to their kids.” Exactly so, similar to the exact same opposition to teaching Creationism in public schools!!!! Justice has everything to do with compensation to person who have suffered damages by others. Justice has absolutely nothing to do with race.

    If the vertical “justice system” in America behaves with corruptions, then reform the system. Judges, and prosecuting attorneys should not receive their salary from the State, on par with Juries – those Americans do not receive a salary from the State. Its inherently biased and corrupt when the State vs. Joe Blow American. Race theory as a demand for racial justice, has zero to do with justice and everything to do with the prevailing corrupt judicial system in the United States.

  3. As a teacher for 34 years I can share that a great many parents (this particular post’s topic aside) would be shocked over much of the nonsense with which my colleagues contaminate students these days. Wish we could have an environment wherein the skills of readin’, writin’ and rithmatic were the emphases rather than indoctrination by teachers with this or that social/political agenda. The “hate Ameria” wave is firmly entrenched.

    1. There needs to be standards…..the pushing of lies cannot be tolerated….but somehow most do not care as ling as the kid makes it out. chuq

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