Happy Independence Day

Today this country celebrates the Declaration Of Independence a document that set this country on a path to gain their independence from the yoke of Great Britain……

And you guys know me….I cannot let this go by without a short history lesson of the day…..

1712–12 slaves are executed in New York for killing 9 whites in an uprising.

1817–construction stared on the Erie Canal to link Lake Erie and the Hudson River.

1826–two Founding Fathers Die—-Jefferson and Adams.

1831–5th president James Monroe dies.

1863–Vicksburg surrenders to the forces of the Union.

1881–Billy the Kid is killed in New Mexico territory.

1894–After ceasing power Judge Standford Dole declares Hawaii a republic.

1910–Race riots break out all over the United States after African American Jack Johnson knocks out Jim Jeffries in a heavyweight boxing match.

Fourth of July: Meaning, History, and Traditions | Reader's Digest

Today this country is facing a threat from the Far Right…..maybe now would be a good time to think about the day and the dreams of those men that founded this nation and ask if we are living up to their hopes and wishes for the nation.

Happy independence day july 4th fourth Royalty Free Vector

Today we celebrate the events of 1776…..and we today will be celebrating with family and friends….please celebrate responsibly.

Keep in mind while you contemplate the day that Commonsense brought about the DoI which in turn brought about the revolution which lead to our independence…..so if you want to thank anyone for the day then begin with a forgotten founder, Thomas Paine, he made this day possible.

To all my readers, followers and commenters….thank you.

Be Well…..Be Safe….

Peace Out!

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