Let’s Go Hunting

It is the weekend and I will be spending time doing stuff other than worrying about a nation that could care less.

In my younger days I was a hunter….mostly to help my family supplement meat for the table….when I went to the woods I would take three rounds….one in the rifle and two in my pocket….for I was taught to stalk and shoot only when you were sure of a kill…..

There are always stories of disasters committed by hunters….like shooting a family member or killing a farm animals by mistake….first how do you mistake a cow for a deer?

If you can’t then you do NOT belong in the woods with a gun.

This is where I pick up the meat of this post……

A hunter shot and seriously injured a hiker near St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday, with police stating that the hunter mistook the man for a turkey. “It sounds like it was just a really bad accident,” a police spokesperson said, with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporting that it came on the second-to-last day of spring turkey hunting season. The Missouri Department of Conservation was running the hunt, and a sign near the entrance to the Lewis and Clark Trail warned that would be held until 1pm; the shooting occurred at 12:30pm, NBC News reports. Emergency responders had to use a utility vehicle to reach the unidentified hiker, who was airlifted to a nearby trauma center. He and the hunter remain unidentified.

The hunter was dressed in camouflage, and witnesses did not report whether the hiker was wearing bright colors. “It may have been an accident, but it is positively unforgivable that they allow people to hunt with firearms on Mother’s Day weekend on one of the most heavily traveled trails,” a local runner who uses the trail told the Post-Dispatch. “They need to mark that differently. There were families out there today with kids and dogs.”

This illustrates my point….this idiot does not belong in the woods armed with a gun….apparently he had NO idea what he was shooting….and he pulled the trigger anyway.

I cannot take my canine friend to the woods during hunting season for she is fawn color with a short tail with white on it….she looks like a white tail deer to morons.

Plus I do not trust many of the low IQ in-bred slugs with guns in our woods.

Another reason I do all my hunting at the nearest supermarket…..get all the meat I want without the mess….and most times it is a lot safer as well.

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34 thoughts on “Let’s Go Hunting

  1. Around here, we only have game bird shooting. That is on private land, and expensive to partcipate in. There is very little danger of getting close enough to those pheasant hunters to be in any danger. I think it is a good idea that you stay out of the woods with Momo.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. While I enjoy going target shooting at the range, I’ve never had the stomach for hunting. Growing up, there was a butchery just down the street where all the hunters in our area would bring the deer they had killed to be dressed. After seeing so many bloody carcasses of “Bambi” it had a permanent effect on me.

    1. Oh dear… that’s so sad. I suddenly feel so sorry you saw all that. I was rather fond of “Bambi” as well, and every deer I petted in some petting zoo.. was, in fact, Bambi.

  3. Damn, chuq… I’ll be looking you up after the upcoming civil war by the Right ruins everything. I’m just an old city guy who knows nothing about making a Big Mac from scratch.

  4. Guns need to be better regulated. The fact is I don’t care if someone owns a goddess damn machine gun if they are responsible

    We should give Gun Owners constant relicensing of their firearms every few years and further have them check-in in when anyone reports something unusual going with them to see if they are psychologically ok to own firearms still.

    But this would happen in a sane world where people weren’t blaming video games for mass shootings, claiming that all cops are innocent and no white nationalist have infiltrated local police departments despite the FBI has shown again and again that the police have in fact been compromised, and that socialism

  5. I understand how a hunter could confuse a man with a turkey because I know some men who are complete turkeys and there is no getting around it.

    1. If you cannot get around a man who is a complete turkey then he’s a pretty damn big turkey and you’d likely be better off starting early, and try going by car.

      1. Hurry up and get “Random Pontifications” up and going, Doug — I can’t wait to see it and to follow it.

      2. I clicked on the link and it said the blog was coming soon .. please send me a link to connect. Thank you.

      3. I finally connected to your blog and am now following it. Also, I placed a comment on your article about the Capitol Hill Mob attack of January 6th and the blog seems to have eaten it because it completely disappeared.

      4. I found it.. posted it.. and I think we are all caught up, John. Let me know otherwise. There’s been some crazy WordPress posting things going on in general.

      5. While I use WordPress the software with some mail/following feature called Jetpack. I have my own domain with a customizable theme and an outside programmer to help me out when needed. I simply wanted a flexibility of design rather than the usual plain-Jane blog look. I’ve been thinking of finding a different programmer because I have observed some anomalies like you said.

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