The Right Of Revolution?

AS we celebrate the day that the US entered into an armed conflict with Mother England…….a few thoughts on the right of revolution.

The term has been batted around by those in-bred slugs that stormed the Capitol on 06 January….that they were exercising their right to revolt based on the lie of some sort of underhanded moves to keep the other guy out of the White House.

But is this their right?

Let’s take a look at the early days of this country……

The American Founders believed themselves to be revolutionaries and gave much thought to what they called the “right of revolution”: the right of free and self-respecting people to overthrow an oppressive political order that endangered truly fundamental liberties and threatened to impose a permanent design of despotism upon a people. The exercise of such a revolutionary right does not entail anarchy and lawlessness but instead demands an appeal to the “law of nature,” to a standard of natural law and natural rights above the arbitrary will of any individual or group.

According to the American Declaration of Independence, people enter into political society for the sake of protecting their inalienable rights, which are otherwise insecure. The question then arises: what can the people do if the government betrays its trust, and violates their rights? The Declaration’s initial answer is “that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.”

read on…..

To be a successful revolutionary then you need a good grasp of history and a sound set of principles…..the problem here is that the insurrectionists have none….all they had was the word of a bitter old man that hates to lose.

Know you history people!

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

26 thoughts on “The Right Of Revolution?

  1. No country has a ‘right’ of revolution. If you decide to instigate or join a revolution, you either win, or lose. And if you lose, that has consequences, most commonly summary execution.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Howdy lobo its been a spell since we last communicated. On the 4th wrote a piece about the failed Jewish revolt against the Roman barbarians.

    The 2nd part of the latter half of the אב משנה בבא מציעא

    As previously stated in the earlier introductions to the Rif halachic commentary to the Talmud, the style which this modern super-commentary to the Rif, introduces an Order of the Rambam’s halachic rulings based upon the Order established by the Rif and Rosh great poskim on the Sha’s Bavli. This commentator opposes Rabbi Waldman’s opinion wherein he accounted the RaN as one of the great halachic poskim of the generations. The RaN failed to condemn the errors made by the Rambam. This critical failure of leadership, at a moment in time where the Jewish people came to a critical junction. Had the RaN denounced the Rambam, as did the Rosh, undoubtedly this would have offset the disgusting error the son of the Rosh made when he composed the Tur Shulkan Arukh. Rabbi Yosef Karo sealed the din of the repulsive path unto infamy which Israel rabbinic scholars walk to the present day.

    To what does this critical juncture compare? To the error made by king Shlomo who failed to heed the advise given by the prophet Natan. The house which king David sought to build, alas the warrior heart could not establish the Federal Sanhedrin lateral common law court system as “his” בית dedicated to HaShem. King Shlomo assumed the intent of king David, a command to build a house of wood and stone dedicated unto HaShem. Wood and stone, covered with gold, (think Hagia Sophia of Constantinople, Dome of the Rock, the Renaissance/Gothic European cathedral monstrosities) dedicated to a God – a classic definition for avoda zara.

    Rabbi, this idea, for the generations who first coined the term, it has a completely different meaning than the effeminate molestation the term rabbi means today. Rabbi Akiva lead the war effort against the Roman barbarians. The people turned and placed their trust that the rabbis (think prophets) would guide them with a proper vision by which they should walk before HaShem. Sound leadership does not guarantee success. But a people who lack righteous leaders, they compare to the societies of Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Communist Russia – both rot upon the dung heaps of history. Both viewed forever thereafter with utter revulsion and total contempt. Excluding the crazies who dream to complete the European ‘Final Solution’.

    In the Bar Kokhba war, no less than half of all the Jews living in Judea died in that failed attempt to drive the Roman barbarians out of the Middle East. Our Jewish leadership failed to expel the Roman legions out of Syria when given the opportunity. Our leaders failed to coordinate the revolt against Rome together with the Jews in Alexandria Egypt! The Romans uprooted our crushed and defeated people from off the oath sworn lands. Rome followed up its total victory in war, they renamed our country to the European name of Palestine! Ignorant Arab refugee populations, since 1964, call themselves Palestinians – the descendants of the extinct ancient Philistine boat people who originated from European Greek Islands. Reactionary propaganda foisted upon (“the Jewish controlled press”) declares Palestinian Arab refugees the native populations of Palestine!

    Very difficult to hold a rational conversation with STUPID. Stupid almost always thinks with a blood rush, emotional hard-on. Rhetoric and propaganda, Joseph Goebbels skillfully employed to justify Nazi aggression which culminated in the total disgrace of European society for all times thereafter. Post Shoah, only a fool could refer to European societies within the same sentence as “cultured”. Actions have consequences. These consequences impact generations thereafter. Adam ate from the forbidden fruit, and 10 generations thereafter, all Mankind died. A powerful mussar instruction given to all generations, unto and beyond this very day.

    The vision of rabbinic Talmudic scholarship comes down to a really simple idea. Halachot and tefilla both possess the potential to express a central k’vanna whereby both do avodat HaShem. Through פרדס logic the rabbis within the Mishna and Gemara affix/attach/link diverse halachot to a specific Mishna. And therein through the action by which these rabbis affixed/attached/linked halachot to a specific Mishna, they thereby defined the k’vanna of that specific Mishna! Tefilla learns through the exact same sh’itta. The 13 middle blessings within the Shemone Esri, they affix/attach/link to a specific tohor midda of the 13 middot דאורייתא which Moshe the prophet heard בעל פה from HaShem at the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev. For example, a k’vanna for the blessing:

    ולמלשינים אל תהי תקוה וכל הרשעה כרגע תאבד, וכל אויביך מהרה יכרתו, והזדים מהרה תעקר ותשבר ותמגר ותכניע במהרה בימינו. ברוך אתה ה’, שובר איבים ומכניע זדים

    Shmuel Ha’kan wrote this addition to the original 18 benedictions. The commission to add an additional blessing to the Shemone Esri, some attribute due to the false messiah Jesus heresy. But such an interpretation does not appeal to this commentator. For the simple reason, the sages had excommunicated all Jews who believed this narishkeit. They like the Rambam & Spinoza, ceased being Jewish. Despite all the Nazi hate which referred to Jews as an inferior race. Difficult to hold a rational conversation with STUPID. Any person can convert and become Jewish! Torah teaches the wisdom of the Cohen national spirituality. Torah contains history, but it teaches mussar rather than history. A fundamental distinction of terms.

    Tefilla, a positive time oriented commandment, requires k’vanna. As the “sages of the Talmud” strove to learn the “k’vanna” of each and every Mishna which the Gemara learned, so too and equally likewise, scholars who live post the sealing of the Sha’s Bavli, they have an obligation to learn the “kvanna” of each and every blessing comprising the Shemone Esri kabbala. The Yerushalmi Talmud teaches that over 247 prophets prioritized their mussar to write the Shemone Esri!

    The T’NaCH centers around prophetic mussar. Through employment of פרדס logic, later “sages of the Siddur” strive to learn the “k’vanna” of each and every ברכה which פרדס logic (think Talmud) learn to interpret the language of the Siddur. The exact same sh’itta\methodology required to learn the k’vanna which both the Mishnaot and the Siddur, make a korban dedication unto the service of avodat HaShem.

    Weigh the mussar which the prophet זכריה commanded the Cohen nation in his day:
    זכריה ח:טז,יז. אלה הדברים אשר תעשו: דברו אמת איש את רעהו, אמת ומשפט שלום שפטו בשעריכם ואיש את רעת רעהו אל תחשבו בלבבכם ושבעת שקר אל תאהבו, כי את כל אלה אשר שנשאת נאם השם

    Compare the stories of Yaacov and L’van; Yaacov meeting Esau his brother; Sh’Cem the prince raping Dinah, the daughter of Yaacov; the deceptive brit which the sons of Yaacov cut with the people of Sh’Cem; the jealousy and hate which the son of Yaacov felt toward Yosef, the selling of Yosef as a slave and the deception which the sons of Yaacov justified the sudden disappearance of Yosef; the treatment Yosef tormented his brothers in Egypt!

    It seems to me that a מלשין behaves with a 2 faced, stab ya in the back, given the whiff of a chance, type of “friend”. The k’vanna of that blessing defines the garments of the Cohen Ha’Gadol as repeated in the Book of שמות. The dedication of those Cohen garments, they serve as a דיוק made upon the actions and behavior of all the sons of Yaacov which caused our people to originally descend unto g’lut. The vision of the ladder of Yaacov, with its ascending and descending Angels. The interpretation of that dream: depending whether the Cohen nation does mitzvot לשמה, on the scales of truth and shalom HaShem weighs the merits of the generations whether we experience the cursed oppression of g’lut or we rejoice in the redemption of the Jewish people from the wicked hands of the European barbarian murderers.

    Just as king Shlomo, his bad and evil leadership, sent the Cohen nation down the path whereby all generations, to this very day, mourn the destruction of the Temples made of wood and stone, rather than dedicate our lives to walk in truth and shalom with our people; so too king Rambam’s halachic codification sent the Jewish people down the path whereby all generations, to this very day, assume halacha as being simple ritualized practices embraced by Frum religious fanatics, who dress in long black coats which extend below the knees, grow strange long side curls, and wear funny looking, prohibitively expensive, beaver-fur, oddly shaped hats, in the middle of summer! Superstitions perhaps comparable to the Asian demand to consume rhinoceros horns and shark fins.

    This commentary has a vision. To reestablish the Torah as the written Constitution of the chosen Cohen Republic of States; to reestablish the Federal Sanhedrin common law lateral court system, together with the power of ‘Legislative Review’ of laws passed by the Knesset; to obligate the State to supply first time married couples with their own privately owned property & house; to build a North African trade route; to make Arab and Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa the main trading partners of the Cohen Republic of States; to dig a water canal from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea, with the specific objective of increasing the salinity of the waters of the Mediterranean to match the salinity of the waters of the Salt Sea; to mix the electrolysis gases, which condenses and reduces the water content of the channeled Mediterranean waters; use either sand or salt or both, and shoot these two primary elemental gases up into the atmosphere with the intent – to change the weather precipitation conditions in both the Sinai and Sahara deserts. That said, and without further ado, except to which my fellow Americans a happy 4th of July, please consider the reorganized halachot of the Rambam compared to the language of the Rif and Rosh Talmudic halachic commentaries:

    שנים שהיו אוחזין בכלי אחד או שהיו רוכבין על גבי בהמה אחת, או שהיה אחד רוכב ואחד מנהיג, או יושבין בצד ערמה של חטים ומונחות בסמטא או בחצר של שניהם. זה אומר: הכל שלי, וזה אומר הכל שלי, כל אחד משניהן נשבע בנקיטת חפץ שאין לו בזה הדבר פחות מחציו ויחלוקו. ושבועה זו תקנת חכמים היא כדי שלא יהיה כל אחד תופס בטליתו של חברו ונוטל בלא שבועה

    היו שנים אדוקין בטלית זה אומר: כולה שלי וזה אומר: כולה שלי, זה נוטל עד מקום שידו מגעת וזה נוטל עד מקום שידו מגעת והשאר חולקין בשוה אחר שנשבעין, ויש לכל אחד לגלגל על חברו שכל מה שנטל כדין נטל

    בהמת מציאה שקדם אחד ואחז במוסרה לא קנה עד שימשוך או ינהיג. וכן בנכסי הגר אבל קנה [ה] המוסרה לבדה

    היה אחד רוכב ואחד אוחז במוסרה הרוכב קנה הבהמה והמוסרה שעל לחיי הבהמה בלבד. וזה שאחז המוסרה קנה ממנה מה שאחז בידו ושאר המוסרה לא קנהו אחד מהן

    אשנים שראו גמל או חמור של מציאה וקדמו שניהם והנהיגוהו או משכוהו. או שהיה אחד מנהיג ואחד מושך. קנו שניהם. במה דברים אמורים בחמור אבל בגמל אם היה אחד מנהיג ואחד מושך המושך קנה אבל לא המנהיג

    המוכר בהמה לחברו או נתנה לו במתנה ואמר: קנה אותה כדרך שבני אדם קונין, אם משך או הגביהה קנה. אבל אם רכב עליה, אם בשדה קנה, ואם בעיר לא קנה, לפי שאין דרך בני אדם לרכוב בעיר. לפיכך אם היה אדם חשוב שדרכו לרכוב בעיר, או אדם מזולזל ביותר שאינו מקפיד על הילוכו בעיר רוכב, כגון המטפלין בגידול הבהמות או העבדים, או שהיתה אשה או שהיה ברשות הרבים שהרבים דורסין שם, הרי זה קונה ברכיבה, והוא שתהלך בו

    האומר לחברו: משוך ותקנה! או חזק ותקנה! וכיוצא בדברים אלו, והלך ומשך או שהחזיק לא קנה, שמשמע תקנה להבא ועדיין לא הקנה לו, אלא צריך המוכר או הנותן לומר לו: לך חזק וקנה! או משוך וקנה! וכיוצא בדברים אלו, שמשמען שיקנה עתה בעת שימשוך או יחזיק

    המקנה בהמה וכלים שעל גבה כאחד, אף על פי שמשך הבהמה וקנאה לא קנה הכלים שעליה עד שיגביה או ימשוך הכלים עצמן אם אין דרכן להגביהן, שהבהמה כחצר המתהלכת היא ואין מה שבתוכה קנוי לבעלה. לפיכך אם היתה הבהמה כפותה קנה אף כלים שעליה

    אמר לו המקנה: משוך בהמה וקנה כלים שעליה! הואיל ולא הקנה לו גוף הבהמה, אע”פ שמשכה והיא כפותה, לא קנה כלים שעליה עד שימשוך הכלים עצמן

    דגים שקפצו לתוך הספינה קנה בעל הספינה, שזו כחצר המשתמרת היא. ואינה חצר המהלכת, שהמים הן שמוליכין אותה ואינה הולכת מחמת עצמה

    זרק לה גיטה והיא בתוך ביתו או בתוך חצרו אינה מגורשת עד שיגיע הגט לידה, או לכלי מן הכלים שלה שאין הבעל מקפיד על מקומו, כגון: צלוחית או כפיפה קטנה או כיוצא בהן. וכן אם הגיע למטה שלה שהיא יושבת עליה והיתה גבוהה עשרה טפחים הרי זו מגורשת, שהרי חלקה רשות לעצמה ואין הבעל מקפיד על מקום כרעי המטה

    Herein concludes arranging the halachot made by the Rambam to follow the Order of the Rif and Rosh tohor commentaries. As a summation to how the Rif understands the intent of this opening אב משנה of בבא מציעא, with ownership comes responsibility. A man does not love that which he does not own. On this specific point the Yatzir HaRah directly compares to how Yaacov and L’van, how Yaacov and Esau, the behavior which led to the rape of Dinah, the jealousy and hatred the brothers of Yosef which resulted in the g’lut of the entire house of Israel unto Egypt, how Yosef behaved toward his brothers when they travel to Egypt to buy food.

    Have attempted to weave the kabbala of פרדס together with the kabbala of the prophets who wrote the Shemone Esri tefilla. It seems to me that the blessing of מלשינים most succinctly defines the k’vanna of the halachot wherein the Gemara learns the opening Mishna of בבא מציעא. As such all the halachot learned, whereby the Gemara strives to frame the k’vanna of this Mishna, all this Talmud, it likewises attaches to the k’vanna of the מלשינים tefilla. The two kabbalot of פרדס ותפילה, they weave together into a warp\weft fabric similar as does halacha\aggadata within the entire Sha’s.

    Herein does this commentary explain the k’vanna intent of the framers of the Sha’s Bavli, and by extension – the Sha’s Yerushalmi. Have learned the entire opening Mishna and Gemara of בבא מציעא to one specific ברכה within the language of the Shemone Esri מזל טוב.

      1. Do not know what this foreign alien reference “Biblical rhetoric” means. My people fought and lost our war of Independence against the Roman filthy barbarians. The Americans, by contrast, they fought and won their war of Independence against the British filthy barbarians.

  3. Well, these folks have been told by QAnon that having to wear a mask during a pandemic is a huge “violation” of their rights, so now they feel they are entitled to throw a violent hissyfit. I agree with you–complete ignorance about history and political systems. It’s scary.

    1. But it is okay for them to endanger me with their breath… is only “MY” rights that are important they feel….chuq

  4. Before the revolutionary idea of “citizenship”, the common man on the street lived his life as a peasant serf. The latter has no political or social rights!!!! The idea of rights came with the American and French revolutions!!! The Framers of the US Constitution limited voting rights to White land owners. Only White land owners enjoyed the right to vote.

    America today has distanced itself from the franchise of voting rights established by the founding fathers of the United States. Liberal idiots declare that the founding fathers were racists. Conservatives declare that Liberals damaged their brains at birth. Giving brain dead liberals the franchise to vote = brain dead stupidity.

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