Is Our Democracy In Danger?

There is so much chaos in this country these days.

Misinformation and lies are driving this chaos.

So to answer my own question….yes it is…and it is in deep danger.

From denial of science to the denial of elections to voter suppression and most of all this chaos can be laid at the feet of the GOP.

And all this chaos grows from the policies put forth by state GOPs……the obstruction and the denial of real policies that move the state forward they focus on cultural crap that has NO place in the legislatures of this country……stuff like bathrooms, abortions, who we can boycott or not….silly shit that has no business taking up the time of elected representatives.

I ask again….is our democracy in danger?

Research is showing that it IS in danger and GOP lead states are the cause….

Georgia passed a restrictive new voting law that, in effect, permits the Republican state legislature to put partisan operatives in charge of disqualifying ballots in Democratic-leaning precincts. The law is one of at least eight proposals from GOP lawmakers in state legislatures around the country for increasing partisan influence over electoral administration — and one of more than 360 state bills that would curtail voting rights in one way or another.

New political science research suggests this wave of attempts to restrict the franchise is not an anomaly: Republican control over state government is correlated with large and measurable declines in the health of a state’s democracy.

The paper, by University of Washington professor Jake Grumbach, constructs a quantitative measure of democratic health at the state level in the US. He looked at all 50 states between 2000 and 2018 to figure out why some states got more democratic over this period and others less. The conclusions were clear: The GOP is the problem.

“Results suggest a minimal role for all factors except Republican control of state government, which dramatically reduces states’ democratic performance during this period,” he writes.

These moronic politicians are harming the people of their states but they care less….and the saddest thing is that the residents of these states could care less….they cling to BS and misinformation instead of looking beyond their backyard and seeing the bigger picture.

But why is this happening?

The GOP has been completely taken over by the conspiracists…..

New York Times reporter Peter Baker told MSNBC that the one takeaway he had from his interview with former Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman (VA) was how hard it will be to extricate the Republican Party from the conspiracy-wing of the GOP.

Speaking to Yasmin Vossoughian on Sunday, Baker explained that Riggleman was endorsed by Donald Trump and the Freedom Caucus, but now he feels uncomfortable in his own party.

“I think, frankly, the tipping point shows how difficult it’s going to be for Republicans like Denver Riggleman to break through and that’s because he lost,” said Baker. “He was no longer going to have to face voters. Once he was unburdened by that, he was able to speak the truth more forcefully. He told me, and he’s an incredible credible source this, that he was in the private meetings, in the Republican conference meetings where he knew that he and about 70 percent of his colleagues generally believed that Trump was exaggerating, that Trump was hurting their party and that ultimately they had to go along with it in order to get re-elected.”

Let’s face it….the ‘good old boys’ network is petrified of change….and they will push anything that slows the winds of change…even wild untrue conspiracies.

So yes it is in danger….the GOP has learned a political lesson from Stalin….always have ‘your’ people in positions of power.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


6 thoughts on “Is Our Democracy In Danger?

  1. Those reducing voter rights are a danger lurking behind the lame exuse of voter fraude.

    Still if the American voting would work as intended, it would still making it hard for a voter to cast his/her vote.

    Registrating to vote, not enough places to cast your vote, the hours you have to wait to actually cast your vote.
    A lot of hurdles to take.

    The right to vote is a precious.
    People tend to forget that, even squander it.

    Voting should be made as simple as possible, accessible as possible.
    Guarding ofcourse the commen sense laws in place for the right to vote.

    Two months ago the Netherlands did vote for, 2e Kamer members,
    While the the turnout was high, it’s worrying that a lot of votes were for Partie that are extreme right or lean towards it.

    Have they forgotten the past?
    Are they so ignorant, stupid etc. that they really don’t see what could happen because of them..

    They will never get my vote,
    My conscience is my guideline in matters like this.

    A link to a Dutch site (English translation) where they explain how our system works. Maybe of interest to you!

    1. It is white people making rules for all others…..never a good thing…..I will check it and thanx for the heads up chuq

  2. It’s not just in America. Our government is making some ‘boundary changes’ that would see more of their voters in areas where they usually lose by a small margin. They are also bringing in new laws to curb ‘street protests’, especially in Central London, this in the hope that many issues will not be seen to be objected to. Then last week they announced the intention to introduce ‘Photocards’ for voting, to authenticate identity. This is targeted at immigrants who choose to live ‘under the radar’, and ethnic minorities (women) who do not like to have their faces uncovered. Once again, this would mainly affect Labour votes, leaving the government in an even stronger position.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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