The Second Coming!

But this time one will become two……

Sorry guys this is not some fanciful Biblical tale.

The Lord High Prophet of the lunatic Right has died….and the Far Right faithful have waited for his return….and now their worship and diligence has been rewarded…..two will appear to take the ‘idols’ place…….

It’s going to take two people to try to fill the radio void of Rush Limbaugh on the right. Premiere Networks says Clay Travis, 42, and Buck Sexton, 39, will co-host a show in the noon to 3pm ET time slot, reports the Wall Street Journal. Both are radio veterans, though Travis might be better known as the founder of the sports website The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show will begin airing June 21 across the country. Premiere has largely been airing old segments of Limbaugh’s show (supplemented by live updates with guest hosts) since he died of lung cancer in February, and the Journal notes that those are bringing in a respectable 75% to 80% of the usual audience.

“We’re not going to replace Rush Limbaugh, we’re going to have an evolution of the show with fresh voices—those that grew up on Rush and admired him,” says Julie Talbott, president of Premiere Networks, which is owned by iHeartMedia. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Travis and Sexton will have an additional challenge. Radio stations around the country already have begun giving the Limbaugh time slot, or parts of it, to others, particularly Fox News regular Dan Bongino

The question is will they be a conservative talk show or will QAnon invade rationality on the news airways?

My guess is they will drink the QAnon kool-aid and become just another source for lies and misinformation that will continuously stoke the fires to stupidity and ignorance.

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16 thoughts on “The Second Coming!

      1. Yes.. I’ve been reading. Tom likes a good (or bad) debate. 🙂 I decided just to observed the exchange as it seemed you were keeping up “our” side. 🙂

      2. Thanx…..I refuse to do the research for him…..and when I suggested a tutorial on how to use “Search”….it came to an end. chuq

      3. I follow about four Conservative blogs and his is one of the more “palatable”.. the others more irritate the hell outta me. I allow myself that bit of “torture” in order to simply keep up with the nature of the discourse. After four years of my “get Trump outta here” blather I suppose there’s a bit of respect between us… although I try not to argue religion.
        I gotta say, chuq,, there’s been some recent crap going on.. what with the Senate Trumpers ignoring a Jan. Commission… the Q-Anon polling showing how many Republicans are caught up with this garbage.. this is all not looking good at all. Trump people are totally in their own world. These people absolutely worship him… and all the Congressional GOP wants is power. This isn’t good at all.

      4. You are a better person than me….his sites has too much religion for me……I agree this country is heading down a dark slope that could last a generation……chuq

  1. The Right has always thrived on lies regardless of where they originate from. There is nothing surprising about this either because the Right serves their true father, Satan who is the Father of lies. He is their father and the will of their father they will do — regardless!

      1. Nobody is always wrong. The judgement about which side of the fence is right or wrong lies exclusively within the purview of the observer and his or her biases.

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