Is The Democratic Process Dead?

The basic right within this democratic process is the right to vote….and there seems to be an all out assault on that right.

A majority of states have tried to enact statues that would seriously limit the access to a voting location….even to make it illegal to give water to those standing in the long lines to vote….

So my thought is that this is an assault on the very foundation of this country….

How did it come to this?

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released in April 2021 indicates that a majority of Republicans feel that the presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. On January 6, when Congress convened to count and certify the electoral votes, 147 Republican members of the House of Representative voted against certification even after a mob had taken over the U.S. Capitol. This is unprecedented. Never before has a major political party rejected the results of a presidential election. What caused this phenomenon? When and how did forces come together resulting in an attack on democracy by a major political party?

American history is replete with presidential elections that could have been justifiably challenged. Many times results have been less than clear-cut and controversial. Before the 12th Amendment each elector would cast two votes. The candidate with the most votes became president and the runner-up vice-president. In the 1800 election, Jefferson and Burr, the Democratic Republicans, tied for first. It was left to the House of Representatives controlled by the Federalists to decide whether Jefferson or Burr would be president. They chose Jefferson, who was then accepted by all sides as our third president. Today it would be inconceivable for a Republican Congress to decide which Democrat is elected president. But that happened in 1800 as the Federalists accepted the Electoral College system as prescribed by the Founding Fathers.

All this assault brings into question whether the foundational right of this country is in jeopardy….

Do not overlook the process known as gerrymandering…..which will begin soon….that is when politicians pick their voters and not the reverse.

Democracy may well be dead!

n the wake of the bloody insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, one question lingered along with the stench of tear gas and bear spray — was that abomination a one-off, or was it in fact the start of something new, something far more ominous? In the aftermath of the January 6 attack I gave my own guess in an article called “Trump’s Storm Troopers: First Blood.” “Stay tuned,” I advised. “This is just the beginning.” 

Now, five months out, we can see the larger pattern that is forming. The United States is being threatened from within as it has not been since the Civil War. We are once again becoming a nation divided, with family members pitted against each in bitter recrimination. The new Mason-Dixon Line can be almost anything — a MAGA hat, a Black Lives Matter sign, an absentee ballot. Suspicions over COVID-19, masking, and vaccinations simply followed the fault lines already laid bare by the last election, to the point where the pandemic itself became political. The country now seems in gridlock, with a third of the population determined to continue fighting the last election. 

Democracy Is Dead! Long Live Democracy!

You have taken your democratic rights for granted…..and now  you are witnessing the slow process of the loss of those rights.




Sadly Americans are sitting by a waiting for all this silliness to pass…..and then it will be too late…..and YOU will be to blame!

Democracy is not dead….but it is walking with a limp.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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6 thoughts on “Is The Democratic Process Dead?

  1. The evil is politicians who don’t want people to vote. What are they afraid of?

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