Where Is The Saturation Point?

Just me thinking out loud.

Before I get into the meat of the post maybe a definition of ‘saturation point’ is called for…….the point at which there are so many of a thing that no more can be added successfully.

This post pertains to the Covid-19 reports.

We have had daily updates on this news for over a year now.

We know how many cases….how many deaths…..and we know state by state the progress of the pandemic and the measures being taken to protect the people of this country.

We know what a wealth of ‘experts’ think about the progress we are making or not….depending on your political persuasion.

But at what point is it just like a fart in the wind….serves no purpose other than filling airtime?

I feel that we are at this point.

I mean no amount of reports and talking points will get those that refuse to take the vaccine to change their minds.

The same about masks and social distancing.

Then there is the daily White House victory laps on their efforts to stop the pandemic….this has also hit a saturation point.

There is only so much redundant ramblings by Biden before it becomes just Yada, yada, yada. type of things….his words are not giving naysayers much to change their minds….but he giving the media what they want….endless nattering.

People in Mississippi could care less about the disease in New York….but yet we are bombarded by this report or that ….none of which will change anything….other than a filler for the media.

I guess I should be more optimistic but I  cannot see the need for this endless reporting that is not making much difference in the attitudes of American people…either they want to protect themselves or they want to believe the misinformation and endanger their lives and those of their families.

Now we are told that we can go mask-less in certain situations.

This decision will do nothing but make all the reporting come into questioning.  It will feed into the narrative that all this was nothing more than a conspiracy….it will help Trump and his idiots with their spin.

I still believe that all this ‘reporting’ enters into the realm of TMI….I knew what I had to do after about a month and the next year was redundancy to the point of tuning it all out.

I will continue for now to wear my mask and social distance….I do not trust all those morons that will lie just so they can go without their mask…..I do not trust most Americans.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Well….Be Safe….

“lego ergo scribo”


8 thoughts on “Where Is The Saturation Point?

  1. We have 3 updates every day. One from Scotland, one from Wales, and one later on, from England. (Not forgetting occasional updates from Northern Ireland.) We have to ‘suffer’ 3 daily reports about pretty much the same thing. High time it was accepted we are 4 countries, not one. Let the rest of them go their own way, and have done with it. The fact we all understand English is irrelevant. They crave independence, and they should have it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Well said…and this country is dealing with 50 little nation states of morons…..and the news just feeds their ignorance. chuq

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