All This Superficiality!

Body image is tied to a persons self-worth.

Too many waste money on trying to fit into yoga pants(only a handful actually look good in this trend not matter how much gym time they put in).

They exercise their butts, abs and legs and yet they neglect the most important muscle in the body…..the brain.

Now that the so-called ‘lockdown’ is being removed…the superficiality is once again the most important thing in life…..this time it is not the gym but rather the dentist.

It might be too late to learn a new language before returning to the workplace, but many people are hurrying to have their teeth straightened after months of staring at themselves on Zoom calls. One New York orthodontist said new inquiries have risen 50% since fall. And the owner of Invisalign clear aligners said the number of people starting treatment in the first quarter was up 69% from a year before, the Wall Street Journal reports. “Typically, what motivates adults is a special event,” said an executive at a competitor. The special event in this case is the end of the pandemic lockdown. “People have been holed up,” he said. “They’re starting to have reveals or reunions with co-workers or family members.” The CDC decided anyone who’s been vaccinated doesn’t usually need to wear a mask outdoors, but in this context, masks serve another purpose: hiding a mouthful of braces.

There’s been more grinding of teeth—often affected by stress—during the pandemic, per US News & World Report. An American Dental Association survey found that of 70% of dentists reported an increase in the number of patients who’ve been grinding and clenching their teeth, a 10% jump since fall. That can lead to straightening efforts, as well. One patient went ahead with aligners when her dentist told her she’d need to wear a retainer or night guard to protect from the grinding. Patients say the nuisance of the treatments is easier to deal with when stuck at home anyway. “I have the time to do it, I’m at home, I’m not seeing people,” said a man in Los Angeles. Some people have themselves on a tight schedule. A woman in Michigan started her treatment last summer. “I’ll be done two days before my bachelorette party,” she said.

Come on….this is about appearance and nothing else…..stop pretending it is about health.

It is a shame that body image is more important aspect of one’s life…..whether the yoga pants look good or it your teeth are straight…..

Use your mind for something other than a source of a headache.

If my appearance is all there is to life then I’ll take vanilla!

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16 thoughts on “All This Superficiality!

  1. I am not on a daily basis in vidcalls. I just look the way I look. 😉 Good, body shaping has been part of my work for some time.But “train the brain” is more important to me. Well said, Chuq! Sometimes this 21th century remembers me on the last years of the Roman Empire. No cohesion, greatest decadence, and … Sorry, stupidity receives the greatest recognition! Have a beautiful weekend! Michael

      1. :-)) Here we are in “Hillbilly-Village”. Sometimes its remembering me on old road movies, but their always was an happy ending. 😉 xx

      2. Lol – At first i thought this village could be located somewhere in the South of the USA too. But in real, all your inhabitants would escape having them there. Lol xx

  2. I discovered a long time ago that the cheapest way to enhance the body so as to appear attractive to others is to stuff a pair of socks down your trousers and into the front part of your under-briefs so as to present the suggestion of enhancements to the bodily parts located in that region.

      1. There may be less sex among the flies but I guarantee you that sex is rampant among the lower orders of the human kind — more so than ever –Whoredom seems to take precedence over all other of America’s supposed “Values.”

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