A Mask-less Country

A new Sunday and a new victory lap for Biden the pandemic front.

It is official…Pres. Biden has said that if a person is fully vaccinated then they need not wear a mask…that they can go out and about and can integrate themselves into to society once again.

We are all on the honor system and can visit relatives and go dining, hang out in bars….all the things we use to do……a return to normal….maybe a new normal…..

But I question if this is necessary?

Seriously!  Do you trust Americans to be honest in this situation?

In the clash between sound science and political pressure from anti-science crackpots in the United States, the Biden administration and the Center for Disease Control have blinked, announcing prematurely that people who are vaccinated can basically give up masking except when traveling on public transit or visiting health facilities.

The idiocy and mendacity of this announcement, at a time when only 36% of Americans have been fully vaccinated (about half the rate required to stop the disease’s spread) is stunning.

Wearing a mask is not a burden, it doesn’t prevent someone from speaking, from going about routine business, even, as I have discovered over this past year, from running.  What it does do is prevent the spread of disease. Why the unseemly rush to do away with mask requirements?

Several doctors and a dentist I have had occasion to visit over the past few months have all remarked that the reason we did not have a flu epidemic too this year is because there was so much mask wearing going on that it the flu virus never got a chance to spread. That’s a pretty good good “control” demonstrating to even the most pig-headed anti-masker that masks do work.

Maybe we don’t know how well they work at preventing Covid spread, because we haven’t had a Covid epidemic like this before, but we have had a long history of raging flu epidemics, so we know what they typically look like, and there was really nothing this year resembling a flu epidemic.

A Maskless US Heads Down a Dark Road as the Covid Pandemic Rages On

True is sadly lacking in this country these days….


I feel this decision is premature….it is a political decision not a health care issue for Biden.

I shall continue my precautions until I feel that it is safe….I mean less than 40% have had one shot and about 48% are fully vaccinated (that is less than half the country)…..so my trust is not there.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


10 thoughts on “A Mask-less Country

  1. It’s a foolish decision, in my opinion. Being vaccinated doesn’t stop you spreading the virus, or catching it. It only reduces the symptoms if you get it after vaccination. I’m sure he has done this to gain popularity, and not because of any real scientific evidence.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Besides the honor system not being all that reliable, isn’t it true that although I have been fully vaccinated, I can still get the virus (though not strong enough to be hospitalized) and give the virus to people who have been too stubborn or afraid of a needle?

    1. From all I can gather that is true…..that is why I will continue my precautions for I do not trust Americans to be honorable. chuq

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