Biden’s Paid Leave Plan

I will have to hand it to Biden he is presenting the Congress with a wide array of plans that they should consider….but will they?

He has offered up a Federal Paid Leave Plan……

Among the many problems made even more acute by the Covid-19 pandemic is how difficult it can be to take time off work — even if you or a family member is sick with a deadly disease.

Federal law currently offers only unpaid family or medical leave, making the US the only developed nation to not provide any paid leave. Based on federal statistics, only 21 percent of US workers have access to paid family leave and 40 percent have access to paid medical leave.

This is part of the gap in “care infrastructure” that experts and activists argue the pandemic has revealed: Between taking care of kids with schools closed and working from home, more Americans have found that it’s not easy to juggle the responsibilities of a career, family, and personal health, especially for people working low-wage jobs with less generous benefits.

So many Americans have effectively been given a choice: Keep your job or take care of yourself and your family. That’s one reason women, often playing the role of caregivers, have disproportionately lost jobs throughout the Covid-19 recession. In one survey, more than 8 million Americans cited caring for a child not in school or day care or caring for an older person as a reason for not working.

The fact sheet on what this will do is out….

More on this plan……

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4 thoughts on “Biden’s Paid Leave Plan

  1. Quite shocking numbers, chuq. In Britain, most people working with a contract get paid sick leave for up to six months, then half pay for six more if they remain ill. Only self-employed, black economy, and no-hours contract workers have no right to sick pay. In my last job, we also had paid ‘Carer’s Leave’, up to two weeks each year. I used to use odd days of that to look after my mum when she was ill.
    We are also used to better holiday leave here, I believe. I used to get 25 days paid holiday a year, and the option to take more but unpaid.
    My wife currently works 3 days a week part time, but she still gets 20 days paid holiday a year. All of this came historically from when we had much stronger unions fighting for workers of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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