Voter Fraud Easy To Eliminate

The news these days is of course Covid and then voter suppression being attempted by many states.

The GOP in the states have been buying into the “Big Lie” of voter fraud for decades… that they control so many state legislatures they have set about voter suppression under the guise of eliminating voter fraud (a unsubstantiated claim)….but the elimination of voter fraud (if we ever prove the claim) is easy to stop …….

Republicans care a whole lot about election security these days. Fueled in part by the “Big Lie,” the baseless claim that there was widespread fraud in last year’s election, Republican lawmakers around the country have made an aggressive push to pass new laws to prevent what they saw as a nightmare scenario from happening again. While the motivation to improve election security is spurious, the ostensible goal isn’t — everyone would agree that a secure election is important for democracy. Experts say there’s one very effective way for state legislatures to make the voting process more secure: pass legislation to update voting machines. But instead of prioritizing this effort, many Republicans are instead focused on limiting voter access.

“It would be terrific to see the focus on election security lead to more investments in better, more trustworthy systems,” said Mark Lindeman, co-director of Verified Voting, a nonpartisan election security organization. 

The gold standard for voting security is hand-marked paper ballots, according to security experts. That’s because a paper ballot eliminates the risk of technical difficulties or certain kinds of malicious acts (think hacking) that could change or destroy your vote, and any concerns can be addressed with a recount. Because of that, most states currently use hand-marked paper ballots or have voting machines that generate paper records for verification. 

Republicans Say They Care About Election Fraud. Here’s How They Could Actually Prevent It.

A ‘problem’ that has a solution….but then do these states really want to find a solution or is it just better to keep a bad system in place and use it as a crutch for voter suppression?

These ‘fixes’ are nothing more than the politicians picking their voters…..not the voter decision any longer.

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2 thoughts on “Voter Fraud Easy To Eliminate

  1. We have never had ‘voting machines’ here. Every election uses a paper ballot form that you have to mark with your X. It is still liable to fraud of course, but better than any automated systems, I believe.
    (They are talking about ‘Online voting’ for the next election. That could be disastrous.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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