Marquis De Lafayette

Since we are in the process of celebrating our independence I thought that a young Frenchman should be recognized for his assistance in our fight….

One of the ‘heroes’ of the American Revolution…..a French noble that came to fight on the side of the Colonials…..

At a dinner on August 8, 1775, Lafayette heard the Duke of Gloucester speak with sympathy of the ongoing struggle in the colonies. He made clandestine arrangements with Silas Deane, a liaison between France and the colonies, to travel to America and join the revolutionary cause.

He landed near Charleston, South Carolina, June 13, 1777, then travelled to Philadelphia, where he was commissioned a Major General on July 31. This reflected his wealth and noble social station, rather than years of battlefield experience — he was only 19 years old. The newly commissioned young general was soon introduced to his commander-in-chief, General George Washington, who would become a lifelong friend.

There are some things that are not commonly known about the Marquis…..

1. His birth name was extremely long.
The future hero of the American Revolution was born Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette in an expansive chateau in Chavaniac, France, on September 6, 1757. “It’s not my fault,” he joked in his autobiography. “I was baptized like a Spaniard, with the name of every conceivable saint who might offer me more protection in battle.”

This man deserves all the accolades that we Americans can pile on him…..he was definitely a hero of the revolution and his contributions should be more widely known and taught.

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15 thoughts on “Marquis De Lafayette

  1. Yes, he deserved a place in American history. Without him we would have lost. It was he who persuaded the French king to send troops. I know Jefferson is given credit but the king did not know Jefferson. The king knew Franklin better.

  2. When American pilots volunteered to serve in WW1, they flew in a squadron named after him.
    ‘The La Fayette Escadrille was the name of the French Air Force unit escadrille N 124 during the First World War. This escadrille of the Aéronautique Militaire was composed largely of American volunteer pilots flying fighters’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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